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Inside Judicial Watch — Transcription

Inside Judicial Watch — Transcription

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Date Created:August 15, 2018

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Inside Judicial Watch:
Tom Fitton Interview:
How Judicial Watch Blasted Open the StrzokSteele-FISA Trump Targeting Scandals
Introduction and Moderator:
Jerry Dunleavy, Judicial Watch
Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch
August 2018
JERRY DUNLEAVY: Hello and welcome this edition Inside Judicial Watch.
your host Jerry Dunleavy. Over the past couple weeks, Judicial Watch has achieved some
impressive victories the battle for government transparency.
Our Freedom Information Act lawsuits resulted the Department Justice being
forced release FISA applications and FISA warrants related Carter Page. They resulted
the FBI being forced release emails from biased FBI Agent Peter Strzok. And they also
resulted the FBI being forced release information detailing some its relationship with
dossier author, Christopher Steele. Plus, federal court ordered the Department Justice
preserve any records the personal email accounts for former FBI Director James Comey. lot big wins there, and here discuss all those wins Judicial Watch
President Tom Fitton. Thank you very much for joining today, Tom.
TOM FITTON: Thanks for letting come the program.
MR. DUNLEAVY: Absolutely. Glad have you on. Tom, like start with
discussion about the FISA application and FISA warrants that Judicial Watch forced the
Department Justice release. our viewers can see, hundreds pages pretty heavily
redacted documents. But there some information there that was important. you could,
please walk our viewers through why were concerned about the FISA issue and why
getting these documents released matters much.
MR. FITTON: began asking for the FISA applications and warrants year ago. And
finally, had sue for them. Devin Nunes who the head the House Intelligence
Committee and could look them because typically they classified and secret said that the
Clinton DNC dossier was center these FISA warrants. So, you had this campaign-funded antiTrump dossier being used justify secret spying the Trump team. And Nunes alleged that the
courts weren told about the Clinton DNC involvement, and there were other material omissions
that the courts may have wanted consider but weren told about it.
So, thanks Judicial Watch lawsuit, this the first time secret FISA applications have
been released the public. And parts them were declassified, because President Trump made
the decision, earlier this year, declassify information about the use the Clinton DNC dossier target the Trump team. And the documents Judicial Watch obtained are absolutely outrageous,
because they confirmed that the Clinton DNC dossier was used central focus the warrant. Andrew McCabe testified Congress dossier, warrants. And, indeed, these
documents confirm that.
The DOJ application for FISA warrant references the dossier three four times disguised ways. And they tell the court that different information. So, they
referenced the Clinton DNC dossier, the author Christopher Steele, who was agent
Fusion GPS and agent the Clinton DNC arm. Then they referenced news articles
based leaks the Steele dossier. They then referenced congressional concerns based
leaks the Steele dossier. And finally, they reference State Department information about
Carter Page, who was the target this secret spying. And they don mention that was tied the Steele dossier elements it.
So, you have the warrant reference one piece information three four times
separate pieces information. That fundamentally dishonest. like tell you
heard something, and you say, yeah, who, from who? And say, Well, from me,
myself, and three people.
Another way thinking about the self-licking ice cream cone. circular
feedback loop that was disguised seeking the awesome power spy American
citizens, based the allegation that they were foreign agents. And they didn have anything
really point to, other than this dossier, and they pretended the court otherwise. And who
responsible for this? have the people who signed whose names are the warrants: James
Comey, Sally Yates the Obama holdover, Andrew McCabe, Dana Boente who Obama
holdover and now the general counsel for the FBI, and Rod Rosenstein.
