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Judicial Watch • DHS FY2006 Mexican Incursion Report

DHS FY2006 Mexican Incursion Report

DHS FY2006 Mexican Incursion Report

Page 1: DHS FY2006 Mexican Incursion Report

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Department Homeland Security 
Customs and Border Protection 
Office Border Patrol 



MEXICAN GOVERNMENT INCIDENTS, 4th QUARTER, 2006: Mexican Government Incursions, Encounters and Sightings the Southwestern Border. 

Executive Summary 
Section One -INCURSIONS 
Section Two -ENCOUNTERS 
Section Three -SIGHTINGS 
"A" -Map Incursions Year and Sector 1995-Present 

Department Homeland Security 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection 
Office Border Patrol 

Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center Box 6057 Paso, Texas 79906 

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF: Septem ber 30, 2006 
From 1996 present, the Office Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center 
(BORFIC) has confirmed two hundred and fifty three incursions into the United States Mxican government personnel. 
>--As September 30, 2006, the Office Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center (BORFIC) has confirmed twenty incursions, with one that unconfirmed, during 2006. 
Three Mexican Military personnel. 

Seventeen Mexican law enforcement personnel. 

San Diego Sector: three Centro Sector: five 
Yuma Sector: nine 
Tucson Sector one Paso Sector: two 
Marfa Sector: none 
Laredo Sector: none 
Rio Grande Valley Sector none 

ENCOUNTERS September 30, 2006 the Office Border Patrol Field Intelligence 
Center (BORFIC) has confirmed two encounter(s) for 2006. 
Tucson Sector: one Paso Sector: one 
;.... September 30, 2006, the Office Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center (BORFIC) has confirmed seven sightings for 2006. 
McAllen Sector: four 

two one 


INCURSIONS -An Incursion defined the unauthorized crossing the 
U.S. -Mexico border Mexican government personnel. may either intentional unintentional. 

Armed Incursion: Mexican Government Personnel are carrying weapons. 
Unarmed Incursion: Mexican Government Personnel are not carrying weapons. 
Undetermined: Unable determine Mexican Government personnel are carrying weapons. 

ENCOUNTER their respective sides the Border. 


Department Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection Office Border Patrol 
Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center 

P.O. Box 6057 

SUBJECT: The following listing Mexican Government Incidents reported through the 4th Quarter FY2006: 

SECTION ONE -INCURSIONS Incursion defined the unauthorized crossing the U.S. -Mexico Border Mexican government personnel. may either intentional unintentional. 	MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) SAN DIEGO -EL CAJON STATION -On October 2005, approximately 
9:50 A.M., agents assigned the Cajon California Station observed two Mexican military Humvees traveling eastbound along the south side the border fence. Approximately two minutes later, agents observed two male subjects the Bell Valley creek bed twenty yards north the border. Both subjects were dressed green Mexican military uniforms and were bearing long arms. When they saw the agent approaching, the two ran southbound into Mexico, where they boarded one two additional Humvees that had been parked the creek bed the south side the border. Both vehicles left the scene traveling eastbound then turned southbound and drove out view. Agents found foot sign for three four 

YUMA STATION -On October 18, 2005, Law Enforcement Communications Assistants assigned the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Headquarters Yuma, Arizona, observed Mexican military Humvee 

parked the south side the International Border, just west the Colorado River. The first Humvee was joined two more Humvees with many eight soldiers riding the back. The soldiers entered the reeds along the river and brought out civilians whom they interviewed and released. Two the Humvees then left the area. Approximately minutes later, Sector Law Enforcement Communications Assistants (LECAs) observed two uniformed Mexican soldiers standing just inside the border. They appeared scanning the area. They crossed back into Mexico, met two other soldiers, returned their vehicle and left the area. 
BORFIC Note. The LECAs were monitoring the Remote Video Surveillance cameras when they observed the intrusion. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) PASO SANTA TERESA STATION October 24, 2005, Border Patrol Agents

assigned the Santa Teresa, New Mexico Station encountered two Mexica State Police Officers near the 
Mnument 3,.  US/Mexico 

