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Judicial Watch • James Gardner Knoll – 2004

James Gardner Knoll – 2004

James Gardner Knoll – 2004

Page 1: James Gardner Knoll – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 18, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 21, 2014

Tags:Knoll, Gardner, James Knoll Gardner, smith, account, reported, James, 2004, reporting, report, Federal Judge, Judge

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Director Boys and Girls Club AUencown, Inc. 
Dim:tor Police Athctic Ltague, Inc. CUstodian OJstodian 
(Reporting individual only; secpp. 14-16o[filing inslJUcrions) AGREEMENTS. NONE (No rcponablc a>=mcnts.) 2002 State Employees Pc:n.sion Fund; retirement pension for formez judicial position. includes medic tnsu.rance 
oj; - 
NmeofPersonRortdated May 15, 2004)convmcd omCla$sL Oau (as reported Part VU, line o(this report Part VD. Line 37: Broker.age Account (Cus-todial Account #1) docs not qualify ror reporting this periodbccaU$C the account av.Tieris over age21 snd notadependento(thereponingpersoo within the mcaningo(thcInternal RevenueCode 1986(26 U.S.C. 152). and thcmon: ionot dependent child defined section L02(e)(2) the Ethics Govcmmcnt Act 1978, amended, U.S.C.  102(cX2). MOJcovcr, the account does not qualify for reportingthis period because itssoleassa(City 
Bank. NA, Bank Deposit Program} was redeemed May 20, 2004 and therefore did not have fair 
martet value excess ofSl .000 a.l the end the curTCnt year (December 31, 2004) and because income cxccssofS200 om the asset was not received 
during the current reporting period. Part VII, line 46: Man:h 31, 2003 the former Smith Barney Premium Total Return Fund Cws muI fund (as reported Pan VII, line the 2003 rcpOrt dattd May 1.5, 2004)