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Judicial Watch • Detroit News, Civil rights group on FBI list 08 30 05

Detroit News, Civil rights group on FBI list 08 30 05

Detroit News, Civil rights group on FBI list 08 30 05

Page 1: Detroit News, Civil rights group on FBI list 08 30 05


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Civil rights group FBI list; Michigan Militia, affirmative action supporters are
labeled threats terrorism symposium report.
The Detroit News (Michigan)
August 30, 2005 Tuesday Copyright 2005 The Detroit News All Rights Reserved
Section: METRO; Pg.
Length: 403 words
Byline: Norman Sinclair FBI report released Monday national civil rights group shows that federal and state law
enforcement agencies label social activists, animal lovers and white supremacists all potential
The document, prepared counter-intelligence agent the Detroit FBI office, summarized
information possible terrorist activities for 2002 Domestic Terrorism Symposium hosted the
Michigan State Police and attended law enforcement groups.
The purpose the meeting was keep the local, federal and state law enforcement agencies apprised the activities the various groups and individuals within the state Michigan who are thought
engaged terrorist activities, the report said.
Groups mentioned the report were considered potential terrorists.
Among those included were BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), the national civil rights and affirmative
action organization, and Direct Action, anti-war group.
The report cited six-day civil rights conference that BAMN staged Ann Arbor, while acknowledging
that the group had held peaceful demonstrations.
Direct Action was linked the East Lansing Animal Rights Movement; both groups took part protest Lansing aimed the FBI.
The report was released response Freedom Information lawsuit filed the American Civil
Liberties Union behalf nine local organizations and individuals, including Direct Action. ACLU
affiliates additional states have filed similar requests behalf more than 100 groups and
Kary Moss the Michigan ACLU said the agencies involved could better spend their efforts and time
investigating criminals. think can both safe and free, Moss said. Being safe doesnt mean have give our
right engage expressing our opinions whatever they may long those opinions not
translate into illegal action.
Other groups cited the FBI report include the Michigan Militia and the Aryan World Church, which
state police detective called Christian-based white supremacist group from Dodgeville, Michigan.
BAMN spokesman Luke Massey said including his group with white supremacists linking
terrorism absolutely outrageous.
The American people are going outraged that their government spying groups standing
for affirmative action and education, Massey said.
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and accountability government.