their weapons the agents and were transported the station. All official notifications were made. Both officers were granted voluntary return Mexico per Paso Sector Staff with all their equipment and vehicles after all record checks were conducted. The Mexican Consulate witnessed the departure the officers back into Mexico. 	
MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) YUMA YUMA STATION -On October 24, 2005, :50 M., camera operator the Yuma Border Patrol Communications Center observed via remote video surveillance site incursion two uniformed Mexican Police Officers near Andrade, California. The Mexican Police Officers appeared enter between thirty and forty feet into the and spent approximately three five minutes there before walking back south into Mexico. There were Border Patrol agents near the immediate area when the incident occurred. The Mexican Liaison Unit was contacted. 	
MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) YUMA YUMA STATION -On December 21, 2005, Agents encountered smuggling operation near Andrade, California. While Agents seized most the smuggled marijuana, the smugglers were able move the rest the contraband back the Mexican side the river. Subsequently, the Sector Mexican Liaison Unit (MLU) was notified, who contacted the Los Algodones, Mexico, Police Department for assistance. Shortly afterwards, 

two uniformed Mexican Police Officers were observed north the International Boundary via Remote Video Surveillance. The two Mexican officers, who were visibly carrying weapons, appeared searching for people along the edge the river before returning back Mexico. subjects were taken into custody during the incident. The marijuana was turned over DEA. MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (UNARMED UNINTENTIONAL, CENTRO, CENTRO STATION 5:45 P.M. January 26, 2006, -Border Patrol Agents assigned the Centro, California Station observed Dodge pick-up truck traveling south dirt road towards the US/Mexico border. The truck was traveling area known for the smuggling contraband into the United States. The vehicle crossed the border into Mexico and the agents were able see markings the truck identifying Gru-Contact was made  the driver, 
Beta property. only identified and the passenger told agents that they area for orientation and not realize that they had crossed into the United States, but returned Mexico soon they became aware their location. was later determined that the vehicle had traveled approximately 200 yards into the United States before returning Mexico. The Centro Sector Mexican Liaison Unit was notified the incident. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL, PASO, PASO STATION -At 1400 hours February 2006, Border Patrol Agent assigned the Paso, Texas Station observed Juarez, Mexico Police units using their emergency lights across the Rio Grande River Mexico. The agent went their location the U.S. side and observed Juarez Police Officer the U.S. side the Rio Grande River, under the Paso Del Norte Bridge. When the saw the agent . immediately returned Mexico and got un and left the 
ea. ents found subect the north side, identified 

reported agents that the chased ecause was begging under the bridge. processed for Re-Entry after deportation (8USC 1326) and placed the Paso County Detention Facility for felony prosecution. The Mexican Liaison Unit was contacted and they notified the Mexican Consulate. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED UNINTENTIONAL) YUMA, YUMA STATION -On February 2006, 2030 hours, Border Patrol Agents assigned the Yuma, Arizona Station reported unmarked helicopter (described black UH-1 "Huey") flying northbound along the Colorado River, west San Luis, Arizona. The Yuma Sector Communications Center received confirmation from Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) that the flight pattern was northbound and was the United States. The U.S. Embassy Mexico City subsequently confirmed that the helicopter military UH1 helicopter that was given 

Mexico the U.S. government, but operated the Mexican Federal Investigation Agency (Agencia Federal investigation -AFI) the Attorney General's Office (Procuraduria General Republica -PGR). The helicopter flew north for one-half mile and veered westbound into Mexico. other activity was reported. 

BORFIC NOTE: Since the helicopter was military model, the incursion was originally reported Mexican military incursion. Based the additional information provided with the assistance the CBP Attache Office Mexico City, the category has been changed from "Military Incursion" "Police Incursion". MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED UNINTENTIONAL) SAN

