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Judicial Watch • Frederick P Stamp Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Frederick P Stamp Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Frederick P Stamp Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Frederick P Stamp Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:43

Date Created:November 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Frederick P Stamp Jr, Stamp, Frederick, Gross, 2009, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Reqwred the Ethics 
AOJO G0emmcnr Act 1978
Rev. 1!2010 U.S.C. app.  JO/ .JI Person Rt'porting (lrisl mmc, first, middle iliaI) Stamp (Jr.), Frederick Title (Anick 111 ju111 childre11; .>et pp. Z527 o.ffiling mJTrtffTtons.I 
NONE (No reportable reimbursements.)

Date port 
Stamp (Jr.), Frederick JFfS. (/ncludes thost spouse and dependtnl rhildren; !Jee pp.18-JI filing in.,truction.r.) 
NONE (No reportable gijis.) 
VI. LJABI LITIES. (lncludll,f.l(Jp112 ;Mcm, than S5,lXXJ.UOO =Slfi0.001 -SO/W'llir -:::$5,000.(')'JJ -S25,IYJO,rxl0 =Cash Marktt 

Date ofRcporl 
Stamp (Jr.), Frederick 
VII. IN''ESTMENTS and TRUSTS inca"''" ..atue. trunsactians 11nc111des tho ... otspa"'' and dependent children:'" pp. J-1.r,o filing instnction.,.J 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, lra11sactio11s.) ll. 
Gros valut> c:nd Tra'actions tluring reporting pniod 
(including trul a"'s.ets) rfporting period 

Descriptil>n Assets fncor.le duun reporting period 
(I) (2) (3) (5), (I) (2) 
V:tlue Value Type (e.g. Oare V::ilue Gain l. =Sl,000 lc:c;;s =Sl.l1.)i -$.sou =)2.501 -S:'i.000 =S'iJ)(JI. S15.1Hl0 =St 5.001 -50,IXiO  
(Si;c Columns anll 04) =-S51J.(X)J  SIDC.UJOO =SltlO.OOJ. SU.tO!l.ltt)IJ  111 =SJ.l"ltl.001 -S5.Lf.)(tJJiXJ  112 =:'.fore t!lan SS,OOIJ,00() V;ilue Codes =Sl5,000or lcs ::$15,!JOI -.S.'i0,001)  L=$)0,UOI -$100,IJOO  .1 llJl),l"lll -S25ll,Ol"Xl  
(Sec Column!I and DJ) =S2.5U.001 -5500,000 =S:O(H),0(11 -!il.lll)J,(;Qc)  l'l ::$1 000.0lll -$5,000,()t.(l =S5.000,001 S!.5,000,1100 $25,000,001 -S5J,noo  f'4 Moro :h.m $5l.fKflJ,OO!l vlue P.kthud CoJi::> =1pprmc;:1I =Co! (Rn! LsMe 011ly) "'A""l""-mc111  
rsc C.1lumn t'2) =Hook Vll -115,llOtl =$15.001 -1:,Wll  
(Stc Columns and DJ) =$50,00  WO.rm =SJ00,001 l.{){XJ,001.1- Ill =Sl,IJIJO,O!ll  $5,!XlO,OOQ ,.More th;m S5,000.000  
2.. Value Cod!. {Sc Columr.s and LB)  JwSJS,OOOorkss =$250,001 -5500,00CI- 15.001 S>O.KJ,tJIJI  525,UO'J,tm =S25,  
(See Columns and l).J) =150,001  SHX>.OIJ:J =SIOU,ll0! -Sl,000.000  Ill =$1.000.llJI  $5,000.0tXJ,OfJI 2$,t'()iJ,000 =$25.0ilil..uac.:tion) 
- lti.."Ome. Guin ('.odes (Xe Columns and O.t) 
V.ilue CoJcs (Se.;. Columns and lH) 
V:::iuc M!.'tlH1f)/1000 =1fl(),[)(lj. '$!.000,00IJ cos! (H...:al bt.m: Oitl) V:Olhcr =)1,501. $5,00() ltl :SJ.OOCl.001. S5,0!i0.000 L=SSll.001. SIUO,Orf.l ss,nno.non =_.,,fort: than SSO.noff.fl()() "'"''':-.tmcnt =t111natcJ D,., -S.15.0iJO :$15.00J  $50,={)1bi:1 "=1il.CXM:UJll1 -S5.000,UlXI =M,ire lhom $511.flOO.O!ll =N'>cssmnt =115.1)1)(),001  1;).0(>J.(l()() =E:-.tim;.1:d 

Dair Repurt
Stamp (.lr.J, Frederick 
VII. IN'ESTMEN1'S and TRUSTS --income ... a1ue, rran actions r1nr1udes those ofspouse and deprndenr children: see pp. 14-60 fuinc in>truc1ions.1 NONE (No reportable income, assets, tra11sactio11s.) De:scriplion Assets Income: during Gro value end Trans;H:lions sets lncome during i'Transt ascl} reporting pcri,)d reporting per10J
T)pe (e.g., 
r-(2) (3) (4)-T (5)I Da1e
l(J)-, Amount (2)
Tvpo (e.g., 
Vlue Glin
Pl:1cc ''(X)'' aft::r eJch a-> exemp1 from prior di:-cloure ldcnti1y 
buy. sell,
di,. rcnl. Method 
lmm/ds =Sl5,ono 15,001 -S50.0t)l =S.0.0CJ  lurJJ1(l{)   .,,.$ I00.001 S2.'iJ.:JOO  
(Sec C(l!umns ;md DJ) =SZ50.001 -S5/JO,OOO =S5Dtl,llOI -SJ.01'10.0t"lo =s1.r100.on1. =S5,01t0,C.I01 -S25,1)(){),1'XJO V:.Juc Mc:thoJ Codi:s (See Column C2) =S'.'5.000,00  S50,tfl(}.[l'JIJ =ippr3ial J1)k Valu. =Cot {Ke:il E."tatc Only) V=Othcr 1orc thon S.lsels 
Income duri;1g (Jrns:-. "i.tlue end Tran!>a:tions during rcpr1rllng period 

(including trusr a!-.set) reporting perivd reyorling perind 
(I) (2) (l) Place ''(X)" afkr each aset Amount  Type (e.g., Value 
exempl frcm prior disclosure Code div.. rent, Code (A-ff int.) (l-P)II 
-_____l___________ --L ----o.---
(2) (2) 
Vi.tluc Type (e.g Dnr Method buy. sell, mm/ddiyy CodeJ redemption) 
Value  Gain  ldrntil)  
Cude  Code  hu)'cr/st!ltr  
(J-P)  (J-H)  (if privote  
transaction) ln.""t>m:: Gain Codes: (Sec: Ccilumns ;mtl D4) Value CJJcs tSe-: C1lurnM and 03) V..duc Mctt-.J Cod:o (S('c Column C2} =Sl.OOIJ lc!  l:J =Sl.fJIJI -:.'..)00  C=S.:!.5UJ -i).1x1  0=5,IXIJ 5,WO  
(St'c 01umm. and 04) =S50.00I -IHXJ.tlO:.I =-llOU.f)(_IJ. Sl.OCkl,000  Ill =11.tlllll.00155.000,)1)'.)  B.:! =More lh1htr  

Dale Report 
Stamp (Jr.), Frederick 
VII. INVESTMENTS and UST --incom. aiue, rrum1() -115,00 HI0,001 l,OOi.UOO fll =51,1_100,0OJ 112 =More 1h:m S5.0-JO,OOO Votluc CnJ!!s ::-SJ5Jll.Jtl kss ,,.s1s,no: -I. =150.IXll JC