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Judicial Watch • James I. Cohn – 2009

James I. Cohn – 2009

James I. Cohn – 2009

Page 1: James I. Cohn – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 05, 2014

Tags:James I Cohn, municipal, Florida, board, vanguard, James, school, 2009, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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bull; Gore,.nmnt Act ,-!11978 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 (51..SC. app f /u/.IJI) POSITJ JS. (l/rpflrting individual only; pp. 9-1.1 Jilin;: in.1rructio11.1.) 
NONE (No ri:portu/Jli: positions.) 
Cohn, James 
Cohn. Jani 
OJ;21i12010 Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (Nv reportubl.-11011-i11vesl111ent income.) 
JV. REJ I-1 BURS !TS -trumporlution, lodin)i,/md. 
!.amt non Reporting Rpnrt 
[ZJ ::-E (Nu rcpnrtablc gijis) TJES. (1nclude< 1hv. fI and dq>mdem cl1ildmi: ..U Pl JJ-Mi filing imfrMrtion..) NONE (No reportubli! incume, assels, trunsaclivns) 
De-:.nipti0n flf Assd.> 
(mdudmg tr.;t asset:-) 
Pl;i.::c: (X) atie-r i:ath afl..!Ilg pl.rl>d 171 .nunl Type (c., Cud 
div, rent. 
(.-Ill ,,r ml.) irns.., v:ilue r:nd repnrt11 per1td 
(21 (11 ,!lur.: Typo .lc:lh1nl buy .>ell. (l-PI (iidc:; Jtik-111.11111.11;) 
(if pnalt: facksonille Ekctric Munieipal Bond lntaes: OrLtnJ1:-i atcr Municipal .Hnnd lntLrc:!i! Pt1rida Sclll>ul Board :-,1unicipal lnh:rt.>! Pasco Florida School Board lunicipal l:lond Sanibel Florida FGIC fonicipal Hund lntc-re.r.t Vanguanl Index 500 Mulua] fund Dildend Suite Florida Deferred Compensation Dividend IRA -Vanguard Capital OpponunityJ1utual .Fund Dividend 
IRA 112 --Vanguard Total Stock Index .1 ulual Fur.d Dividend #.1 --Transamccica Annuitvj lnU.!L)t 
Lvergn::cn /1onc-y Marke-! YiinguJ:rd T,1. [.t:mpt Mnncy Mark.ct fund Jnti.:rc-.r;t 
14. anugrd Treasury Money M1rket FunJ 
1:. IHS I!.tllk US, lkp41 -$1JO.OVl.1 li-)iOU.{l -lil.1)1JU.00U Ill I.H.JU.00. .OCJ(JOll 111 } th11n 000 00() ;1:11.: (1ck. -15.0CO h.:.. pll/ll)l -130.0VO -$00Cll. $100.000 M-SlllO.OOi -l2SG.C.00