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Judicial Watch • Diana E. Murphy – 2003

Diana E. Murphy – 2003

Diana E. Murphy – 2003

Page 1: Diana E. Murphy – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:18

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 28, 2014

Tags:Maple, Grove, Diana E Murphy, diana, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Murphy, pound, treasury, Gross, 2003, assets, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, Judge

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FLl/ANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Government Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  lOl-111) Person ReportLlg (Last oame, First na.rne Middle initial) .1urphy, Diana TW.e {A:ticle lII Judges i;idicate active senior .statJs; magistrate judges inG:cate full-or pUt.Mtime) U.S. Circuit Judge (Active) Court OrgnnlJ.ation U.S.Coctt Appeals (8th Cir) ReportTY? (clteck approprime IYJe) Date Initfal Fiual :>ate Report 5/fi/2004 Reporting Period !/112003 1213112003 CnambersorOfficeAddress U.S. Courthouse 300 Fourth Street, Minneapolis, 55415 the basis the :nfonnation contained this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto is, opinion. compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 
lMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this f1nn must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part whereyou have nreportable information. Sign 1ast page. POSmOJl.S. (Reporting indivUlual only; pp. 9-13offiling instructions) NONE  (No reportable positions.) 
NAME 	Director Bush Foundation Trustee 	University Minnesota Foundation Trustee 	University St. Thomas 	Dfrector Association Governing Boards Universities :and Colleges 	Director Minnesota Opera. AGREEMENTS.. (Reporting indhidual only> see pp. 14-16 offiling instructions) li!J NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
 ;;::i ::::: n1C 
.::J rt! 
i!= -;..?:] 
I-> 	flJ 	 
-.. ,,,. 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSlJRE REPORT Name Perscn Reporting ).furphy, Diana Date Report 51612004 NON-JNVESTMENT COME. (Reporting individual and spouse; see 11-24 offiling instructions) Filers Non-Investment Incom fill NONE (No reportable pon-lnvestment inc()tne.) Spouses Non-Investment Incom -(Ifyou were married during any portion oftbe re;>o:ting year, please complece this section. (dollar amount not required e:i;cept furhonoraria) 
 NONE (No reportable non-investment inc.ome.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -?ortation, lodg;;,g, food, enter.ainmei:t. 
(Includes those spouse and dependen! children. See pp. 25-27 instructions.} NONE -(No such repmtlhle reimbuisemcnts.) Federal Judges Assoclation Arlington, VA. May 3-5. Annual meeting (roor.i and food) 
Bush Foundation Rlid City, SD. May 7-9. Board ofDirectors meeting (t:anspmtation, room and fuod) 
Murphy; Diana 