DIEGO -EL CAJON STATION March 16, 2006, 
Border Patrol Agent assigned the Cajon, California Station observed Mi-8 helicopter enter airspace from Mexico. The helicopter entered west the Tecate, California POE and flew northwest toward Barrett Junction. The aircraft returned Mexico seven ten minutes later. The aircraft entered the short time later and flew north the international boundary and then flew toward Tecate Peak. The aircraft was painted camouflage pattern with shades gray. Air Marine launched aircraft search for the helicopter but was unable locate it. 
BORFIC UPDATE: When BORFIC first inquired about the helicopter incursion AMOC, were told that the tail number was-which indicates private ownership. the fixed wing 
BORFIC did.incursion March until today, 3/21/06. the fixed we.tail
number registered 
The reg1s ered owner Mexicali not connected with any flight school. tail number the Ml-8 -belonging the Mexican Federal Police 
10. MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED UNINTENTIONAL) SAN DIEGO, BROWN FIELD STATION -On April 2006, 2030 hours, Border Patrol Agents assigned the Brown Field, California Station reported incursion Grupo Beta near the area Well Draw, three miles east the Otay Mesa, California Port Entry. Grupo Beta officers were chasing group three suspected armed bandits and nine illegal aliens the time the incursion. The officers followed the group approximately mile into the United States. Agents responded the scene and arrested the suspected bandits and illegal aliens. Grupo Beta officers returned Mexico without incident. Agents did not make physical contact with Grupo Beta, they were approximately 300 yards away when agents arrived the area. Grupo Beta dispatch was contact with Border Patrol Sector Communications. 
UPDATE: April 2006, the three suspected bandits were identified 

Mexican Authorities. 
11. MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) YUMA YUMA STATION 14:55, April 16, 2006, Video Surveillance-Camera Operators assigned the Yuma, Arizona Sector observed uniformed Mexican Police 
officer pursue unknown individual from Mexico into the United States. Once the United States, the unknown subject hid from the Mexican Police officers and evaded arrest. The Mexican Police officers subsequently returned back 

Mexico. Agents responded the area and while attempting arrest the subject, four Mexican Police Officers once again entered into the United States (approximately fifteen feet) and placed handcuffs the subject and led the subject back into Mexico. The Tucson Sector Mexican Liaison Unit was notified the incident. 
BORFIC NOTE: This iQcident took place approximately five miles east the San Luis POE. This area the site security fence construction that has been suspended because the military unit doing the work was deployed Iraq. Because this incomplete construction effort, the border not clearly defined this area, resulting degree confusion. Because this, some Mexican officers think that allweather road about yards the U.S. side fact the International Boundary. (The video surveillance camera shows the Mexican officers stopping just south this road when they were pursuing the alien.) The Border Patrol Agents subsequently pursued the alien and tackled him the south side that road, where Mexican officers helped subdue him while they remained the south side the road they believed the International Boundary. Agents stated that there high level cooperation with the San Luis Mexican PD. YUM Mexican Liaison Unit will clarify the actual location the boundary this area with Mexican officials. 

Mexico and approached the group subjects. Subsequently, all subjects then began running westbound the north side the fence. 


The agents observed sedan with light bar the roof back along the south side the International Boundary fence. Two occupants exited the vehicle and began running around the fence into the United States chasing the group of_ aliens. The agent the "Skybox" saw that the two subjects appeared dressed the same and were wearing hats. that time, the two subjects stopped and pointed their arms towards the group 16. Two gunshots were heard. The two subjects next turned ran back their vehicle and drove southbound from the area. Border Patrol agents apprehended eight the group subjects. None the apprehended subjects were injured. The other subjects climbed over the fence and absconded into Mexico. 

Agents located two spent 9mm shell casings approximately feet north the fence. The casings were not disturbed and were recovered the San Luis Police Department. The aliens stated they did not know who had shot them. 
BORFIC NOTE: Yuma Sector Mexican Liaison Unit agents have reviewed the video, which they have determined inconclusive. They are unable determine was police military incursion. The quality the video does not demonstrate the light bar the vehicle and does not 

