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Judicial Watch • FOIA Request-Hillary Clinton’s 55,000 pages

FOIA Request-Hillary Clinton’s 55,000 pages

FOIA Request-Hillary Clinton’s 55,000 pages

Page 1: FOIA Request-Hillary Clinton’s 55,000 pages


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:March 4, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 05, 2015

Tags:Hillary Clinton, State Department

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Department State
March 2015
The memo further provides that The Freedom oflnformation Act should
administered with clear presumption: the case doubt. openness prevails.
Nevertheless. responsive record porti thereof claimed empt
from production under OIA. please provide suf rent entifying information
respect each allegedly exempt rec portion thereof allow assess the
propriety the claimed exemption uuglm Rusen. 484 F.2d 820 (D.( Cir. 1973).
cert. denied. 415 U.S. 977 (1974). addition. any reasonably segregable portion
responsi record must pro ded. after redaction ofany allegedly exempt material.
US.( S5S2(b).
For purposes this request. the term record shall mean: (1) any written.
printed. typed material any kind. including without limita all correspondence.
memoranda. notes. messages, letters, cards. facsimiles. papers. forms. telephone
message diaries. schedules, calendars. chronological data, minutes. hooks. repor
charts. ts, ledgers, invoices. worksheets. rcceip returns. computer printouts. printed
matter. prospectuses, statements. checks. statistics. surveys, affidavit contracts.
agreements. transcripts, magazine newspaper articlcs, press releases: (2)
clectronical magneticall mechanically tored material md. includ
without limitation all electronic mail e-m (3) any aud sual. video
records. recordings. repr ntations any kind; (4) any graphic materials and data
compilations from which information can obtained; and (5) any materials usi other
means wing thought expie
Judicial Watch also hereby requests aiver ofboth se- rch and duplication fees
pursuant U.S 2(a)(4)(A)(ii)(1l) and (a)(4)tA)ti ial Watch entitled waiver search fees under US.(. 552(a)(4)(A)(u)(Il) beca member
the news media. Cf. Nazional Seal Depurmzezm ofDefer 880 F.2d 1381.
1387 (DC. Cir. 1989 )(defining
also been recognized member the news med
Judicial Van Inc Department of./usnce. 133 Supp.2d (D.D.C 2000).
and, .IuaiuiaI Iclz. Department Defer: 2006 U,S. Dis 4003.
(D.D.C. June 28, 2006). Judicial Watch regularly obtains intonnation about the
operations and vities government through FOIA and other mean uses its editorial
ills tum this information into distinct and publishes and disseminates these the public. intends likew with the records receives response
this request.
Judicial Watch also entitled complete iver both search fees and
duplication fees uant U.S.C. 552(a)(4)( Under this provision. records:
Department State
March 2015
shall furnished without charge duced below the fees estab hed under clause (ii)
disclosure the information the public interest
because likely contribute significantly public
understanding the operations activities government
and not primarily the commercial interest the
requester. addition, records are not produced within twenty (20) business
Watch entitled complete waiver search and duplication fees under Sect 6(b) the OPEN Goverinnent Act 2007. which amended FOIA U.S.C.
(a)(4)(A)( V111)
Judicial Watch 0l(>c)(3). not-for-profit. educat nal organization. and. nition, has commercial purpose. Judicial Watch ists educate the public
about the operations and iCtlV ities government. well increase public
understanding about the importance ethics and the rule law goverrnnent. The
particular records requested herein are sought part Judicial atch ongoing efforts document the operations and activities the federal govemment and educate the
public these operations and activitie Once Judicial Watch obtains the requested
records. intends analyze them and disseminate the results its analysis. Well
the records themselves. special written report Judicial Watch will also educate the
public via radio programs. Judicial Watch website. and/or newsletter. among other
outlets. also will make the records available other members the media
researchers upon request. Judicial Watch has proven ability disseminate information
obtained through FOIA the public, demonstrated long-standing and
continuing public outreach efforts.
Given these circumstances, Judicial Watch entitled public interest fee
waiver both search costs and duplication costs. Nonetheless, the event our request
for waiver search and/or duplication costs denied. Judie Watch willing pay $350.00 seai and/or duplication cost Judic Watch reques
contacted before any such costs are incurred. der prioritize search and duplication
efforts. effort facilitate record production within the statutory time limit, Judicial
Watch willing accept documen electronic format teg e-mail. When
necessary. Judicial Watch will also ept the rolling production documents. you not understand this request any portion thereof. you feel you
require clarif ation this request any portion thereof. please contact immediately 202-646-5172 khaile udicialwatclrorg. look forward receiving the