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Judicial Watch • FOIA State Clinton Emails 3048

FOIA State Clinton Emails 3048

FOIA State Clinton Emails 3048

Page 1: FOIA State Clinton Emails 3048


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Date Created:March 6, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 09, 2015

Tags:Clinton Emails, Hillary Clinton, State Department

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Department State
March 2015
cert. dam 415 US. 977 (1974). addition, any reasonably segregable portion ofa
responsive record must ed, after redaction any allegedly einpt materi
U.S.C. 552(b).
For purposes this equest. the temi record shall any written.
printed. typed material any kind, including without limi tioii all correspondence.
niemoranda. notes. messages, letters. cards, facsimile apers. fonns. telephone
messages diaries, schedules, calendars. chronological ta, minutes. books. repo
charts, lists. ledgers, invoices. worksheets. receipts. returns, computer printouts. printed
matter, prospectuse statements, check statistics. surveys. affidavits. contracts.
agreements. transcripts, magazine newspaper art les. press release (2) anv
electronically. magnetically. mechanically stored material any kind. including
without limitation all electronic mail e-ina any audio. aural, Visual. video
recor ecordings repr entations any kind (4) any graphic materials and data
compilations from which information can obtained; and (5) any materials using other
means preserving thought expres.
Judicial Watch also hereby requc waiver both search and duplic ion fees
pursuant US.( 5S2(a)(4)(A)(ii)(Il) and (a)(4)tA)(,iii Judicial Watch entitled waiver search fees under member
the news media. Cf. amzl Sena rive Deparrnzem Q/Defer: 880 F.2d 1381,
1387 (DC. l989)(de ning 118V media within FOIA contex Judicial Watch has
also been recognized nember the news media other FOIA litigati See.
arch, Inc. Deparlrmzm 133 Supp.2d (D. 2000
and, Judi Wu/uh, Department me, 2006 LEXIS 44003,
(DD June 28. 2006), Judicial Watch regularl obtains lI1i01 1l1 Il011 about the
operations and activitie. government through FOIA and other means uses its editorial
skills turn this information into distinct works. and publishes and eminates these
works the public. intends likewise with the records rece response
this request.
Judicial Watch also entitled complete ver both search fees and
duplication fees pursuant U.S.C. :>52(a)(_4)(A)(ii Under this provision. records:
shall fur without any charge
reduced below the fee tablished under clause (ii) losure the infonnation the public interest
because ikel. contribute cantly public
understanding the operations activities overninent
and not primarily the commercial interest the
(a)(4 )(A)(iii). addition. records are not produced within twenty (20) business days. Judicial