demonstrate the subjects were wearing uniforms. San Luis Police Department will further investigate. 
13. MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) TUCSON NOGALES STATION June 2006, Border Patrol Agent assigned -to the Nogales, Arizona Station encountered two Mexican Police Officers that had illegally entered into the U.S. one mile west the Mari osa ort Entry, while ursuit Sexua ect emp ude Officers Mexico and wrecked ehic near the border. illegal! entered the U.S. escape. Border Patrol Agent observe and ordered -to the ground. The pursuing
xican Police Officers had also illegally entered the U.S. and handcuffed ordered the Border Patrol Agent. The Officers into Mexico but released.when they were ordered the Border Patrol Agent. The Mexican Police Officers ran back into Mexico when ordered remain for questioning.-was transported the Nogales Border Patrol Station and processed for removal. The Consular Officer, ICE, Mexican Consulate, and Mexican authorities were notified. 
UPDATE 06/05/06: Border Patrol Agents assigned the Nogales, Arizona Station reported that -was processed for felony criminal charges Aggravated Felon, pursuant title USC prior criminal conviction out Tucson, for sexual assault from 2000 andllwas deported after the conviction 2002.9!11is being held Border Patrol Custody, pending initial appearance before Magistrate the District Court Tucson, AZ, tentatively scheduled for 06/05/06. meeting between the Nogales International Liaison Unit and Mexican authorities tentatively scheduled for 06/05/06 concerning the incursion Mexican Police Officers. 

14. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) YUMA YUMA STATION -On June 22, 2006, CBP Air Pilot attached the Yuma, Arizona Border Patrol Sector reported incursion into the United States Mexican Police vehicle. approximately :05 AM, the pilot was routine patrol near the A-7 Valley, located approximately five miles west the Andrade, California Port Entry, when Ford F-1 with "POLICIA" written the side, and the the tailgate. The vehicle was observed approximately one mile the international boundary with Mexico, near the All-American Canal. Yuma Sector Mexican Liaison Unit was contacted immediately, and was able verify that the vehicle was police unit belonging the Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico Police Department. approximately 11: AM, the CBP. Pilot reported that the vehicle turned around and returned Notificatio immediately made 
notified and turn Chief approximately :30 AM. 

The Border Patrol observer from the CBP Air Unit was able provide the GPS coordinates where the police vehicle was first observed the United States and the furthest point that traveled into the U.S.151 observation 32.42.870, 4.47.61 The furthest incursion into 
U.S. was 32.43.049, 114.48.1 The Yuma Sector Mexican Liaison Unit has contacted the Mexican Consulate and notified them the incident. 

15. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) CENTRO CALEXICO STATION -On July 18, 2006, 1837 hours, RVS camera operators witnessed person Mexico, wearing police type uniform and driving white pick truck with emergency lights and "POLICIA" markings, escort five individuals from the border gate the All American Canal. The five entered through hole the gate, and were arrested short time later Calexico Agents. The uniformed officer returned Mexico. The canal some yards inside the U.S. Border. 

The arrested aliens were Mexicans, who said they were transported the police vehicle from Mexicali the outskirts town, where they illegally entered the United States. 
UPDATE: July 26, 2006, Centro Sector Mexican Liaison Officer met with Mexican officials regarding the incident. The Liaison Officer provided video the incursion and statements given the undocumented aliens involved the incident the Mexican Officials.* The Mexican officials recommended that the case submitted through the Operation Against Smugglers Initiative Safety and Security (OASISS) Program. 

16. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED INTENTIONAL) YUMA YUMA STATION Tuesday, August 2006, P-Air Blackhawk operating out Yuma, was conducting routine operations west the Andrade Port Entry. approximately 1200 hours, the helicopter 

observed white over tan pickup truck with just south the Dillman's Gate area, near the All American Canal. The pickup truck had Mexican Police markings and clearly read "POLICIA" the side. Three persons were visible outside the vehicle, all wearing blue uniforms consistent with local Mexican municipal police. The pilot reported that the three subjects returned the vehicle, and within few minutes the vehicle returned Mexico. During this incident, the pilot the helicopter reported the incident the Yuma Sector Communications Center. 
The Mexican MLU spoke with Comandante Los Algodones Municipal Police, and the Comandante been one the three observed the side the bar er. According 

