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Judicial Watch • Gerald W. Heaney – 2003

Gerald W. Heaney – 2003

Gerald W. Heaney – 2003

Page 1: Gerald W. Heaney – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 26, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 29, 2014

Tags:Gerald W Heaney, heaney, GERALD, vanguard, 2003, INVESTMENTS, spouse, TRUSTS, Codes, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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A0-10 Rev. l/2004 
Report .Required the Ethk:s: Cr0ernmcnt A.ct 1978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  101-11 Person. Reporting (Last name, FITTt name. .riddle initial) Heaney, Gerald Title (Article !TI Judges ind:cate active seniur status; magistrate judge indicate full pnrtti) SeniorU.S. Circult Judge Cnurt Organization U.S. Co.Yft .4J;>eais Repcr:Ty13e (er.eek approp1iate type) Ncminatiou, Date Initial @AllDual Flrul DUH Report 811312004 Reporting Peri:x: i/l/2003 12131/1003 Chambers Office Address Federal BlCg. ?init St. Dc:u!h, 55802 the basis the infonnation contained :h:s Report and any :ncdifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, complia::ce with applicable law::; and regulations. Re;,.ieVfng Officer 
RTANTNOTES: The instructions accQrr.panying thls form must followed. Complete parts, checking the NONE box for each part POSTI10NS. 	(Reporting ind1vidua1 only-; see pp. 913 filing tnstructions) NOITE -(No reportablejlQsitioru;.) 	ACviscry Committee Member Natural Resources Research Institute 
UniversityofMinnesota AGREEMENTS. (Reportingindividual only; see pp. 1416 offilb.g instrJcrtons) [i!1J NONTE  (>io reportable agreements.)