And Rosenstein signed off one these warrants June last year during the
Mueller operation. Mr. Mueller has answer for these abusive warrants well. And the
President has taken notice this. highlighted that these records were uncovered Judicial
Watch. And now him declassify the rest because what members Congress
like Nunes who have seen the documents have said that you think the DNC dossier was bad
and the Clinton DNC was bad well, there even worse stuff this material that hasn been
released yet. the president needs intervene and release this information.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And you referenced that the Nunes memo being released helped
with allowing this information released. And now that this information out
MR. FITTON: Right, right. The president declassified the Nunes memo that
referenced this. So, they really couldn withhold all this from anymore. eventually, result our lawsuit, were able get these FISA warrant applications
incredible accomplishment.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And your hope now that the president goes ahead and releases
MR. FITTON: Yes, and there are all sorts other things could declassifying, too.
But this good example why the president needs intervene. Because Rod Rosenstein
doesn want look bad, not going authorize the declassification can help it. The
general counsel the FBI, who also signed off this, conflicted out. The president the
only one who can really view, ought able it. Because don really trust
the FBI and the DOJ expose their own corruption.
MR. DUNLEAVY: Now related this, Judicial Watch ended filing another legal
action actually motion with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court itself, asking for any
hearing transcripts related the FISA process related Carter Page. Can you walk through
little bit what trying get there?
MR. FITTON: Well, this interesting well because Devin Nunes asked the head
the FISA Court the time, Can you release the transcripts, because have these warrants,
these shady warrants? What was the discussion about? What was them? Are there transcripts any discussions with the court? And the court said, Well, look, told the Justice
Department don object them releasing any transcripts.
So, Judicial Watch asked for the [FISA court] transcripts from the Justice
Department. The Justice Department came back and said, well, look, can tell you there are transcripts about General Flynn. had asked about that well, because
suspect there were FISA warrants General Flynn, top adviser the president-elect,
the campaign and obviously the president later. But they said that the president did
declassify material about Carter Page, and can tell you whether not that exists, and don have the transcripts.
So, back the court and say that the Justice Department doesn have the
transcripts, you have them, please release them. Now, going interesting see
what the answer is. Are they not going answer all, are they going give the
transcripts? are they going tell again there are transcripts. And there are
transcripts, really undermines the way this whole process working, because have
confidence that this process working well and right. And you want the courts asking
questions. This not insignificant issue. And there are transcripts, that means there
were really hearings and substantive discussions. And was rubber stamp.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And the thing that you trying point out here and that
trying get that there these FISA hearings, there one there for the defense. called parte. non-adversarial. this information being presented the court and
the hope that the court least asking some questions probing some this. And
hearing transcripts exist, that means maybe that didn happen.
MR. FITTON: understanding transcripts are only taken about half the time these
warrants are sought. So, four different courts approved one court approved the initial
application, and then they renew the application three more times, and three different courts
approved those renewals. there not one transcript among any them from any these
warrant applications, then something not working with the FISA process. That for sure.
MR. DUNLEAVY: Let move forward little bit different topic. Judicial Watch,
through few our different lawsuits, also got the Department Justice release some
information about Peter Strzok that didn know before. Peter Strzok, course, the biased
FBI agent. Talk little bit about what were able find out because this information
coming out and little drips and drabs. Talk with about what were able learn about Peter
Strzok and his relationship with the Mueller investigation.
MR. FITTON: Well, have several lawsuits about Peter Strzok. And the infamous
FBI official who hated Donald Trump, loved Hillary Clinton, and ran the Hillary Clinton
investigation which, surprise, surprise, worked out well for Hillary and was running the anti-
Trump Russia investigation. And all know how that worked out. resulted special
counsel, and pointed out earlier, the illicit spying and targeting the Trump team.
Mueller was appointed, and brought Strzok, who the number two
counterintelligence official led FBI agent these cases. was senior guy. was not just
junior FBI agent, moved over work for Mueller. And eventually the text messages where
Strzok talked about wanting stop Donald Trump and wanting have insurance policy
case won, were uncovered the Inspector General the Justice Department. And Strzok
was removed Mueller. Mueller didn tell anyone about that until four months later. found
out through Congress, after the Justice Department finally admitted really what was up.
