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Judicial Watch • Jack D Shanstrom Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Jack D Shanstrom Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Jack D Shanstrom Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Jack D Shanstrom Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 5, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Divid, SHANSTROM, Jack D Shanstrom, Gross, stock, 2009, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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FI:S'ANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT G(H'ernrrrem Act 197R FOR CALEDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C app. f.I' !l/i-1 PQSJ 1.,J (}NS. (Rrpurting ;,,,t;.idu{J/ only; .f!l! pp. 9-JJ o/jiling imtr11ttionx.) [{] :"JO'.iE (,Vo reportahlc positions.) 

Shanstrom, Jack 

Uatt Rport 
Shanstrom, Jack ll. 
05/i 2/2010 

IJJ. NO!-INVESTM ElT INCOJilE. (R1wrtir1gindfriduu/ und.-pou.c: .wpp. F-24 if filing inlructions.) Filer's Non-Investment Income NONE (No n:portahle 11011-investment income.} 
( not ;pou.c;e's) Public Employee Retirement Systcn-.:. ousc 1on-J nvcstJnen Jncom -lfyou Wl'rf! m1irri1if durinJ: 11h_1' p11rtior1 th( f1'p1jrfi11g .)'l'llT, ('Ompfrlf# thi.t .t'('lirlh. (Doli(1r amount riol rFquiretl fl.V"l'J.'I /l(morari11.; NONE (No reportable non-investment income.I 
Tcacher1s Retirt>ment 

IV. REI!YlB URSEMENTS -"""'P"''"';,,,,, 1o,1";,,g,J;wd. '"'"'"i"m""' 

Shansirom, Jack 
''. GIFTS. flncludt:.'> lho.H! .'f1tJU.'ie cmd deptndenl t:hildrtm: Sf' pp. 2831 jiling imtrucliorr..j 
[2J NONE (No reportable gifis.i 
VJ. LJABJ LIT JES. (111clude.-i lho.e>u.c und dtpendnl L0hildren: .'et! pp. 12-3.? ojfilhr imtrudiono,) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 

U5il2/W 111 
Shanstrom. Jack 
tII. lNVESTMENTS and -ittcnme. J.'Ufoc, trun.-..action. OmJude ... tiarl'e >ipOU't'. U'1d dEJpendem , transactio11s.J !l. Dcscnpt1on Assets Jncome durrng Gross value: end rans3Clinr dunng reponing penod (tncludlng lrusl assets) -e''.l.'.g re-pnrhr. period 
(I) 1_2i
A.mollal Typt 1c.g., 
J::knli1y buycr/Uer

Typ1ie ,-r;:;e
huy. 'dl, Munlh 
Place "(X)'' aik1 each asset r-l!.r-mpl from priltf rti.sclour
Cod< Cude !1ellioJ

(JP) (A-J-1)
Code D.1y
(lfp!l' -Mrrrc rkLn $o.ono.Mo -A.,c.mcnt --E."tim!".t:::d ...:'i.001. Sl:iJ.J(;(J More !hln $S.000,00lJ -$10