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Judicial Watch • James Ware – 2009

James Ware – 2009

James Ware – 2009

Page 1: James Ware – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 15, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 10, 2013

Tags:James Ware, Santa, Securities, Morgan, Stanley, Growth, James, 2009, investment, EPA, dividend, ICE, CIA, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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POSlTI NS. (R.-porting individual only; see pp. 9-13 fuing inslructioru.) NONE (No reportable positions.) 
II, AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; supp. U-16 filing instructions.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
Ware, James 
III. N-INVESTMENT INCO ME. (hporting itu!Mdual and spouse; see pp. 17-24 flung insUuctions.) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
(yours, not spouses) 2009 Santa Clara University-Net Compensation Lecturer .$3,500.00 
2009 Lincolc Law School -Net Compensation Lecturer $4,000.00 Spouses Non-Investment Income -lfyou wtremarried during any portion ofthereporting year, camplete this section. (Dollaramount not requiredexcept for honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2009 County Santa Clara -Salary 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, ladging,foad, emertainment (/,u.ludes those spouse and dependnl childrePJ.; see pp. 25-2 filing instructions.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) GIFTS. (Includes those spouse and tkndent children; see pp. 231 filing instructions.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
VI. LIABILITIES. (Include. those spouse and dependent children; see pp. 31-33 filing instr11ctions.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
Date Report 
Name Person Reporting 
Ware, James 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, va1ue, 1n1ns11c1ions