So, had asked questions about Strzok appointment and removal from the
Mueller operation. And response that, got these emails from Mr. Strzok which
Mr. Strzok was very much concerned about his ability retain his high-level security
clearances. And think fair say had better than average security clearances, and
that would have made sense given his position the number two counterintelligence
official the FBI. And one the things knew was very concerning and problematic
was his ability declassify information.
Just think about this. had these special authorities because was the number
two intelligence official. Yet, since longer was, could not just take those authorities
willy-nilly was running investigation for Mr. Mueller. needed have special
dispensation. They needed create whole new position for him, special floating
directorship some type. And so, asked for and got it. Now, why thought
was necessary for him keep declassification authority? not talking about
classification authority, talking about declassification authority. And you have
wonder what was his motivation?
Now, keep mind that Mr. Strzok has demonstrated record misconduct. The
affair, the illicit text messages, his removal from Mueller team. was walked out the
FBI after more text messages came out showing hated Trump. So, should give him
the benefit the doubt? don think so. So, think fair question ask one way
another wanted the declassification authority, could share dirt from the Trump
Russia investigation with outsiders without running afoul classification and
dissemination prohibitions.
So, these are the sorts questions that need asked. What was doing for Mueller?
Why did need these special authorities? Why were they granted him? And think Mueller
needs asked these questions. Strzok needs asked more questions and should the
FBI and DOJ. And again, remarkable that Judicial Watch that uncovering all this. not Congress, not the media. And got the warrants. got these Strzok emails
showing this unusual effort give him special authorities terms security clearance and
declassification. And this all just coming rat-a-tat-tat Judicial Watch over the last two
weeks. incredible.
MR. DUNLEAVY: Related the Mueller investigation, Judicial Watch also was able
uncover information detailing some the FBI relationship with Christopher Steele, the author the dossier. took some time trying read through the pages, and there and again
these are heavily redacted
MR. FITTON: Heavily isn the word.
MR. DUNLEAVY: like blank. blank, redacted
MR. FITTON: Well, there are pages and two the pages have substantive
MR. DUNLEAVY: Exactly.
MR. FITTON: The rest, you have read between the lines,
MR. DUNLEAVY: So, what were able learn there about Christopher Steele and
what still want know?
MR. FITTON: Well, let place Christopher Steele this greater scheme things.
MR. FITTON: Fusion GPS was hired the law firm the Clinton campaign and
Democratic National Committee. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, who retired foreign
spy, who worked for the United Kingdom. And Steele used sources from Russian intelligence
sources create this shady dossier then-candidate Trump. And this dossier, pointed out
earlier, was used justify spying the Trump team, and who knows what else. And just
know about the FISA warrants against Carter Page. knew there were the Spygate issues,
where they were sending informants into the Trump campaign. And maybe they were
unmaskings done due this dossier well.
So, Christopher Steele was central figure here. And pointed out, was the
number one source the FISA warrant applications used justify extraordinary spying the
Trump team. So, these documents show what the FBI was doing part with Christopher Steele.
There are few key points. Number one, the FBI had relationship with him
throughout the campaign 2016. February 2nd, 2016, they admonished him. Now,
don know why, that blacked out. Defenders the FBI say, Well, admonishment may
have technical meaning that not easily discernible the layman. admonishment is,
Hey, these are the rules, follow them. don know that fits into the context, but there that alternative way
looking it. But either way, was admonished, and says what says. They also show
that November first 2016, was deemed not suitable used confidential
human source anymore. Wow. Nevertheless, was used repeatedly later justify least
three more renewals the FISA warrants against Page. And the FBI didn mention
was not deemed used confidential human source. They said, Well, have
problems with him, but doesn necessarily mean his information bad.