observed the helicopter flying the canal there was active chase going the other two officers then entered the attempt assist with what was going stated then observed subject the stated that tirecognized the subject Mexican citizen, known carrier tuberculosis and the AIDS virus. Comandante-stated that they escorted the subject their vehicle and then returned Mexico. 
17. 	MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) CENTRO SECTOR-EL CENTRO STATION Sunday, September 10, 2006, Border Patrol Agent assigned the Centro, California Station working the vicinity the All-American Canal reported that officer the Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico Police Department made incursion into the United States. The incursion occurred when the officer assisted 
three individuals who claimed they witnessed possible drowning the All-American Canal while they attempted cross illegally into the US. The 
officer and the three individuals returned Mexico. The Imperial County, Sheriff's Office arrived scene look for the body. The San Diego Sector Public Information Office was contacted and advised the situation. the time this report, body has been recovered from the canal. 

UPDATE: Mexicali, Baja California, Fire Department personnel located the body the All American Canal. The Fire Fighters secured the body with rope keep from floating away. Imperial County, Sheriff's Deputies recovered the body. 
MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION {ARMED/INTENTIONAL) YUMA SECTOR-YUMA STATION. Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Border Patrol Agent assigned the Yuma, Arizona Station observed three Mexican police officers illegally enter the pickup truck approximately three miles west the Andrade, California POE, arrest three unknown individuals and then return Mexico. The officers, wearing uniforms and duty belts, drove into the US, exited their vehicle and searched until they located three individuals along the edge the All American Canal. The three individuals and raft were secured the pickup truck and the officers returned with them Mexico. The Yuma, Arizona Sector Mexican Liaison Unit notified the commander the Municipal Police Department Algodones, Baja California, Mexico who admitted that three llf officers were involved this incident. The officers claimed that they tiad seen vehicle the north side flashing its lights and thought the agent was requesting their assistance. They then drove into the and arrested three subjects the edge the canal. approximately 2300 Agents were advised the Police Commander that three lltofficers were involved the incident. The Police Commander also stated that they have since released two the subjects arrested, but the third subject known drug user who remains their custody. 

MEXICAN 	MILITARY INCURSION {ARMED/INTENTIONAL) CENTRO SECTOR-CALEXICO STATION. September 16, 2006, Border Patrol Agent assigned the Calexico, California Station observed individual olive drab uniform with possible Mexican flag the shoulder approximately 100 yards no_rth the International Border near 
the Calexico POE. The individual appeared carrying sidearm and 
was running southbound Mexico through the vehicle lanes the 
Calexico POE. The individual was never observed coming north and the 
Mexican Liaison Unit reported that Mexican Customs 
officials denied 
arresting having contact with anyone with Mexican military clothing. 
Agents searched the area and found sign any military combat 
style boots. 

MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION {ARMED INTENTIONAL) CENTRO, CALEXICO STATION-On September 18_, 2006 Border Patrol Agents assigned the Calexico, California Station were notified National Guardsman performing video surveillance duties Mexican police incursion. The National Guardsman reported having sighted two Mexican 

Police Officers operating motorcycles 9.6 miles east the Calexico, Port Entry. The Mexican 
Police Officers crossed the international boundary line briefly into the U.S. The Mexican Police Officers were observed speaking with group four individuals who were fishing the area. The Mexican Police Officers then returned Mexico without incident, shortly thereafter the fishermen also returned Mexic.o. Several minutes video were recorded the incursion. The Centro Sector Mexican Liaison Unit was notified the incident and will make all the necessary notifications and inquiries. 
Chronological Listing and Map Incursions for 2006 

Number Mexican GovernmentIncursions, Through 2006 100 200 300 Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center

