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Judicial Watch • FOIA 201110106 Cvr Ltr

FOIA 201110106 Cvr Ltr

FOIA 201110106 Cvr Ltr

Page 1: FOIA 201110106 Cvr Ltr


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Date Created:April 23, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:201110106, Cvr, FOIA

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April 17, 2013 Re: 2011-10-106 
Ms. Lisette Garcia, 
Senior Repo1ter 
Judicial Watch 
425 Third Street, -Suite 800 Washington, 20024 
Dear Ms. Garcia: 
This the U.S. Department the Treasury's final response your Freedom oflnformation Act 
(FOIA) request dated October 19, 2011 and further revised July 24, 2012. The request asked for 
all communication and records from, to, about the following individuals and related CFPB issues the time frame September 17, 2010 through October 19, 2011: Carter Dougherty, Shahien Nasiripour, Brady Dennis, Maya Jackson Randall and Mark Calabria. regards your request, the Department conducted search its files and located 118 pages responsive records. After carefully considering these records, Treasury releasing pages full and pages part, and are withholding pages full. The information withheld non-responsive (NR) protected from disclosure under FOIA pursuant U.S.C. 552(b)(5) 
and (b)(6). Exemption pertains certain intra-and inter-agency communications that are 
protected the deliberative process privilege. Exemption pertains records and information the disclosure which would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy. 
This completes the Department's response the above-reference FOIA request. Should you choose appeal this response, you must within days from the date this letter. Your appeal must writing, must signed you, and should contain the rationale for the appeal. Your appeal should addressed to: 
Freedom Information Act Appeal 
Director, Disclosure Services, 
Depa1tment the Treasury 
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
Washington, 20220 tees were incurred processing this request. 

Marissa Hopkins Secreto Office Public Affairs 
U.S. Department the Treasury