Well, would think the court might want know they concluded they can use
him anymore source. And why did they conclude that? Because leaked his relationship
with the FBI the media. And the documents also show that they met with him least times,
over the course the presidential campaign. not clear about what. And they paid him
those times. Steele was admonished, yet paid for the FBI, then fired the FBI. And since these
are records that Judicial Watch obtained. Congress didn have them. they have them, they
haven released them. The media didn get them. Judicial Watch got them just last week. come out that Ohr, Bruce Ohr, who was Justice Department official the
Obama Justice Department, and his wife worked for Fusion GPS again, Christopher
Steele paymaster. Ohr met with Steele dozen plus more times, after the FBI chased
Steele him off. And they passed Steele information through Ohr into the FBI. the FBI
says Steele, not going use you source anymore because don deem you
trustworthy but ahead meet with the Justice Department. take your information
from them instead. And Bruce Ohr family, course, was getting paid the people
working with Steele. Same people paying for Steele were paying Bruce Ohr wife. Incredible
stuff, incredible.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And there also lot information indicate that not only was
Steele going through Bruce Ohr get information in, but that was perhaps also doing
through, perhaps, the State Department, and, perhaps, through the Central Intelligence Agency, well. Please outline little bit about what Judicial Watch has found and trying there.
MR. FITTON: Well, know that [former CIA director] John Brennan leaked
dossier information Senator Harry Reid, then the leading Democrat the Senate, with
the hopes that Reid would leak it, just before the campaign. Which course Reid dutifully
did. Then, the State Department was another vehicle for the Clinton gang launder the
information from the Russia dossier into the FBI and DOJ. like saying, Well, got
intelligence here the self-licking ice cream cone again. They hearing from me,
myself, and Oh, look, got three different ways hearing about this dossier,
must true. Even though the same information being laundered different ways. So, have lawsuits that well.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And then, the final sort victory would say that Judicial Watch
had, over the past week so, regarding James Comey. Obviously, was pretty central
figure lot this well. signed off least one the FISA applications.
MR. FITTON: Oh, James Comey signed off everything. responsible for
everything the FBI was doing.
MR. DUNLEAVY: Absolutely.
MR. FITTON: Look, this whole Russian investigation, take step back, this was
run out D.C. FBI headquarters. This James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe
special. That not the way these things are typically handled. The FBI director and top
officials the FBI monitor and supervise investigations done field offices. Now, they
may provide support and expertise out Washington but they don normally run
from the top directorship and top echelons the FBI unless important because
well, heck, you trying target Donald Trump.
And the same thing with Hillary Clinton. The top FBI leadership was running the
Hillary investigation. They were targeting Trump and protecting Hillary. And the only way
they could that was keeping the Comey gang charge. Strzok, McCabe, Lisa Page,
and Comey --that was the gang.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And those were the people that were making the decisions both
the Clinton investigation and the early stages the Trump investigation well.
MR. FITTON: That correct.
MR. DUNLEAVY: So, talk with little bit about what were able accomplish
here with trying unravel more about Comey involvement. been trying get the
federal court get the FBI some stuff for us. You talked with about that.
MR. FITTON: think have over Freedom Information Act lawsuits about
this deep state attack Donald Trump, well hundreds FOIA requests. And
obviously Comey central focus this. And sued along with our friends the
Daily Caller News Foundation for records about Comey communications. Did write
memos about other meetings had? know wrote memos allegedly about meetings
with President Trump. But did write memos about meetings with Barrack Obama
Bill Clinton anyone like that? So, are asking questions about that.
And then this report comes out recently from the Justice Department, and the
report notes that Mr. Comey was conducting some government business his personal email
accounts. obviously said, Well, hold on. got FOIA requests, FOIA lawsuits here.
