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Judicial Watch • David S Tatel Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

David S Tatel Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

David S Tatel Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: David S Tatel Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:11

Date Created:November 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:carnegie, Stanford, David S Tatel, local, Matured, Teaching, Foundation, chicago, committee, Washington, 2009, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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o/o Go~ernment Act 1978
1/2olo 	FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 Person RepoSing (last name. first, middle initial) Court Organitation Dalr Reporl 
Tatel. David 	U.S. Court or" Appeals, Cir. 
05/12/2010 Title {Article Ill judges indteate a,ztzv senior status; 5a. Report Type (check approprlazc t~.p) Reporting Period 
magistrate judges indicate full- part-time) Nommaliom Date 0!,01/2009 
5b. Amended Report Chambers Office Address the basis the information contained this Repo~ and any 
modificatiens pertaining thereto, is, opinlon, compliance 
wilh applicable laws and rtgulation$.

Prettyman U.S. Couflhouse
333 Constitution Ave., 
Washington, 20001 

Rviessing Officer~ 	Date 
L~IPOR TANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must follo.,ed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part ~here.tou hm,e reportable information. Sign lust page. POSITIONS. ~,~,o,,i,x. individual only; setpp. 9-13 f!llng ...... tions 
~~ NONE (:Vo reportable positions.) 
PQS!I[ON 	NAME O}: ORGAN IZ.ATION!I~NITIY Director 	Carnegie Foundation [or the Advancement Teaching Dircclor 	Historical Society for the Distric! Columbia Circuit 
Director 	Equal Justice Works AGREE ENTS. fa,p,,r,i,~, individual o,1); see pp. 14-16 filing instruction,.) NONE (No reportt~ble agreements.) 

Tatel, David 

Da~e Repor~
Name Person Repnrling 
I11. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. tRep~,,i,~ it,di~idualand ,pottSe; seepp. 17-24 offiling ...... li~ns.) Filers Non-investment Income NONE (No rq) ortable non-investment income.) COM
{.,,,ours not spouses) Spouses Non-lnvestment Income -t/you .,o, married during any porrion the repvrting yem, complete this NONE (No non-investment income.) 
1.2{109 	Self-Employed (education REIMBURSEMENTS ....., ]odgit*g, food ......... ..... 

[lnctudca Ihoae spouse and d~.pendent chtldren; see 25.27 ~brf!ling m.*tructton~ ONE (No reportable reimbursements.) 
SOURCE DATES 	Itarvatd University, Boston. 1/16-hl 7/2009 Boston, ~,IA Deliver the keynote address Taxi awporl t)a~king the Charle:; Hamilton 
Houston Institute 
Symposium 	Carnegie Foundation for the 3110-3/16!09 Stanford, BoaM Executive Airfare. rental car. meals, local Advancement Teaching. 
Commil!ee meetings lransportatic, 
Stanford. 	University California. 4111-4/~5/09 Berkeley. Moot Court Competiuon Lodging, rental car, meals, local Berklcy School Law, transportation Berkley, 	Equal Justice Works, 6111-6/12/09 New York, l]nard Meeting Tlain, local tral~spert:ttiot~ Washington, D.C. 
r~, ..... aep,,,,ing 	D,,~ofR~po- 	American Constitulion 6;19/09 Washington, D.C. Attend national convention Meals, locaI transportation Society, Washington, D.C. 	Carnegie Fonndat~on for the 16-7."17/09 Stanford, Board Executive Airfarc, lodging, rental car, meals, local A.dvancement Teaching, 
Committee meetings transportation 
Slan ford, 

Airfare, rental car, meals, local 	Carnegie Foundation for thc 9/25/09 Stanford, Committee meetings Advancement Teaching, 
t~anspm~atio~, mcn,bership Stanford, 	Environmcnta! La;v Institute, I0~6,;09 Washington, D.C. 
Attend symposium Local transportation 

