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Judicial Watch • Jack Zouhary Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Jack Zouhary Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Jack Zouhary Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Jack Zouhary Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:21

Date Created:November 8, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:zouhar, VESTMENTS, Zouhary, Jack Zouhary, Invest, 2009, TRUSTS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Required />y the Ethll. Gu1'l>J 11mrnt ,11 /Q7, FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 Capp . /IJ/.J/ Person Rt'porting {last n.1111-.::. fir"' nuddk 1n1Hal) Court Org,amzation Zo11ha11. Jack D1111d Coun. lol[ht.."rll D1.,t11c1 Oluo  Oale Report 05; 1;2010 itlc 1rt1ck Ill 1udg.:-i., 111J1ta1c au1v ;;;r,:nio1 smtu::.. mJgi-.tratL.: iudgc rnd1c, opinion, 111 imri11g tlri1 form 111115/ Jo/lowed. Complt'tc all part.I. chel/t.ilrg the 'VO/t: bcujor eud1 pml wherl' you hul'l' rept1rl11hle infurmation. Sign 011 fa,/ page. P()S NS. (Reporting indii iJ11ul 011/y; )ec. f'i' CJ-I /ilmg imtrm twm.) 

D:.tte Reporl 
Zouhar), Jack
111. NON-IN'ESTlVIENT INCOME. (Reporti11ginT u)l.:t':> rcpu1 tin pc11('tt.I lll r2" lll rl] ..,,-;,1un11n1 11111,,) li111'.. 1h1t  ,;,1rn101,uo ,hi ti,l l.1 -ppi,1111 h[ lrt< 'll lJlh l(L "hll111 :'!  111111 .lhu; -l-l!h11 =-..:" :-01 -,,., lloo -::o'.!--> on1 -I" om: 111 '-.I !llJO llill -5 rn10,0tlt) H2-"l'l.[,m:-1lldB 1,rn11J1l1l " 
121 MlCoMiu,Ru>sell(KRl) Sold ()3'30:09 
216 lLli :villi> SP tMTSMJ Nnnl'." 
,217  Sony(S' (/MH)* !nm 
220 (ioltlm:in Such' Fund (GllYA llllCIC..,I 
(.'  )llll.'h.:Sf ! Ci.1.111 11k .... ,111/11 111 Ii:'  n-"ll nn1-'"clu .::11! l)[Jt) ;;,5 Ll!J! -'I !JlO  
f'.:-e nl11111n Iii 111d IH1   ="i'>O IHJI  ._,llUJOflO  (,-"',1001)1)1 I OIH)t!l)I) '.l (J1)Pl)1)1->,'fJ!)f).1di, .fort" Th.11