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Judicial Watch • E Webber Richard – 2007

E Webber Richard – 2007

E Webber Richard – 2007

Page 1: E Webber Richard – 2007

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:18

Date Created:November 12, 2008

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 01, 2015

Tags:Allianz, E Richard Webber, webber, SAVINGS, Richard, 2007, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Eastern District Missouri 
06/1 !i/2008 PORTA NOTES: The instructions accompanying thisfimn must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE boxfi>r each part >vhere you htwe 110 reportable information. Sign last puge. J>()SJ NS. (Reporting indi1,id11u/ on(v; see pp. 9-13 ojjilin, instructions.) 
NONF (No reportahle positions.) 
Webber, Richard 
111. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reportingindivit/1111/ and.1p1111>e;see pp. 17-2411lfiling inS1mcti11ns.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
NONE (No reportable non-inveslmenl income.) 
SOURCE AND TYPE Spouses Non-I nvcstmcnt Income -!lyou 111ere married t111ring any por1ion ?lthe reportinJ; year, complete this section. 111/lur 01111n111/ 1101 lll/llllld (.ClJJI jhr honorunu.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
Webber, Hichard 
06/ h/200X f-11S. (Includes tho.ff spou.,e and dependent children: see pp. 28-31 of.filing instructions.) 
VJ. .JIA LJrf IF=S. (Jnc/ut!es those 1/spo11se and dependent children, see pp. 32-33 1/jiling instructions.) 
NONE (No reportah/e liabilities.) 
Datt Report 
Webber, Richard 
D6/l 6nDOX NV:S]Mf:Nl...,S and lRu STS --income, Ptt!11e, transuctions (lnc/11tles those spouse and tlepe11t!e111 children; see pp. 31-60 lfjiling i11str11ctio11..) 
NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions.) 
Dcscnruon Asset:-. Income during Gross value end TransnctltlllS ciunng reporting period 
(niclud111g trust assets) rcpnr1111g period reporting period 
(2) (I) 
{2) (l) (;} 
PlacL (X) ;1ftcr c11ch asct LXLlllpl lnim prior J1sclosun: 
U.S. Savtngs 13onds 
Slate !arm Ltfe Ins 
State Farm .ifc Ins. 
St;ttc Fann Ltfc Ins. 
.Jefferson Pilot 
Penn Mutual Life Ins. 
Savings Acct U.S. Bank lenn Mutual l_tfc Ins. 
Ill State Teacher Retirement Commerce Bank/Savings 
Commerce Bank/Savings Davis Class 
1-1 Oppenheimer Global Class 
;iricrican (jnnvth Fund -Class 
J(, Royal /lliancc -Sun America Trust 
1; h:dcratld Kaufmann small cap 
---------- -- 1.000 lll k:-.:-. 
)()J)OI 00.000  1:;_ooo 111 IL.: 750.0ll )00.000 
fypc (e.g Value Value Type (e.g Date V!Ou_oni -500.00I 1.000.000 =-)!.000.001 5.000.000 m)()_OOl OOU_llOD :15.000.0(ll :;(l.OOIUlOO =/v1orc th:rn ))0,000.00D .!Im h:JlhHI udc, :ppr;u::,.d -Cust Rc;1I r:-.1:1!c On!vJ :.ofssi.:ssmcnl -=-(.ih 
1,l ulunrn BP(lk V;1h1l  ()1hc1 E::.t11n.itnl 
Date Hcport 
Webber, Richard 
06/l 1>200X 
(l, (llllllll nuok :;due -Other 0-E..>!11na1cd 
lbll H.eporl 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE Rl11111111-. .111d IJl ;-...: _1-)() ()() )>H).!Hl(J -l!l0.00! 000,(l{)(l -= 1.00ll.OOl 5.0!Hl.000 P.., )_(l!l!l.00I ).OOfl.IHHl 
pl. })_lJ()()_()lll -)ll.llllll 001) flI JV101c th;1n >50.000,000 .illlL !lH>d de-.. 1rpr.11-..,d Cu:-.l RLal [:-,l;ilL On!v) -t:;,::.c::.::.11Lnt 
I.,, tdt!IH!l -13nok V;iluc Other -[:-,[llll.Lkd 
Date th-port 
Wchbcr, Richard ESr ENTS and USfS --income. 1mnsacrions onc111t1es 1ho.>e spouse 11nt1 c1epent1en1 c1i;1t1ren; see pp. 1.i-611 utJiting insrrucrions.1 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Dcscnpt1on Assets Income during Gross value end Transactions dunng repo rting period 
(111clud111g trust assets) reporting pcnod reporting period 
(I) (2) (I) (2) (3) (1) 
rypc (e.g [)ate Value Gain Identity 
Pince (X) after crich rissct Amount Typc(cg., Value Value =1.000 k:,:, =)l,001 -.)2,500 =.)2.50 )5.000 ,.,.s:-.001 >1.>.non 1-. Olli lO_ono 1.:c ulumn.> 131 .ind 0.:J) =)50,00 -5100.000 =.)100,001 -)i.000.000 1-1! -.)1.000.001 -)5.000.000 :!,101 than )5.000.000 ;dlll (ldC-.. )l5.000 k:-.::. >15.001 -l50.000 :00)50,001 ...o 1no.on1 -:i2So.nml 
()c1111111n ;111d I)) -?50.00! -)i00.000 -S500J)0! -d,000,000 !_000.00 -5.000.000 =5 nun.on 
P.1 ->5.000.DOI :>50.000.000 -0f.lorc )50.000,000 	.iilll kihPd 112511.(100 
(Sec Column::. ;ind 03)