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Date Created:July 29, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 29, 2014

Tags:conservative, scandal, IRS Abuse Scandal, Levin, cincinnati, groups, Administration, Lerner, obtained, documents, Emails, Obama, White House, DOJ, FOIA, Washington, IRS

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Human Events 

Smoking-Gun Emails Show IRS Persecution Conservatives Came From Washington JOHN HAYWARD 5/15/2014 08:36 
Other evidence and testimony the IRS scandal long unindicted co-conspirator the latest batch doc
ago shattered the Obama Administration's lies about "rogue uments. better, stronger, less corrupt nation, Levin 
employees Cincinnati:' know this scandal goes right would removed from the Senate immediately. through the front door the White House. But the latest The mainstream media probably going throw emails obtained Judicial Watch which has racked itself top this Judicial Watch expose like was live more "smoking guns" than National Rifle Association bargrenade they need protect the Obama Administration becue -prove the breathtaking scope those Administrafrom, but the extent they report all, they're going tion lies, and put new muscle behind the calls for special characterize the documents "obtained Freedom prosecutor Congressional select committee. Information Act request:' That's not entirely accurate. The 
And had better joint select committee, because IRS unlawfully ignored four FOIA request from the watchSenator Carl Levin (D-MI) firmly tied the scandal dog organization. Judicial Watch pried these documents 

Tow aim 

Judicial Watch Obtains New Documents Showing IRS Targeting Came Directly From Washington D.C. 
5/14/2014 1:30:00PM-KAIE PAVLICH nation how party group applications were being 
handled. Grodmtzky responded confirming the cases documents obtained and released through Juwere being handled Washington ...
d1nal Wach lawsuit show the targeting tea party and ... Emails released Judicial Watch last month show conservative groups came directly out Washington former head taxpayer groups Lois Lerner was conD.C., not rogue IRS office Cincinnati. 
tat '_'Vith the Department Justice about the potential July 2012, former Director the IRS Rulings cnmmal prosecution conservative groups. her and Agreements Division and current Manager Exemails about DOJ, Lerner noted that putting one person empt Organizations Guidance Holly Paz sent email from conservative organization jail would create IRS Attorney Steven Grodnitzky asking for explaand example and "shut the whole thing down:'