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Judicial Watch • HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 14

HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 14

HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 14

Page 1: HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 14

Category:FOIA Response

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Date Created:December 2, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 02, 2014

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BCFS-Health and Human Services 
Summary Budget Objective Class 

Category Ft. Sill 
Personnel $2,648,800 $306,731 Travel $14,978,104 
$20,486,400 Contractual $48,409, 120 Construction $-0Other $7,569,042 Total Direct $94,398, 197 Indirect 
Total $104,215,608 
BCFS -Health and Human Services 
Emergency Management Division/Residential Services Division -Ft. Sill 
Lawton, Oklahoma 
1200 Emergency Surge Beds 
June 12, 2014-October 18, 2014 

This budget represents the cost for 1200 Emergency Surge Beds, located Ft. Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) the custody the Office Refugee Resettlement from June through June 19, 2014 (600 UACs) and from June 201h through October 15' 2014 for total 120 days. 
This UACs will reside barrack dormitory setting with separate floors and wings designated for males and females well for younger and older UACs. addition basic needs being provided; medical, case management, mental health, recreation and educational services will located site promote their physical and emotional well being. 
PERSONNEL ($2,648,800) 
BCFS-HHS proposes operate with team highly qualified professionals outlined the 
below. The costs reflected herein are the combined operational and wages that will provided. 

Team ($2,648,800) Incident Management Team (IMT) comprehensive resource team) either augment ongoing operations through provision infrastructure support, when requested, transition incident management function include all components/functions Command and General Staff. IMT: 
Includes command and general staff members and support personnel. 
Has statutory authority and/or formal response requirements and responsibilities. 
Has predesignated roles and responsibilities for members 
Remains response mode 24/7 throughout the event. 
BCFS EMO IMT team comprised members, shift shift schedule, for 120 
day event.