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Judicial Watch • Frederick J Scullin Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Frederick J Scullin Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Frederick J Scullin Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Frederick J Scullin Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 5, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:lENTS, Frederick J Scullin Jr, scullin, Frederick, Small, treasury, price, stock, 2009, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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11rt Required the Ethics Government Act ol/978 Rel'. /1:!010 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC app.  101-111) Person Reporting (last name. first. middle mi!ui) Scullin,  Frederick Title (.. rtick Ill juclgc.c; in{ticatc active c;cni1r s1atus; n1:1g.istratc judges in,ticate full-or part-time) Senior Judge-Jctivt.: Court Organization Date Report District Cotirt (NDNY) 04/30/2010 5a. H.eporr Type (check appropri;itc type) Reptffting rriod Nnrnina11on, Date lni1:.i[ fl] Annual Final 01/01/2(109 213 L'2009 Ch:11nbers Officr Addre Box 7255 100 Clinton Syracus..:. 13261  Sh. 1menc!cd Report the bi.Isis the lnform:uion conr:1ined this Reporr and :m:y motlifktions pertaining lherero, is, opinion, compliance with :ipplicahlc laws and fr!!lllO:lions. Rr,ie"'in:! Oniccr  

llJPORTA NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must folloll'eti. Complete all parts, checking the NOiVE hnxfnr eaclr part whereyou hmI! 110 reportable informatir1n. Sign t>n last pagf!. p()S 1110 NS. (Rt!rorting imlividrtttf uni: !ice pp. 9.JJ 1Jfjiling instruc:rio11."i.} 
NONE (No reportable positions.) 
Li.J JlEEMENl'S. (Rt!portiug imfividr"tl on!-,; see pp. J.l.lli filing in,/rnoim1"i.) 
NONE (No reportahle agreements.) 

Scullin, Frederick 

Date Rcporl 

041}0.'2010 JI. NON-I NVESTJ1 ENT NCOI1 (Rcpurti11g indfri1/1wl uml sp11'tOl'k-FPL Group 	Km1e Uuy 12.'31109 
Rrokcrage Arcounr 
Alpine Int'! Real Estule Int/Div. 	Sold 02/13/09 	National Financial Brokerage ccountA Interest TPrimc Fund 
Ma1thews-Pacific Tiger lnt.!Div. 	Sold 0'2/26/09 
Vanguard Small Cap Value lndc:x lnr./Div. 	Sold 02.104iOxling pc-rindJ_ --  --------' 121
(2) t4) (.I)(I) 
Plilcc "(X)" after tJch assrr Amount Type (e.g V:i!ue Vaine fyp(c. Dak '1Iu..: G.1m hkntity excwrt fiom prwr d1sclosur.: div., n.nt. Cod2 11?thnd trny. sell. lmm/dJ:'yy Ccidc Code huy-.T'sclli.::1 
Codi! int.) (J-P1 	CoJc rekmp1io1) (.1-1') !A-11 (if rnvltt {0-WI tr.1ns.iction)

LA:__) iSIK1rcs iBOX.X lnvcsuncnt Grade Corp Bond ETF  /.  Interest 36. Powershnres merging 1arkcts So'rreign Dcht ETF 37. Sl'OR Lehman lnt'I Treasury FTF  Interest Interest  Bu: nuy  ORil 1109 08.1:!5.109  
Vanguanl Growth Index  None  Sold  02/0)10')  

39. Rowe Prict: I::.merging Europe None 	SolJ 02/I )!09 

Third Avenue Re] Estale None 	Sold 02.'JJ!()'J 41. Common Stock-GE 	None Buy 03119109 
Common Stock-GE 	None Sohl 4!17109 

Claymore China Real Estate ETF 	Nurre 1 Ouy 

Claymore China Real Eatate Nom; 	Sold 

1Shares S111all Cap Value Index ETF Nont! 46. iShan;s Small Cap Value Index ETF None 	Sold 
1Slnres Small Cap Gro\th Index ETF None 	Buy 4-1S!tares S1mll Cap Growth Index l'TF None 	Snld 
Men-ill Lynch CJv1A acc011nr  Int.iDiv.  
1en-ill Lynch OvIA account  lnt./Oiv. Interest Plus lloncy Market  interest  

(SecCo.>JunrnCl .mil rHJ 
V.11l.e r...!eihu!> so.001  S5UO.OOO 
f'3 =)5.00tl.()01 -$50.UOU,fillrl "":pp1:11:;:1 =0'd V.1lUt' =Sl,flOI  S1,5DO "".SI 00,(llJ .OU0,000 c::$IS.1ltll. SSO,O'DU O=SSOfJ,001 -Sl,flfJll,O!IU -Cu,l (lk.d Es1:11: n.i1  V-=-f)!htr =:!.1)1 -$.),f;i)( 111 oon.uo:. s.r1r,o,l100 ==-S50.flOI  Sltl!1,n111; !'I =- 1,001.{'CJ -S5.tiDO.POlJ f'nal copies to: 

Committee Financil Disclosure Administrative Office oflhc IJnitcd States Courts Suite 2-30 
One Columbus Circle, N.E. 
Washington, D.C. 20544