,,. :,;. ,>o ' ,,. 
05107106 SUN INCURSION ARMED YES YUM  06102106  FRI  INCURSION  ARMED  YES  TCA  06122106  THU  INCURSION  ARMED  YES  YUM  07/18/06  TUES INCURSION  ARMED  YES  ELG  08/01/06  TUES INCURSION  ARMED  YES  YUM  09/10/06  SUN  INCURSION  ARMED  YES  ELC  09/ 12/06  TUE  INCURSION  ARMED  YES  YUM  09/16/06  SAT  INCURSION  ARMED  YES  ELG  09/18/06  MON  INCURSION  ARMED  YES  ELG Encounter any activity Mexican Government Personnel the Mexican side the U.S. -Mexico Border that which results interaction between the parties involved. 
Chronological Listing and Map Encounters for 2006 	Number Encounters 
Through FY06 4th Quarter 
--=---=---===1Mlles 100 200 300 	MEXICAN MILITARY ENCOUNTER (ARMED INTENTIONAL) PASO, -FT. HANCOCK STATION -At P.M. January 23, 20b6, Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department (HCSD), and Texas Department Public Safety (DPS) Troopers attempted apprehend three vehicles believed smuggling contraband 1-10. All three vehicles made U-turn and attempted return Mexico. the vehicles approached the border DPS stated that Mexican Military Humvee armed with .50 caliber weapon and several soldiers were observed assisting the smugglers return Mexico. black Cadillac Escalade stopped the U.S. side the Rio Grande River, and the driver absconded into Mexico. Several bundles marijuana were located inside the vehicle. HCSD and DPS officers saw that the following two vehicles were allowed pass the Humvee, which was the U.S. side the river, next the water. One vehicle safely crossed into Mexico. The second vehicle high centered and stopped abruptly the river. The Humvee attempted push and pull toward Mexico avail. Officers then noticed several armed subjects dressed fatigue type clothing unload the contraband into the Humvee. These subjects set fire the stalled vehicle before leaving the area. Deputies took custody the Escalade and the 1,47 pounds marijuana. Border Patrol Agents were not involved the pursuit, nor did they witness any the vehicles enter into Mexico. When the agents arrived the scene, all vehicles had returned the Mexican side the river. 

The Texas Department Public Safety officials filmed the Mexican military vehicle their dash mounted vehicle cameras. The sheriff's deputies also took still photos the scene. 

SECTION THREE -SIGNIFICANT SIGHTINGS Sighting the discovery significant Mexican Government activity 
the Mexican side the U.S.-Mexico border, which not encounter and may LEA interest. 	
MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING -RGV SECTOR, BRP STATION -On 1/26/06, agents spotted Mexican Military (Mack type) vehicle the Mexican side the Rio Grande River approximately 1230 hours the DOI. Writer also noticed about soldiers walking along the Mexican riverbank. All soldiers were wearing blue uniform and were carrying rifles, possibly high powered. other sightings occurred the same date. 	
MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING -RGV SECTOR, BRP STATION -On 2/14/06 1030 hours, agents noticed Mexican Military personnel the the Mexican Bank the Rio Grande River Military personnel were seen traveling Grey personnel transport truck with tarp covering the back. Rio Grande River Bank the approximately 1100 hours. The second Military unit was seen walking along the Rio Grande River and making contact with two civilians, which later were seen traveling downriver from initial sighting area without the Military personnel. approximately 1500 hours, more Military personnel were seen the same area (PUB) with long rifles. Upon observation these Military personnel, writer noticed that the Military personnel had group approximately six civilians sitting down underneath tree, which included the previous two subjects that were seen walking downriver. Military personnel then moved the civilian subjects downriver from the PUB area and out view, once they knew they were being observed. The MiHtary personnel performed perimeter around the subjects. RVS operator was notified, and approximately minutes later, RVS advised that the military personnel left the area with the civilians their custody. 	MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING -MARFA SECTOR, ALPINE STATION -On 4/1/06, National Park Service Pilot observed military Humvee 

