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Judicial Watch • Demand Travyons Killer Get Prosecuted Now

Demand Travyons Killer Get Prosecuted Now

Demand Travyons Killer Get Prosecuted Now

Page 1: Demand Travyons Killer Get Prosecuted Now


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Date Created:July 9, 2013

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State Attorney's office has rubber-stamped the Sanford police's non-investigation, claiming that there not enough evidence support even manslaughter conviction.4 
Trayvon's family and hundreds thousands people around the country are demanding justice.5 Please join calling the Department Justice take over the case, arrest Trayvon's killer, and launch independent investigation into the Sanford police department's unwillingness protect Trayvon's civil rights. takes just moment: 
Walking home from the store shouldn't cost you your life, but when Black youth are routinely assumed violent criminals, being randomly killed constant danger.6 Before Zimmerman decided get out his parked car gun tow pursue Trayvon foot that night, called the police identify Trayvon "suspicious person" apparently because was wearing hoodie and walking too slowly the rain for Zimmerman's liking. Despite being instructed not follow Trayvon, Zimmerman proceeded confront and fatally shoot the boy the chest within matter minutes.7 
The case has been compromised from the beginning. When Sanford police arrived the scene, Zimmerman was first approached narcotics detective not homicide investigator who "peppered him with questions" rather than allowing him tell his story without prompting. Another officer "corrected" witness giving statement that she'd heard Trayvon cry for help before was shot, telling her she had heard Zimmerman instead.8 And beyond the questions professional competence even the police's disregard for the facts, Florida's notorious "Shoot First" law takes shooter's self-defense claim face value incentivizing law enforcement not make arrests shooting deaths that would lead murder charges other states.9 
Sanford has history not prosecuting when the victim Black. 2010, the white son Sanford police lieutenant was let police after assaulting homeless Black man outside downtown bar. And, 2005, Black teenager was killed two white security guards, one the son Sanford Police officer. The pair was arrested and charged, but judge later cited lack evidence and dismissed both cases.10 
Please join calling the Department Justice arrest Trayvon's killer and launch investigation into the Sanford police department's mishandling the case and when you do, ask your friends and family the same: 
Thanks and Peace, Rashad, Gabriel, Dani, Matt, Natasha, Kim and the rest the team March 19th, 2012 
 "Witnesses Trayvon Martin death heard cries before shot," Miami Herald, 03-15-12
 "Orlando Watch Shooting Probe Reveals Questionable Police Conduct," ABC News, 03-13-12
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