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Judicial Watch • David M. Ebel – 2003

David M. Ebel – 2003

David M. Ebel – 2003

Page 1: David M. Ebel – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:14

Date Created:November 23, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 13, 2014

Tags:David M Ebel, Royce, Global, Janus, Fidelity, david, school, stock, 2003, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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jl IY12.((lnWt 11) 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSlJRE REPORT Name ofP:::::son Reporting. page5 of7 Iroel, David 
).)es::rlptiou Asset; {includingtrJ.rtassets) 
Pi.ace after eacl:t asset eitem;:;t from pr:Or dUcl.cs::re 
88. Dodge Cox Stock Fund 
Iru:ome during 
GtOSJ alue tnd 
n:portillg period 
(1) Type (e.g. 
(2) {2) 
Value Code !)JO< {e.g. 
buyn, (AH) 
MeiCnddiv. rent. Co3 
Dividend Buy 
Buy Part Sale Ir,oc s1oc,,oco :,., Si-5,0UG !-: =S::::::S:,D:J,S500,000-. -.A;:iprmsat ;::__;. -Eo:il_;llv:: ..,$J,00l-S250t:I ,,;,5100,o::uSl,DC!O,QOD  s:s,001sc.,rxW  S.500,COl_;s:,._.ooOoo Cos...(Rcri1.Estate0n1:t) v.)th{! :fn :=--LOO,OOJS5.CUO,[I . El- Mbni. :bm S:5,0fC:.f00 ,,,511>io:t:1iur. s:;::i,rn::u;ouc .=fu-sessme;:i V.. Estimz:et 
VIL INVESTMENTS l!Ild TRUSTS De.;crlptiori A!hi.!ts (inci:1:lingtrust assets) koome during n::portin_g peciod (2) Gross alue eud reportiiig period (!) (2) 
Place (X) after eacl! asset exempt from ptfur diwlosure Type (e.g. Code1 div. re:JL (AE) f.l)t; VWue Vabe Co: Cdmr.ns a.rd D3) =_si1-o.;OOos5oc/::.xi =-s::GC;oii,OOo;o::i :o:ps,ooup.J;s50;uor:,ooc. 
Trausacions dJrinr; :reporting. period 
T!P< (i; Date: buy, sell Month-merger, DayTei.eruption) 
Buy 9124 
12105 If::iot e;rem;pt from di.>cksme 
Va:lu:; Gain ldet:ityof 
Code Code ht.) 
(1-P) (A ( tnmsactiou) 
A0-10 Rc.1/2(104 
Calendar Year 2003 u.s.c. pp. 101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, First name, Middl::: initi2!) Ebel, David Title (Article Judges indicate active c; 5enicr; :nagistratejudges indicate full-orpz.rttime) U.S. Cr:uit hdge (Active) Court Organizaton Tent!. Circu:: Court Appeals Report Type (check appropriate type) N01nination,. 12/!1/1987 Jn:tial Fbla! Date ::if Report 412112004 Reportiog Period 11112003 12/31/2003 Chambers OfficeAddress Byron V..hite J.S. Courthouse 1823 Stut Street. Room 109L Den-ver, 80257 fue ha.sis oftlte information this Report anC any modifications pertainbg thereto, is. opinion, complia!:Ge with applicable :a\