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Judicial Watch • Henry L. Adams – 2005-1

Henry L. Adams – 2005-1

Henry L. Adams – 2005-1

Page 1: Henry L. Adams – 2005-1

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 8, 2013

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FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 U.S.C. app.  101-11 Person Reporting (last na111e, ffnt, middle Initial) Adams. Henry Court Organization Middle District Florida Dile Report 05/11/2006 Title (Arllde Ill judges lndkat active senior status; magistrate judges lndkate fUll-or part-time) U.S. District Judge (Active) 51. Report Type (cheek appropriate type) Nomination. Dote Initial Annual Final Reporting Period 01/01/2005 12/31/2005 Sb. Amended Rcpon Chamben Office Address U.S. Courth.ousc 300 Hogan Street. Stc .11200 Jacksonville, Florida 32202 the basis lbe Information contained this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Revkwing Officer Date IMPORT ANT NOTES: The insiructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checl-r;i ...,, --< ... .:: rn-< Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
1.2005 2005 Florida Bar CLE GIFTS. (Includes tho.wtospouu and depmdent children. See pp. 2/J-JI ofin.tr11ction.r.) IE] NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, trQnsictions (indudn those the spou.e and dependent 
childnn. See pp. 34-57 filing instructions) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets Income during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period 
(including trust assets) reporting period reporting period 
(I) (2) (I) lrnot exempt from dir.clorc 
Place (X) after each asset Amount Type (e.g. Value Value Type (e.g. 
exempt from prior disclosure Code div., rent. Code2 Method buy, sell, 
(A-II) int.) (J-P) Code merger, 
(Q-W) redemption) 
Security Life Ins. Co. n/k/a Nationwide None None 
Aetna Life Annuity Co. n/k/a ING None None Aetna Life Annuity Co. n/k/a ING None None Govt Employees Credit Union Interest None Kaufmann Mutual Fund n/k/a Federated Dividend Sec below: Kaufmann Mutual Fund Buy 2/20 Buy 3/20 Buy 4121 
10. Buy 5120 Buy 6/20 
12. Buy 7/21 13. Buy 8/20 
14. Buy 9/22 
Buy 10/20 
17. Buy 11120 Buy 12118 Income Gain Codes: A-SIJ>OO less -Sl,001 -$2.500 C-$2.50 -SS.000 D-$5.001 -$15.000 
ESl5.001$50.000 (Sec: Columns and 04) F-$50,001  $100.000 G-SIOO.OOl :Sl.000.000 More 1han $5.000.000 Value Codes J-Sl5J>OOorlcss SI5.001  $50.000 L-SS0.001  $100.000 M-SI00.001 -$250.000 
(Sc..-cColumnsCI and 03) -$250.001  $500.000 0-$500.001 -S!.000.000 Pl-Sl.000.001-$5.000.000 
P2$5.000.001 -$25.000.000 Value Mc1hod Codes Pl-$25.000.001 -$50.000.000 R-Cost (Real Estate Only) -More than $50.000.000 
Cash Market tSec Column C2) -Appraisal -Book Value -other -As.-ssmcnt -Estim:itcd 
10/ue, lranmctions (includes /host the POU. and dependent children. See pp. 14-57 filing