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Judicial Watch • Gregory A Presnell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Gregory A Presnell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Gregory A Presnell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Gregory A Presnell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:22

Date Created:November 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Gregory A Presnell, ISHARES, Gregory, shares, vanguard, 2009, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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United States District Court 
Middle District Florida 
401 West Central Boulevard, Suite 5750 
Orlando, Florida 32801-0575 

Gregory Presnell United States District Judge 
Jtme 22, 2010 
The Honorable Bobby Baldock 
Chaix, Committee Financial Disclosure 
One Columbus Circle, 
Washington, 20544 

Re: Calendar Year 2009 filing 
Dear Judge Baldock: 
homeowners association," that associatxon known 

GAP/tkw Gove~ent Act 1978
Rev. 1/2010 FOR CALENDAR ~AR 2009 ~zc, app, lOl-l I~erson Reporting (last name, first, middle initia!) ............ Cour~o~ Organization 	 Date Report 

Presnell, Gregory 	Middle DisffFL, Orlando Div. Title (Article Ill judges indicate acti .... se~i~r stares: ....... 5a. Report Type (chec, appropriate tyl:m) R~eportin~ Period 

magistrate judges indieat~ full- part-timo) Date 0l/0112009
i[-~ Nomination,
U.S. District Judge, Activ~ Inltial Final
~[-ff] Annual 
12/31/2009 5b. Amended Report Chambers Office Address" the basis the information contained this Report and any
modifications pertaining ~hereto~ is, opinion, compliance 

401 West Cenlral Blvd. 
wieh applicablelaws and regulations. 
Suite 5750 
Orlando, 32801 Reviewing Officer 	Date 
IMPORTANT TES: The instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have reportable informatlo~. Sign last pag~ POSITIONS. ~e,o~i~# NONE (No reportable positions.) 
President 	Residential Homsowners Association Person Reporting

 Fliers Non-Investment Income 

NONE (TVo reportable non-investment income.) 
DATE SOURCE AND TYPE Spouses Non-Investment Income -If you were married during any portion the reporting year, complet~ thie section. (Dallier amounl not required except for honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 2009 Akerman, Senterfitt Eidson law firm compensation 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -tro~spo,**,~o~, laagl.g.ood.,nter,~i~.en~ 
(Include::," those s~use and dependent children," see pp. 25-27 filing inst~tctions.) 
NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) LOCATION P~PQ~E 

Date Report 4/30/2010 
(yours, not spouses) 
l~gMS PAID PROVmED NONE reportable g~sO ~om~ Cardwell  DESCRIPTION Lodong and ren~[ Fresny~ Fr~ee $1,5~.00  
VI. IABILI TIES. a.~t~a,, ,ho~e oy~o,~, ,,,a ~,ua,,,,; ~,, ~2.~ ~,,~,ao~.) NO~ reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR pES~R~ON  VAL~ CODE  SunTrust Bank Account (GP) Interest  
:  Brokerage Account (MS-GP)  Nuveen Mun. Value Fund  Interest  Liquid Asset Fund Cape Coral Bd,  Interest Interest  Redeemed  12/01/091 Shares Emer. Mkt  Dividend  SP Nat. Resource (Note  Dividend  
10. Shares MSCbEAFE  Dividend  
 12. Shares Russ, 2000 Shares Russ. 1000  Dividend Dividend   Sold(part)  7/29/09  
13.  Amex SP500  Dividend  
14.  iShares Barelays Tips (Note  Dividend  
15.  Vanguard Consumer St.  Dividend  
16. 17.  Vanguard TrL Stk. Mkt. iShares Barlays Agg. Bd. Dividend  Dividend  Buy  07/31/09 Value Codes =$15,000 I~ =515,001 $50,~ =$50,~1 $100,000 =$1~,001 $250,000 .... ~.,so~, a.po.~,,g 	D~teom,po~t 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS-~,om,,~t~,,,~ 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, ~ansactiom.) ,,B. Description As~ts I~om~ d~ng Gross vMu* end Tmsacd~s d~ng re~ing period (including ~se~) repo~ng ~od ofrepoffing 
Plac*"(X)"afl~each~sct [Amount] T~e(e.g., VMue Value T~(.g., !Date/ VMu Gain ]~ti~of exempt~mprlordisolosuro Code2 Method buy, sell, [m~d~ C~2 [Code buy~/~ll~ C~e[ div.,r~k 
20. ~21. 
Brokerage A~ount (MS~ 