Committee meetings Local transportaoon 
Washington, D.C. 	Chicago Lawyces Committee 10/22 10/23/09 Chicago, II. Attend 40th Anniversar., Airfa~c. Ic~dging. local trar~sportation for Civil Rights Under Law, Celebration Inc.. Chicago, Carnegie Foundation for the 10/22oI0~23109 Chicago, Committee meetings Local transportation, meals Advancement 7eaching, Stanford, Sper~cc~ Foundation, Chicago, 0."28-10/29/09 Chicago, II. A~tend l_ecmr Ai*fare, local t~at~sport,~lion, meals 	The N,~tional Academies, 10; 19,"09 W~shington, D.C. GIFTS. a~ctua,~ ,~o,e ...... de~ndent children; ~tt pp. 28- filing instructions.) NONE (No reportable g~s.) ~JRCE DESCRIPTION  VAI.UE 2,.  NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR  DE~CRIPIION  VALUE (:ODE .... .....R,po~ing Date Report
VII. INV ESTM ENTS TRUSTS ........ ;,,., ........ io,~ (Includes th,,~e 4~P ...... dependent children; ~,e pp. 34-604filing instruction~.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Dcscnp.o~ A~sct~ {including tr~l assets) Place"(X}" afl~ c~ch asset exempt from prior disclosure  Income dunng reposing period Amount Type Code div~ rent.  {A-H) Drink.) Gross value end repo~ing period Value V~lue Code Method (J-P) Code3  T~pc (e~, buy. sell. redcmption)  T~an~ac~ons during rc~mg i~rJod D~te Vnluc Gain mm/d~~ Code Code (j-P) (A-ll)  Che~T Chase ~ank- checking acct. ING Bank-savings acct(s)  Interest Interest  ING checking accl  No,  Standard Poors Midcap 400  Dividend  Fcderl.d Realty lnvcstme~.t ~ust  Dividend  Avahmhzy Communities  Dividend 10.  -Sec Line -Sec Line tlarford Cnty 4.25% 1:15i09  Inierest  Buy (~ddl) Sold (pan) Matured  1/27;09 2/20/09 1/15:09  ISHARES Russell 2000  Dv,,idend  
12.  Nexen Inc. b.,idend  
13.  Suncor Energy Inc.  Dividend  
14.  Encana Corp  Dividend  
Daily Income Gov! Port  Dividend  
16. Money Bank 2.55% due 12/18/09  Interest  Matured  12/18i09  

17. Newport News. due 1,115 Interest 
VII. INVESTMENTS TRUSTS ........ ........... i,,, (Includes those 4spo~e and dependent children; see pp. 34-60 o/JHing ......  lions.)  NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.)  (including t~sI assets)  reposing period referring (A-H)  (Q-W)  Wisconsin 4.75% due 5/I/25  [ntetem  
Spring. Indpl Sch due 8/J5/33  Interest  
20, Gold Coasl Ba,k 1.7% due 12/23/09  Interest  Buy  1/14/09  
21.  -See l.ine  Matured  12!23/09  
22. 23. 24.  Cenovus Energy Inc. Ntmplilied I:.mpkLyee Pension Ilan (SEP-IRA) --SEI Daily Income ]-R Govt Port  Dividend Int !Dh.  Spinoff (from line 14) 1/30!09  
25.  --Canadian Oil Sands Trust  
26.  --First Fed Bank 3.25% due I17/09  Matured  I;7/09  
27.  --Capital One Bank due 2/I 3,"09  Matured  2,13/09  
28. --Commercial Bank 4.05% due 4/28/10 29. --Georgia Bank ]rust 1.65V0 due I!22/10 30. --SPDI~, SP 500 ETF ]rust  B.y Buy  I/7,09 1127/09 --Bank Commonwealth Norlblk 1.8% due 8/13!10 32. Individual Retirement Account  Int.iDiv.  Buy  2/4/09  
33.  --Ishares MSCI Canad:lndex Fund. Inc  
34.  --Morgan Stanley MTN Var-Cpn 2/111  NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.)  
Description Assets (including :n~ asse[s)  Income during reposing period  Gross value end o[repo~ing period  Transactions during reposing period (Q-W}  tr~sacuon}  
35.  --Weinga~en Reahy Investors Fund  
36.  --CISCO Systems, Inc.  
37.  --Prok~gix  Sold  8!25.09  
38.  --First Merit Otl 525% due 7q0~09  Matured  7/10,09  
39.  --SEI Daily Income Govt Portfolio  
40.  --SAP Aktiengcscllschafl Spns ADR  
41.  --Capital One Bank 3.1% due 2II3/09  Matured  2/13!09  
42.  --First Natl Bank 2.85% due 4/3/09  Mattued  4/3/09  
43. ,15  --GE Money Bank 2.05% due 6/I 8109 --See Line --Comerica Bank 3.55,/o d~e 10fl,09  Matured (part) Matured (par0 Matured  3/I0/09 6/18/09 10/I/09  
46.  --GE Money Bank 2.55% doe 12/! 8:09  Matured  12/I8.O9  
47.  --Homestreet Bank  4.0_ .,o due 2112:10  
48.  --BMW Bank UTCD 95% due  
49.  --ln~,estors Cmnty 75% due 5,24,10  
50.  --U.S. Treasury TIPS due Iil 5/2( 
51.  --Vanguard S.;F Investment Grade  