Are you searching all those personal email accounts? Are you making sure there are
government records there? Are you making sure they not being deleted? And response
our request, the FBI sent Comey letter. And said, Well, can you give the letter? And were told, No. not trusting what was going on, filed motion for protective order, with the court this case, and the Justice Department and the FBI objected, they always seems, our
efforts ensure transparency and accountability and make sure the documents aren
destroyed. And the court granted our protective order. The court said, Look, not saying that
there anything wrong going here documents are being destroyed, but just safe you
should take all reasonably necessary steps preserve these records. that was nice little victory. And was over the objections the FBI and DOJ. And
the question is, what next? Now, the Justice Department and the FBI can tell you they don want anything else. They think the letter was sufficient. Now, want you put yourself the
shoes everyday American, who would subject protective order issued federal
court, and then the FBI was the other side. What you think they would do? you think
they just send you letter reminding you there protective order out there? not even send
you letter telling you there protective order? No, they pull Manafort you. They
probably show your home with guns drawn and take your records. Now, not saying
they need raid Comey home, but they need something more substantial than what they
proposed response this federal court order, which nothing.
MR. DUNLEAVY: have revelations about FISA applications and FISA warrants,
revelations about Peter Strzok special requests about all the power and authority wanted retain when joined the Mueller investigation, new details sort confirming Steele
relationship with the FBI, and tying that into his relationship with Bruce Ohr, with Fusion GPS
with state, CIA potentially all this, and then uncovering things about James Comey, and slowly
but surely forcing the DOJ and FBI get serious about helping get the bottom this. Can
you tie all this together, wrap here, and sort paint picture what know now
thanks Judicial Watch, versus what didn know just short period time ago, and then
where going from here?
MR. FITTON: Well, thanks the Judicial Watch, got these warrants, the secretspy warrants the Trump team, new questions being raised about what the anti-Trump Strzok
was doing for Mueller, federal court order about the documents the disgraced former FBI
director James Comey, and these extraordinary new materials documenting this unbelievable
cash-based corrupt relationship with the Clinton DNC dossier guy, Christopher Seale. And
isn Congress that getting these records, Judicial Watch.
And tells you that Judicial Watch really the center the storm when comes holding this government account, holding the Mueller operation account, and the DOJ
and the FBI account. There are members the Hill who are doing good things, like Devin
Nunes, and Mark Meadows, and even Chuck Grassley putting some additional pressure the
Justice Department from the Senate side. But terms independent watchdog, there
one doing more than Judicial Watch. And one doing more successfully than Judicial Watch get this core information out. This would never have seen the light day, these various
documents talking about, but for our pressure. And even when don get them and
Congress gets them, you can bet was our pressure that forced them give them Congress.
MR. DUNLEAVY: Exactly.
MR. FITTON: So, testament the supporters Judicial Watch because
wouldn able without them. And the most important thing addition the
investigations and the litigation, tell the American people what going on. Because the
worst thing the world the deep state fears being called out, and they fear transparency. And educating people about what doing, really doing the Lord work.
MR. DUNLEAVY: And that why appreciate you coming today the president our organization, coming on, explaining all this our viewers, that they know what because really important work.
MR. FITTON: tell you, exciting stuff because there one doing what Judicial
Watch doing. happy the work, but isn outrageous that Judicial Watch the
only game town?
MR. DUNLEAVY: and is, and every time that these new documents come and open them and fascinating that the ones that are having force FISA
applications and FISA warrants out. just doing really interesting and unique work
MR. FITTON: Well, there conspiracy, illicit one, take out the president the
United States. includes abuses our federal law enforcement agencies, our intelligence
agencies, and who knows what else? And going expose it. That for sure.
MR. DUNLEAVY: So, thank you very much, Tom, for being today, for helping
explain all that our viewers. really appreciate your insights and your expertise
laying out all this important information.
And you want continue understand what going on, sure follow what
Judicial Watch doing. Follow Facebook. Follow Twitter. Follow Instagram.
Subscribe our YouTube channel, that you know what and what
uncovering. And also sure follow Tom Twitter. has great Twitter account, and good person follow you want know what going Washington, D.C. thank you very much for tuning today. Until next time, Jerry Dunleavy for
Inside Judicial Watch. Thanks for joining us.