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Judicial Watch • DeMoss Jr Harold R – 2009

DeMoss Jr Harold R – 2009

DeMoss Jr Harold R – 2009

Page 1: DeMoss Jr Harold R – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 17, 2015

Tags:DeMoss, Raymond, HAROLD, James, 2009, assets, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app. JOI-II Pusoa Reportiaa (last name, fi,..1, middle initial) DeMoss, Jr., Harold Title (Article judges indicate active senior sratu.; magistrate judges indicate full-or part-time) 
U.S. CircuilJudge -Senior Date Report Court Oriaaizatlo 
U.S. 5th Cir. Appeals Reportln2 Period 
Sa. Report Type (cbeclc appropriate type) 
Nomination, Date 
Initial Annual Final 
Sb. Amended Report Cbambers Office Address tke buh the infarmatioa coatalned tbi1 Report anymodincatlons pertaining thereto, II, opinion, compliance 
U.S. Courthouse 1ilh applicable laws and regulations. 
515 Rusk, Suite 12015 Houston, Texas 77002 
ReviewiR: Officer Date 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form ust followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have reportable Information. Sign /11St page. POSITI NS, (Reporting indMdual only; pp. 9-IJ filing instructions.) NONE (No reportable positions.) Trustee Board Trustees, Open Door Mission 
C:3 . 
c ::i --.. ...  (:: 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting indMduoJ only; see pp. /4-160/fillng/nsrrucrlons.) (.. 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable agreements.) --: 
- - 
CJ1 Moss Jr., Harold 
Name Peno11 ReporU 
DcMoss, Jr., Huold 
Ill. N-INVES Tl1ENT ME. (Reporting individuo/ ond spouu; Stt pp. 17-14 ]ding butnu:tiom.) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2009 Taxable IRA distribution from Raymond James (yours, not spouses) S60,000.00 Spouses Non-Investment Income you,.,,. mOTTld during any poltWn ofrlt reporting,..,, compla tlru section. (Dollar amownt nor re.quired except for h011orarla.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -tronsponotion, /odglng,food, 1ntmob11111nL (Includes those spou1e and dependent children; see pp. 21-27 fl/mg i11Jttuctions.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) GIFTS. (lnc/ouks those ond depuuhnt cltlldun; pp. 18-J/ fl/Ing instn