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Judicial Watch • HW06 hrc-fec-letter

HW06 hrc-fec-letter

HW06 hrc-fec-letter

Page 1: HW06 hrc-fec-letter

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Date Created:March 30, 2006

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Because one above the law! 

March 2006 
The Honorable Michael Toner 
Federal Election Commission 999 Street, N.W. Washington, 20463 
Dear Chairman Toner: behalf the more than 100,000 members and supporters Judicial Watch, pleased present you and the Federal Election Commission with the enclosed Petitions demanding Commission investigation into U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton's personal involvement the "Hollywood Tribute William Jefferson Clinton" scandal that was part her 2000 election campaign. 
Judicial Watch the preeminent public watchdog organization the United 
The 16,392 signed Petitions are delivering you today symbolize the deep commitment our members and supporters see that the ends justice are served the matter the "Hollywood Tribute." Our motto "no one above the law!" and believe that applies Senator Clinton, well all other federal candidates whose campaigns are subject regulation your Commission. recently learned that the Commission reached settlement with New York Senate 2000 over its violation federal campaign law. The Commission levied fine $35,000 against New York Senate 2000, which the "campaign" has agreed pay. 
Judicial Watch questions the FEC's decision absolve Mrs. Clinton any personal responsibility this matter. During the trial her former National Finance Director David Rosen, testimony showed that she (and her campaign) should have known the misreporting the FEC. course, the information provided you our former client Peter Paul, also implicated Mrs. Clinton, personally. 
The FEC's findings wrongdoing, the tacit admission wrongdoing New York Senate 2000, along with undisputed facts put the public record last year during the trial David Rosen, make clear that the violations federal law related the "Hollywood Tribute" were part larger conspiracy that reached the highest levels 
501 School Street. Suite 500 Washinqton. 20024 Tel: (202) 646-5172 (888) JW-ETHIC Fax: (202) 646-5199 email: info@judicialwatch.orq Web Site: www.Judicia!Watch.orq 

The Honorable Michael Toner March 2006 Page Two the Clinton campaign, and into the White House itself.We believe that not pursuing properly Senator Clinton's personal role these violations oflaw, the Commission abdicated its responsibility the American people. urge you, the Commission's new chairman, take appropriate action immediately and reopen the matter with respect Mrs. Clinton and her campaign, who are responsible for the "grossly inaccurate" FEC's filings. 
Because the demonstrable willingness Senator Clinton and her fundraising operation violate federal campaign finance laws, Judicial Watch has initiated its own "Hillary Watch '06"' project, designed monitor and publicize irregularities and wrongdoing her reelection campaign this year. light her fundraising operation's poor record, also urge the Commission keep careful watch her current campaign's filings. 
However, believe justice cannot served the clear and obvious lawbreaking her first campaign for the U.S. Senate punished with "slap the wrist" fundraising front operation. The responsibility fully investigating and airing all the facts this matter belong you and the Commission. Judicial Watch continues review the FEC's findings and actions this matter and may follow with you and the Commission. 
Thank you. 
Thomas Fitton President 
cc: Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher Indeed, the testimony James Levin David Rosen's criminal trial shows that the costs for least one other event involving the 2000 Clinton campaign was underreported the FEC.