Nuveen Mun. Value Fund Dividend 26, Liquid Asset Fund Dividend 

27. MSDW Global Div. Gr. Dividend Sold 11110/09 
28, Puma~ U.S. Govt Dividend 
U.S. Govt S~. Dividend 

Amex SP 500 Dividend Sold 11/10/09 

31. Shares Russell 1000 Gr. Dividend ~ 32. Shares Russell 1000 Val. Dividend Sold 11/10/09 

33, Broward Co, WS Bd. Interest 
34, Alliance Berger Muni-Fi Di~dend Income Gain Codes: ~$1,000 less =$I,00I $2,S00 =$2,50! $5.0~)0 =$5,001 $15.000 =$15.001  $50,000 (See Cohlmns end O4) =S50,001 $100,000 =SI00,001 $I,000,000 =$1,000,001 $5,000,000 =More than Value Codes =St 5,000 less -$15,001 $50,000 =$50.00t $100,000 =$00,001 
(See Columns and D3) =$250.001 $500,000 =SS00.001 Sl,000.000 =$1.000,001 $5,000,0~0 =$5.000,0~1 $25.000.000 =S2S,000.001 $50,000,000 =Motif than $50,000.000 Person Reporting Date  
NOHE (No r~o~able income, assets, tr~s~tions.)  
~5.  Description As~ (including ~ust assets) Placc"(X)"af~rcach~szt cxemptfrompfiordisciosm Alli~z Sin. Cap In,me during reposing p~i~ ~AmoumI T~o(e.g,~Codc div.,~t, ~-H)] int.) Di~dend  Gross value end ofrepoffing Value Value Code2 Mcmod (J-P) Code3  T~e(e.g., sell, ,emption)  T~nsacfiom d~ng repo~ng period Dat~ Value Gain [m~d~ Cod2 Cod~l (J-P) (A-~   ld~ti~of b~/sdl~  
36.  Templeton Forei~ Fd.  ~vid~d  
37.  Hemando Bd.  lnter~t  
38.  Hil~borough Bd.  Interest  Redeem~  10/01/09  
39. Shares R~s. ~00  Dividend  
40. Shares MSCI Emei.  Dividend  
41. Shares B~clays Tips ~ot  Dividend  
42.  SP Nat. R~ource ~ot  Dividend  Buy  01~6/07  
43. 44. Shares MSCI EAFE Fidelity NASDAQ  Dividend Dividend  Sold (part) 1/10/09  
~5. Shares SP Mid Cap 400"  Dividend  
46. 47. Shares Select Lee Co. Bond  Dividend Interest  Sold (part)  11/10/09  
48.  Mia-Dade Bond  Interest  
49.  iShares IBOXX  Dividend  
50.  Vanguard Con. St. ETF  Dividend  
51.  Boca Raton Bd.  Interest  Redeemed  8/15/09 Income Gain Codes: =$1,000 less =$1,001 $2,500 =$2.501 $5,00~) =S5,001 -SI5.000 =$15,001 $50.000 
, Person Reporting 
NO~ reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description As~ts Incom* dudag Gr~s value ~td Tmsac~ons d~ing r~ing 
exempt~om pfiordisclo~e 	Code div.. ~ng Cod2 leth~ buy.~ll, Im~d~ Cod~ ~C~e b~/~ll~