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Judicial Watch • James S Gwin Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

James S Gwin Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

James S Gwin Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: James S Gwin Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:23

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:James S Gwin, conference, travel, James, stock, Washington, court, district, 2003, EPA, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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(330) :375-5937 

October 25, 2004 :;o
1--,, c::> 
c: :;r.;!%
fT,:? Cl!...
O';i> lJI
Washington, D.C. 20544 rra

..,, (.f1
Dear Judge Lisi: response your letter August 2004, attach second amended financial apologize for not earlier responding you inquiry but thought your letter had not caught with the earlier amendment that had made. response your August 2004, letter, have set out the date the report have added the: information requested regarding Part VII and deleted the year end valuations iiicorrectly included invesiments that had liquidated during 2003. 
Jn: respmise paragraph five your August 2004, could not supply more specific dates that the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund was purchased. -participates tax-deferred saving plan her employer. Under that plan, she makes contributions the Vanguard mutual fund and the employer makes accompanying partial match until 
she reaches the statutory maximum. believe she typically reaches the statutory maximum within the first quarte!.of each year. The funds are then deposited the index fund. She receives only querly

R..."}'Jort Rcquird 1'.:_c _Ethics 
 A0-1-0 Government Act ofl978
Rev.. 1/2t.2 
Cuiendar Year 2003 lJ.S.C. app.  01-Jll) 
Reporting L.ast name, First name. Middle initial) Court Organization Date ofRco1t GWIN, .JAME::: N.D. OHIO 
5/7l2004 Title" (An]cle Judges indicate active senior Status; ReportType (check appropriate type) Reporting Period 
magistrate judges indicate full-or part-time} Nomination. Date 
JUDGE, ACTIVE Initial @Annual Final 
12131/2()03 Chambers Office Address the basis the infomiation contained this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliance

510 U.S.. COURTHOUSE applicable laws and regulations. SOUTH MAIN STREET 
AKRON, 44308 
RTANT NOTES: 'Ihc: instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part tere you have report11iblle information. Sign last page POSlTIONS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-l3 filing inslnictions) N(lNE -(No reportabfo positions.)  Trustee  Austin-Bailey Charitable Founda:tion  
II. AGJREE11ENTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16offiling instructions) NONE -(No reportable agreements.) retir  
III. N_9N-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse; see pp. 17-24 filing instructions) NONE -(No repartablenon-investment income.} SOURCE AND TYPE STARK COUNTY BOARD EDUCATION2. INTER.NATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES, INC .  INCOME (yours. not spouse's)  0.00 0.00  

rv. REilvIBURSEl.VIENTS -transportation, iouging, food. entertainment. (Includes those spouse anti dependent children. See pp. 25-27 ofinstructions.) 

i;zJ NON"E -(No reportable liabilities.) Name Person Rcponing Dmc Report 
"Pag GWIN, JAMES 517i2004 
-income. r.ilui:, mmsc:itious (inclut!.es (hose the "JlOl.S.OOO  
(Seo Colm'l> and D4) $50,001-SlOO.OOO $1Qf.:.OO J-$ ,00,00l !.OOO.l10i-$5.00D,000 =More tilan $5,000,00;J V;.!ue Code.;.:  :.:. $1.ono Jess   '.OOJ-S:5U,00i:<   SS0,001-$10'.J.COfJ  1.-1  S1Cll,001-S:!5i.l.OOG  
($1.!e Coh.111111$ a1icJ D:: $2:;0.00US500.01)C' S:'2:S,00(.00l-530.0:.K:.OGU  

Name oi' I'erson Reporting Dnw: Repor: 
GWIN, JAMES 5i7/2004 -iulomc. val11e, transc:itions {inclut.les those the spouse nntl dependent diiid.-en. S.:e pp. 34-57 filing instructiun.j lncnme during Gross value end Transactions duriug reporijng !ll!riod 
19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.  Description Assets (includiug trnst assets) Place "(X)" after eacl1 asset exempt from prior disclosure Hein common stock -Pfizer, common stock -Bristoo Myers, common stock -Com ing, common stock -AOL Time Warner, commor11 stock Cisca, common stock  ICjl(lrting period Am01mt Code (A-Ii)  (2) Type (e.g. div. rem.or int.) Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend  repnrting pL'riod (I) Value Code2 (J-P)  (2) Value McthoJ Codle.3 (Q-W)  (1) Type ( sell. merger, mlemption) Dute: Month-Day  OO! eM:mpValue Code (J-P) Imm disGain Code (A_-H)  clos (5) Identity buyer/seller (iftlrivate tnmsaction} --- 
25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33.  Sun Micmsystems, Inc., conm1on stock -Wal Disney Co., common stock Luce:nt Technologies, con11r.1011 stock -Micirosoft Corp., common Slto:k -Farmers National Bank, c:or:nmon stock InteII Corporation, common sti:>ek -Schwab Money Market Fund Agere Systems, Inc., comm1:m stock -BB Corp., common it.ock  Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend  Pure ha/sale  Vario   
34. group, common stock  Dividend  
35. 36.  ira--:-veler's Group, common ,stock Del Monte Food, common 11tock  Dividend Dividend  Sale  2111  incomo!!Gain C w1ct Court. N.D. Ohio  Travel expenses associated with assignment with Sixti'l Circuit, February S-7, 2003. $867.53  

U.S.District Court, N.D. Ohfo 	Travel expenses associated with assignment with Sixth Circuit,. October 2021, 2Cl03. S953i.2S 
US.Dstrict Court, N.D. Ohio 	Travel expenses Palm Beach for MDL Judges Conference, October27-28, 2003. $1450.52 	
U.:S.Dmrict Court. N.D. Ohfo Travel expenses associated with CM/ECF Seminar Wilmington, Ohio, for S.D.. Ohio 0111 May 2003. $199.83 	
U.:S.District Court, N.D. Ohfo Travel expenses for intercircuit assigmnent the E.D. New York, September 22..29, 2001. $3733.78 

US.District Court. N.D. Ohfo 	Trav'el expenses associated with CM/ECF fonun Washington August 18-20, 21:)03. $1092.25 U.S.District Court, N.D. Ohfo 
Travel expenses associated with Bench/Bar Conference Columbus, October 2-3, 2003. $366.47 
U.:S.District Court, N.D. Ohfo Travel expenses associated with ECF working group meeting Washington, Oci:ober 8-9, 2003._$540.25 GIFTS.  (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 28-31 instructions.)  
 NONE  -(No such reportabl,e gifts.)  


VI. WBILITIES. 	(Includes thoseof spouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.)  NONl (No reportable liabilities.) 
Name Person Reporting 
517104 -income, value. lranscations {includes those the spouse a'lld dependent children. See pp. 34-57 oftiling instruc:tions.) 
VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS Description Assets (irn:tuding trust assets) Pia lio (X}" afteuach asset eet prior disclosme -DNONE !No n:portable income. assets. transactions) IBM commonstock '>nstellation mutual fimd AIMC Galaxy mutual funds Berlhfre Hathaway common ltclCk Vanguaro mutual fund Merrill Lynch money market fimd -7. AIMintcmational Growth Fund -8. T.R,11>wc Price Mid-Cap Mutuall Fund stock. options Income during reporting period (1) (2) Amount Type (e.g. Code div. mn.or (A-H) inL) Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Gross value end reportiiig period. (I) (2) Value Value Code2 Method (J-P) Codel C.QW) 'Transactions during reponing pesiod -(I) not exempt from disclosure (2) Type (e.g. Date: Value Gain Identity buy, sell, MonthCode2 Co