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Judicial Watch • James C Mahan Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

James C Mahan Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

James C Mahan Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Page 1: James C Mahan Financial Disclosure Report for 2004

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:14

Date Created:December 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Mandalay, amend, Mahan, James C Mahan, committee, James, states, united, 2004, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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July 25, 2005 (1n2) 44-5521 
Honorable Mary Lisi, Chair 
Judicial Committee the United States Committee Financial Disclosure One Columbus Circle, N.E. 
Washington, D.C. 20544 
Re: Calendar Year2004 Financial Discfosure Report Filing 
Dear Judge Lisi: 
The following information provided pursuant the committee's request: 
Part VII, page line 96: Amend Column B(l) show amount code ''E" 
Part VII: 
Amend add Cronos IEAFund XII, C(l)to show value code "J'' and C(2) show value code of"T." Amend show Column B(l) value amount "C" and B(2) type code "Dividend" 
Amend add Inland Capital C(l) show value code of"J" and C(2) show value code of"T." Amend show sale 11/17/04with value code of"J'' 
Amend add Inland Monthly Income Fund C(l) show value code of"J" and C(2) show value code of"T" 

Honorable Mary Lisi 
July 25, 2005 
Amend delete Mandalay Resorts Common Stock from report asset the James Mahan IRA Rollover account. The purchase and sale Mandalay Resort Group was correctly listed lines and 108 the 2004Disclosure 
Report under the and James Mahan ITWROS account 

Part VIII: 
Amend add explanation that the Fleming Companies purchase listed Part VII, line 106 still owned the trust with value code of"J" 
Part VII, page line 
Amend report show sale Ethyl Corp. 10/29/03, value code "E," gain code 
Amend report show sale Sears, Roebuck 12102103, value code "K" 
Amend reportto show value code of"J" forFleming Companies. The asset has not been sold and still owned the trust. 
Please let know ifyou require further information. 
United States District Judge 

II. AGREEMENTS. (Reponjngindividual only; see pp. 1416 offiling inslructioos) ,.4,,o 

f;!I NONE (NoreporU1>1c ogrcemcnts.) 

(Rcponiogindivid.Waodpousc;'=pp. 11-24orfilinginmictions) Filer's Non-Investment I.ncome NONE (No reportable nan-inw:sanentincome.) Spouse's Non-Investment Income -(lf)'lu...,. marriedduring any pOrtion 
rcportillgJ!'2f, plca>c complete Ibis section. Dollar amouot not required cxocpt fOr bononuia.) NONE -(No report>blc noninvcsbncnl income.) 

IV. REJMBURSEMENTS -1rm1$portati011, lodging. food, ealcrWn=L (Includesllwse -anddcpcnd'2Jtchild= Sec pp. :ZS-27 inslru::tions.) b1I NONE -(Nosuchreporublcr.imbunemenis.) 
Name Pasoo RC)lOI1ing 
MAHAN. James GIFTS. (Includesthose spouse and dependont children. See pp. 2831 instrictiom.) li2J NONE (Nosuch reportable gifts.) 
VI. LlABILTI1ES. 	(Includestbosoofspouse and dependentehildn:n. See Pl' 32-34 instruetiOO.$S00,000 ...:.ssoo,001-si,000,000 
Pi -=SS,000, 
:P3 ... ..s:zs,oo0.001..sso.000.000 P4 SMarc Value >.ietbod Codes Apini.-1 -c... (lal Eswt Ooly) -Cash/M"'l:a Gm= Vllue end 
Trnmld'ioas duri:na rcporti.rie: 
periodDescription Asselt 
Plxcocr after cacb asset c:xtmJC (g. Value 
Vall.le 'fype (e.g. 
Code div. tall.or Cod2 

"" private (Q.W) r>dcmptian) -Codes: -OOOorlcss 
-S?..SOJ-ss, ooo -'S5.001Sts 115,001-SS0,000 .sJ.000,0015.000,000 H2 -M::n: thl:! Sji,000:.000 (S