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Judicial Watch • Ilana D. Rovner – 2003

Ilana D. Rovner – 2003

Ilana D. Rovner – 2003

Page 1: Ilana D. Rovner – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:24

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 12, 2014

Tags:pface, identit, vithheld, tuios, treported, Ilana D Rovner, pound, 2003, TRUSTS, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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Rlf-ftq1ilrt1:b;. he -fcs. u.s.c:_app;  ,I 
Dat Report 
TuiOS:U.qioJii UDn :nPortmg pmxl 
 l:fo;mt exempt from .d1sc)osure. ,. 
t:> Identit.,;.oi.--: 
TYJ>. Income/Gain CGdts.. -Sl,000 lesi S1,00J-S2,50::J -=SV1-S5,000 o =$5,COl-S15,000 $i5,00l-$50,000 
(See Colun11g llil:l D4) S50_l: -SHID,noo LO 001-i.:1,ooo,OO[) Sl,OOO,?OJ -$5,00l)Jl-DO More than I:s,oi.i:1,()0[l 
Ydu::: ::::0cs: :,i).Oll[Lor ks;; 3_t., l-S50,00D =$50,001-5..0J,OGO JI 1=$JO_ocn-SZ5J,1){)!l 
:;:_: :i: .l.l-)[I( J,U!;-) Cu0,0N1 }-! J.DD0,00lSS,[i1J[L00tJ ;5_0c:.,,oJ1-i2JXf0,iXlO 
p,i ..,, SMlf ppr::h:il 
 s;,llOlr2500 S25lfl-S5Jl00 S5.001-iil5.0DO =s(1,001-s100,1> SJ0l)iG>St,OOiJ,0D0 ,.s1sJK. ,iJU,000 SIOD OG:.-:?i,O:J.{,.:li -.I.::o-.on, -.:,:ruc,oon , 1i.A...:.OrJ 
ks.s unai)iJ $50,0010.lf:C.J, =$15,!l(;>o; 51,00JS:?.,50 S.1X)();.:;:;-;tf.Xf.Olll.i 
r:. ;1.::,0017>;5(!/!{lf; SS.JJ,WllSLG(;.,.(1.JO 
?.:: .,Ck rL;u, S::.L,/J0 ;.11 ...-1.:;t;:;s;n.:r. 
}lt $1,lf:JV,f.o..i1t5,000).l0l 1pe tha 5.Cs,t,,),000 -P..2 }.ri.;)rt: ili1l />lJ.OGlf S.ct Cdurn1u S50,0fl1-SID0,0JY Crid:;-s; .::. 11:io 0fJe :S:.  }iL:iOOJ-$50,iXl{!, =;i,0:),{;1,l}J:J.1 (If,) 
Dscripcioil A:>.cts 
(iu.r:luJg lrus a:>St!1:;) 
Pface (X): F.lfter i:ch sset e;;mpl . from prior disclo:::urc, 1;,. 
(Se.eColumnBl ,;.,1dD4J Sl.5 c.i-2SD,0Ll0 S:-0,001-SHiG,Q(I[} :s1orrO:il-S150,0CO =--5UCLJ0i -i,(1(10.0EJU S5,0D;,0Cll-:..li0ll_OO:J 
lai11eofPrs6rlRt:Iortin:; Da:e:of Rpvrt :_: 1i6v1e, 1!:1h .D. 5J1s.:2004 
Gross value errd periotl 
::j :_- --_  - (3) (4) (5f;;. 
Pface (X) aftei em:h:asset exeri:tpt ::-v-aiuefrom prio;5,UCJi-S5D,(l(};! 
--::;z:GtX!::5JJi;:11: 1:i --_;50l\-$1,1,KY S_l.001-$2_500 S.?.,30l-S5,:JCO .-.s1sJ:ioi-so,rn:w -=S!OC.O.ll-.S!,000.0UO .$15.{1[! )eso 
:st.::: CdLmu c: :J  5:::5r