~,po~,i~ 	o,,, ofa,po. Tarsi, D;,,ia 
VII. INVESTMENTS TRUSTS ........ ~.,, ....... i,,., (Intrudes those ...... depend .... hitdren; s,e pp. 34-60 firing ...... ctions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions B.C 

Description Assets Income during Gross vatue end Transaction~ during re~ng ~nod
Uncluding t~st assets) reporting period repo~,ng period asscl Value Valu{ Typ~ Identity
Place "(X)" aft ..... Amount T)~c (e.g., 	Val.e Ga,n 
Code dw.. tcnL Code Method buy. sell. mm/dd~yy Code  Code buyer/~cllcr 
--Chatter Bank Santa 1.85% due Buy 2H0/09 

--SPDR SP 500 ETF Trust Buy 2/1709 +Nestle Sports ADRs l.~uy 4;3/09 

55. --Coca Cola Co. Buy 4/I 5/09 --McDonalds Corp. Bny 41! 5/09 

57. 	--See l.ine Buy 12i3"09 

58. --Vanguard Inter "lcml Corporate Bond Buy 4;15/09 59. --Yum! Brands, Inc. I]tly 4q5/09 
60. --See Line 059 Sold 1124:09i --U.S. Treasury Bills due 1/27/09 Buy 6d/09 
--See Line Matured 1i27/09 

--Bank America .9% duc 9/2110 Fluy 8/25;09 ,,s.] 

--T. Rowe Price New Asia Fund #39 Buy S/25 

--Wright Express Financial Services Buy 9.29,"09 
due 10!15/10 	--Pepsico Inc. Buy 1:24/09 
--Walmart Stores Inc Buy 1;24/09 

--Gold Coast Bank due 4!1 I/ll Buy 1/25/09 
Value Codes ~I:15,0~~ less :$15.001 $30.0~ 
,~,,.eo~er,o. aepo.i.~

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ........ ........... ~o.,a.a.~,, ,~o,, ...... ~,~,~a .... hildren; ~eepp. 34-~Oaf f!ling in~tructions.) 

NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Place "(X)" after each asset Amount[ Z)pc g.. Value V~ltte Type t~. Date Value 
exemptl~ompriordisclost:re ICdel div.,rcnt. Code2 Nlcthod buv sell
[~A-H) trot (J-P) Code ledcmption) 	(if prl~atc 
6~. --GU Money ~ank (?~ due12.~30;lO Buy 12,2 I,09 
70. 	NoneM lnsuranceL~fe Insurance- klassachttsctts Mutual Life 
7I. 	Retrial prt,per~y. Ral~paham~ck County, Rcn~ 
Till. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. .... ..... Repo.i.~ Page "ratel, Davia 0~q2.~:oto 
IX, CERTIFICATION, certify thai all information given above (including information pert~,ining spouse and minor dependent children, anyt accurale, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not reported was withbeld because met applicable ~tatutory prnA~ion~ permitting nou-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside eznployme~t and honoraria and the acceptance gills which have been reported are compliance with the provisions I.l,~.C. app. 501 el. scq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
~ignalure~ ............ 

Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
Comm~uee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office lhe United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544