processing site for the marijuana growing the area. The pilot observed 
Oklahoma and Dockberry Roads. 
Approximately five soldiers were observed riding the back the vehicle 
with rifles slings their backs. Two other soldiers were seen the cab the vehicle. 	MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING MARFA SECTOR, PRESIDIO STATION 5/24/06, couple visiting the BBNP (Big Bend National Park) made report National Park Service Ranger via encounter with what appeared Mexican soldiers. the reporting party stated Military Captain with the Medical Corp. The Captain 5/24/06, approximately 12:45 p.m., they started canoe trip the Rio Grande through Santa Elena Canyon. The Captain stated that approximately minutes into their trip they encountered six men dressed military uniforms wading the river the Mexican side the border. The six men were wearing tan camouflage uniforms and all them had M-16A2 types rifles. The men were only carrying small backpacks with what appeared personal things them. The Captain stated tell that the men were soldiers because the military type formation that they were while wading down the river. Four the men appeared their mid 20's and the other two were older. One the older individuals approached them and tried have conversation with them but was unable due the language barrier. The older individual then called one the younger individuals come over and speak with the couple. The individual spoke very broken English and only asked how far ctown river was the opening the canyon. The Captain told the individual that the opening the canyon was about hundred yards. The Captain said they proceeded their trip up-river and the men went down river. They made back the opening the canyon around 4:30 5:00 and that there was sign the six individuals. The men did not cross into the U.S. whilas present. The Captain said appeared the one that looked like was charge, had Army patch the left upper pocket his uniform blouse. 
BORFIC NOTE: 6/6/06, the same NPS pilot that reported sighting# above, flew over the same area and saw that marijuana plants were growing. The Mexican soldiers sighted this incident might have eradicated these grow sites. 	Records obtained Judicial Watch under the Freedom Information Act.On 8/27/06 approximately 1340 hours, National Guardsman assigned "Skywatch" observed Mexican Militar vehicles Miguel Aleman. 
The National Guardsman reported seeing Mexican Military Humvees, hard-shell with manned machine gun (M240B), open topped Humvees with armed personnel carrying assault rifles. All military personnel were wearing body armor. The National Guardsman noticed there was uniformity their uniforms. The vehicles drove through the Miguel Aleman Park located .2mi West the POE the riverbank. According the National Guardsman, the Mexican Military maintained visual the "Skywatch" they drove by. RGC Intelligence comment: This the first report Mexican Military this area several months. The Miguel Aleman alwa hotbed for
uma_n and n_arcotics

Patrol Agents should exercise caution when encountering Mexican 
Military, who are usually heavily armed. Agents and National Guardsmen 
will continue report any Mexican Military activity. 
Records obtained Judicial Watch under the Freedom Information Act.Spoke Sector and confirmed Military Units Mexican Authorities (SEDE NA). Routine patrolling the border. 	MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING PASO SECTOR, PASO STATION-On 9/6/06 approximately 12:40 p.m. Senior Border Patrol Agent -was assigned Linewatch duties the Monument One area. This area divided line rocks that separates the United States, Mexico Border. the above mentioned date Senior Border Patrol Agent-observed military type vehicle driving toward-location. This vehicle stopped approximately yards away from the United States, Mexico International Boundary where the Agent was able observe two Mexican Army soldiers the back this vehicle. 
The soldiers were dressed army fatigues, body armor and military type helmets. The soldiers proceeded take pictures the north side the United States from the back their vehicle. 
Agent notified the camera control operators watch this vehicle via our Camera Remote Surveillance System, the Surveillance System observed the military vehicle depart into the interior Mexico after taking pictures the area. 

Chronological Listing and Map Sightings for 2006 

Number Sightings Through FY06 4th Quarter  
---==---===----====Miles  200  :loo  01/26/2006  THU  SIGHTING  RGV  02/14/2006  TUE  SIGHTING  RGV  04/01/06  SAT  SIGHTING  MAR  05107106  SUN  SIGHTING  RGV  05/24/06  WED  SIGHTING  MAR  08/27/06  SUN  SIGHTING  RGV  09/06/06  WED  SIGHTING  ELP  

Incursions per sector since FY96 

Note: "M" signifies Mexican Military "P" signifies Mexican Police September 30, 2006  

Since FY1995 100 200 300 
Sector Incursions August 22, 2006 

Mexican Govemrnent Incursions Report Count: 252 1996 Date 

For corrections, amendments, and suggestions, notify 
Department Homeland Security 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office Border Patrol Field Intelligence Center .0. Box 6057 Paso, 79906 POC: 
Commissioner, Customs and Border Protection CPA, OBP DCPA, OBP CofS, OBP 
Associate Chief, OBP Attache', Mexico City Chief, OBP ssistant Chief, OBP 

ssistant Chief, OBP OBP-INT CPA's, all Border Patrol Sectors OBP Sector Intelligence Units BORTAC 

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