5/6i2004 GIFTS. (Jr.eludes those spouse and dcpcndentcilildren. See pp. ZS-31 ins.nctions.) [;Zl NONE (No such repm-:able gifts.) 
 UABTI.JTIES. (Jncludes those spouse and de;>endentclnldren. See pp. 32-34 inS::Uctions.) i;{j NONE (Nle liabilities.) 
Date Repon Na.i:e P:!!Wn Reporting 
Murphy, Diana 
11 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS llC(lflYC du.ring, Gross value end 
TransactiollS during reporting period 0e$C4lptic:; Assets 
reporting ;;eriOd reporting. period 
{ trasstts) not exempt frcm dtsc:.Os:ure 
(2) (l) 
Place 1(X) after eae:i asset exempt 
!;l) (e.g. Value 
Type (e,g, Value 
Identity from prior disclosure 
Type Val01e Gail buy, sell. 
div. rent. Code2 
Code2 Code 
(A-ll) (J.l) 
tramaction) DNONE (Ne reportable income, assets, transactions) 
(Q-W) bdl Retirement 
9:lJsBonds) TaxFroelst.:re 19. Tax-exempt Fund, Piper Jaffiay, Mpls, 20. Tax-exempt Fund, Piper Jaffray, M?is. 21. Bo-nd -Eden Prairie, 22. Bo:i.d Maple Grove 23. Bond-Maple Grove, 24. Bond -Maple Grove 2$. Bcnd-Maplewriod, 26. Bond St. Pa.:! Schoo! Distict 27. Bond -So. Mun. Power 28. U.S. Tuasury Bonds 29. U.S. Treasury Bonds 30. Bond  Ma;>lewood,MN 31. Bond MRamseyCo,, 32. Bo:id So. Municipal Power Agency 33. Bond So. Municipal Power Agency 34. Bond Ch25,:JiJD,O-:JJ $M:y OP) (A(A-H) 
Bor.d Maple Grove, 
Bond Metro Council,_MN 
58. Bond -!vHnneapolis, 
59. Bond -Minneapoiis, :MN 
60. Bond-Minnesota State 
61. Bond -Roseville, Mlf 
62. Bond -St. Michool, 
Bond St. Pau 
64. Bond So. Washington C:y, 
66. Bond -Wayzata, 
67. Bond -Wayzata, 
68. Bond-West St. Paul, 
Bond Chaska, 
Bond -Minneapolis, !>:IN 
Bond Esko, h.fX 
Bond Fridley, lnoorne}Ga.U:i Co:les: $1,000 ies3 =Sl.OCH-S2,5:}.) $2,501-$5,000 5,00lSlS,000 S:!.5,00JSS0-.000 
($e Cci.;:r.:ns and IM} S5D,O;;l..$10.l,OOO SH.lG,.JOI-S !,Ci}J,()OI) fil =More 1t1an S5,80C,OO{; 
:.L V:iire Code:;: Sl.5.0J.Qories:. S15._0:ll-S5U,O:X S5fJ,00!-S10Q.000 $10CJ.001$25l),GCG 
(5-e-2 Cn.umn; nn! 03) ... S:.:SG,:%500,000 $50.J.{YJi-$: ,000,000 ,OCD,001 $5,0D::,-OOO $5,00.J,001-t.!5,000.VJC $25,00),00J..$5{].fr.)1.;0J SMore-thm.n $50,00lJ.C.J::> 
:;_ Y;;;u:; hktho:l Cocie:; Ar,rpt.tisal Cos iReal .Est:.:te Only) Asses 
(:::,tC.oium:: .....:! =Boot:Vah10: 0t!:v.:r Esu1mre:. 
Murphy, Diana 
-bcnme. value, transcations (indudes those the pouse lUld tkpcndcnt cbi!dren-See r;:i 34-S7 filing ittsttuci:ions.) 
iII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -Sl,000 !ess Sl,{101-$2,500 S2,50l-S:?,OOC =$5,00J-Sl5.00 
(Seecounru:Bl andD4) sso.001-s:o:J.OOO -$l00,00I-$1,000,000 =$1.00C,00i-S:5,fi00,00-:i lli: 1lcr:e tl:i;tn $5,VOC>,000 2.,iah:eCodes: wSl5.000oTleS$ l::,(XH-SS0,000 =$50,001-510.J,OOt 510f,,,0Qi-S.;5G,000 
(See Coi:u.1.IDS and DJ) $:!$0,00C.-S5:J0,00tt $5CD.001-$ l,::JC-O,OOO =$1,iXXl,001-$5,000,000 $5,000,COl.$25,ll00,00{1 .,,,, .OZS,QOD.001-S.50,00J,DOQ p..;: Slviore tlcm S:WJ.m::,o:J Methot: _:-,n::irJisa 
{Y.!e C.omnu C.} !::oL Valu;:; 
