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Judicial Watch • Jacobson v DC Gregory arrest

Jacobson v DC Gregory arrest

Jacobson v DC Gregory arrest

Page 1: Jacobson v DC Gregory arrest

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Date Created:January 22, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 22, 2015

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Superior Court the District Columbia 

Yorm Cu(17)-1050 Revision Date: u-29-06 COMPLAINT NUMBER 

Continuation For Affidavit Support Arrest Warrant 
was certain the was illegal posses: was uncrtain civilian coul? possess high capacity magazine. that the ammunition would illegal, but the magazine would legal possess: Agent contact the Metropolitan Police
later contacted 
told that possession and advised him this information. Agent 
Department Chiefs Office approve the use high capacity magazine the news program. high capacity magazine may violate laws the District Columbia. 
4:05 P.M.. NBC News Editor emailed the Metropolitan Police Department's 
and stated the following: "Meet the .Press interviewing person the show this Sunday studio have clip (standard high power), without the ammunition studio use the show. There will gun, bullets, JUSt clips. this legal? 

Police Department currently assigned the Metropolitan Police email had  
email attached and she asked and approximately 5:44 P.M., emailed approximately 8:04 P.M., emailed response and stated the following; "No, possession high capacity 
magazines misdemeanor under Title# the Code. would suggest utilizing photographs for their presentation." approximately 9:01 P.M  emailed response back  and stated the following: "Thanks  approximately 9:04 Fi.M.. emailed and stated the No, possession high capacity magazines 
misdemeanor under Title# the Code. would sugget.utilizing presentation." December 23rd, 2012, Mr. David Gregory, the host NBC News program "Meet the Press" interviewed National Rifle Association's Chief 
Wayne LaPierre about current gun control laws. During this interview, Mr: Gregory displayed high capacity magazine. described the high 
capacity magazine capable holding thirty rounds ammunition. Mr. Gregory displayed yet different magazine capable holding five 
ten rounds ammunition. December 27th, 2012, your Affiant was assigned this investigation and queried law enforcement databases for possible address for Mr. 
Gregory and possible residence for Mr. Gregory was located, but your Affiant received response from inside the home . 
-was located the state Maryland and informed your Affiant that was represented Attorney's for the National 
Company. The At'lorney's were contacted and they informed your Affiant that they also represented Mr. Gregory and interviews were allowed this time and your Affiant left home. 
District Colui:nbia Code 7-2506.01, section states; person the District Columbia shall possess, sell, transfer any large capacity 
ammunition fee'ding device regardless whether the device attached firearm. For the purposes this subsection, the term "large capacity 
ammunitioR..feeding device" means magazine, belt, druin, 'feed strip, similar device that has the capacity of, that can readily restored 
converted acceptrmore than ten rounds ammunition. The term "large capacity ammunition feeding device" shall not include attached 
tubullr device designed accept, and capable operating with .22 caliber rimfire ammunition 
.YouF-affiant knows the National Broadcasting Company's program "Meet the Press" filmed 4001 Nebraa Avenue, Northwest, Washington, 
D.C. The National Broadcast Company will not confirm the taping have taken place this location. However, your Affiant believes filmed here due the request reg,arding 
the legality possessing "high capacity magazine" made members the National Broadcast Company. 
Your Affiant certified and trained with assault weapons that use similar style magazine displayed Mr. Gregory during the broadcast the shbY/. Your Affiant has overJourteen years law enforcement experience and currently investigates gun crimes within and outside the metropolitan area. Based your Affiant's observation, believe this magazine thirty round high capacity magazine. Mr. Gregory displayed the "High Capacity" magazine holding with his right hand the viewing audience could clearly observe it. add contrast this display, Mr. Gregory then held smaller magazine that described capable holding five ten ammunition. January ith, 2013, 10: A.M., your Affiant met with the state Virginia. employed the 
National Broadcasting Company's part previous arrangement turn the "high capacity" magazine used during the broadcast, 
gave your Affiant Kay thirty round magazine. Your Affiant compared this magazine the one displayed during the 
and believes the same magazine. This magazine was placed the Narcotics and Special Investigations property book evidence. 
Based the aforementioned facts and circumstances this investigation, your Affiant believes there probable cause that the offense 
possessing "high capacity" magazine was committed the District Columbia. Therefore your Affiant requests the issuance arrest warrant 
for Gregory, David Michael. 

Form CD17)-1050