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Judicial Watch • Edith B Clement Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Edith B Clement Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Edith B Clement Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Edith B Clement Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:11

Date Created:November 26, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Edith B Clement, CLEMENT, EDITH, dependent, 2003, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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A0-10 FINA.CL.cL DISCLOSlJRE REPORT  Report Required the Ethics Rev.1/2004 Calerullir Year 2003 Government Act 1978 U.S.C. app.  !01-111)  
i. erson R.eportirtg (Us.t name, Firstnam, Middle initial) Court Organization Date Report  
CLEMENT, EDITH .A.:;:>peals Court. Active  4'22'2004 Title (Article III Judges fudica:e active serJo: sta:us; Repo:tT;ype (check a:;:;propriate type) Period  
maglstrutejudges indicate fuli-orpart-time  
Date  1/l/2003  
Circuit Coi..-:tJudge Jrutial A.caual '.FL11lll 12131/2003 the basis the infornrei1.!1S and.D3} $250,00D-1500,000  ""$500,001-$1,COO,::OG  ""Sl,000,001-$5,00D.OOO ""'$5,000,C0:.$25,000.0(Ki $:25,000,001150,000,.0:W =$Mere furn SS0,000,000  

CLEME-catio'1:> (includes those the spouse and depcrde:;t :::ltldrer ... Soo pp. 3457 filing instructions.) 
Descriptionof Assets (rnc!Uding trust) 
Place "OQ" after each asset exempt 
:from prior disclosure 
COMCAST C""Poration ClA 

Delta Airi!ncs, Inc.

Devon E.'1ergy (5/1 merger NIC with Ocean 

D!amond Offshore Drilling4()_ 
Direct General Corporation 
Eaton Vance Wor:dwide Hea. Sic:::ces Fund 42. Paso Corp (r:ierger 2/2101 Coastal
FHLMC :475-iJ 2115/2008 
45, FHLMC 6.5%, 2115i2023, C-Fixed Series 1617 
45, Federated Communications TechnologyFund 
47, Flextronics International D., 
ilicorne ::iu...-ing Gross value en:.! Transacrioos duritlg repodmg period reporting period repor,.nz pe!'io:l 
(1) Amount Code (A-H)  (2) Type (e,g. ::: $250,000-5500,000 $500,0Dl-$1JlO(l,l){X)  ""$1,0!;J,COi -5:5,000,000  $5,20,{J:Jl.2$,000,000  
?.:. $25})()'.J,001-:SSD,000,WO .$1-1are fa:m !::.'O,C00,000  
::. Valu:: Me:i:oC C::>Cf!s  ""'Appraisal  ""C..."S: (Real Es.t:ate Only)  =Assessment Cs.!fvfarket  
Coh.":rr C2)  ""'Boo} Vahrn  ""0et Estin:.ated.  

(In1icate part Repc;r:t.) 
Re: Part Vil: Llnes #12 and 13: These hold:ings were aquired bynrately estatep1anning distributions due ness: and death and were inadvertantly omitted frore previous Financial D::sc1osure Reports due theuatu..""e the transactions. Value wcId have been similar values currently reported. 
#12, Bell Atlantic Corp Vas aq_ui;-ed 1998. Merger/name change Verizon CCCJ.r.ed 11/26/03. 
#13, Hewlett-Packard was ;;q1mw 1999 and 2000, 


IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including infonnation pertaining spous and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best ofmy knowledge and belief, and that ar:.y foformation not reported was witllleld because met applicable statutory provisions pennitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from ou1side employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are compliance with the provisions U.S.C.  501 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 

Mail signed original aild additional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure Admiitistrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544