income, val JC, tnmscations (includes those tbe spouse and dependent child See pp. 34-57 f.ltng in;;tn.:ctions,) 
II. ]}, 
91. Description Assets (including trus:assets) Place (X) after each asset ext from prier losure Bond -M2ple GrQve, fficome dttrlng -reporting periOO Aroot1.11! Type (g.Code div. rent (AH) mt.) Gross Vl!!llC en.d reporting period Value Value Code2 Mta HGR 
Boncl  Norlbfield, 
Bond -SL Paul, 
Bood  Sartell, 
Bond Woodbury, 
Bond -Bemidji,MN 
Bond -Breckenridge, 
Bond -Buffalo, !.!N 
!3E. Bond -Fairmont, 
1)9. Bond -Forest Lake City 
140. Bond -Forest Lake City, !.!N 
14!. Bond Hennepin 
Bond -LakeviUeJ 
Bond -Ma.pie Gruve, 
Bond Maple Grove, 
lnoJ mdD4) =$50,00J..S!O!J.000 SIOO,COl$1,00,000 =$1,0:JG,00lw$510DO,OOO =More tlunSS.000,000 hit COOe::;: Sl5,000 lesr, 15,00lSSO,OOO =$50,001-$100,0C:J =Si00J)01-S::5::,aoo 
{S;:. Column:; .i.;.;;i :)3) !>: $2-i0,008-50.},0U: $$0G.00l ,lfJl.i.00D =SI.O::l:l00l-s5))00,000 .$5,000,0:li-S.:5,(l(l0,0DO $25,00ZLOOl-5:50.000,COO S:Vlwe than $5U,DC(J,J00 
5.;c .:olu;,v, C:.: -.St!oL Vn:L1t 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS Sl,OOG otless $LCG1.-$2,SOO ,,, $2,501-SS.OOO SlS,OJl-$50,000 
{See C::;lnom and 04) SSD,OOlllOC,DOO SI00,001-$1,QOO,OOO $1,000,,ooc.:xi ..1iorc :.t.:1r.,o:io Vrilru;Coile;;: =Si5.DVOol $lS,OCll:$5D,COO ,,. S5{lJJCi-S1CD,CJCQ l-10G,CC1-S25C,000 
(Se Coluntm mtd D.>} $250J){l0-5l1D.{lDO =$50:J,OC>Sl,CCO,OOG $1,000,0:J:-$:5,0DU,O:.:>! P.: S:3,00G.t.101-s2::.c-:xi,o::::; s::.s,om.1J){),.$SJ,OJJ,OOO y,; =$Mure tkm K.50,0J.J.CCC 
MUfj>hy Diana 
181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. i7. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. .198. Dscription Assets {including trustassds) Place {X) after ea:ih asset e;.;errrpt funnpri:i-r disclasure Bond -St. Paul, Bond So. St. Pau1. Bond -i.!1en-llltttrdal Dst, Bond -Ulen-Hitterdal Dst, Bond Bloomington, Bond -St Paul, Bond -Sub He:i.nepin Cty. Bond -Andover Bond Bloomington, lV1N Bond Chaska, Bond -Dakota Cty, Bond -Elk River, Bond -Farmington, Bond -Minneapolis Met:opolitan Airports Bond  Nmlhfield, Bond -St. Louis Cty, lloodSLPaul,MX Bond-Stillwa:ertMN i.n::on;e Cu.1ng reporting tJtrlod {1} (2) AnKltmt Type (e.g. Code! div. rent (All) int.) Gross value end rep-::irting period (I} Value Value CodJ tfflll !;50,DOD,000 
;__r B:i::l: tilu 
Murphy. Diana 
Descriptiofl A::;.IBts (including trust assets) 
Plate (X) afJr each asset exempt from prfo-:: disclo:s.ure 
199. Bond -Sub Hennepin Cty, 
1200. Bond -Hopkins, 
201. Bend Andover, 
202. Bond Brooklyr. Center 
203. Bond Hennepin Couoty, l), 
lncmre during.-Gross value end during reporting period repo,ilns period reporting period 
Code (AE) not CAet:lpt from disclosure(1) (2) (l} 
(2) (3) 
Type {e.g. Valae Valt.1.e Type {e.g., Daleo Value Gain 
Jdenticy div, rent C Bi. and D-1) S:SC.,0Jl-SI00.000 V:!iuc Cot:s: $15,000 less 
(See :.:irnmu: arci S.:.5Cf(l-S5GO,:}OO 
P.?. $5,Q,JJ),OOlS50,00:1Jl:J2 /aim. .v,cfuc:.. :o:::. .