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Judicial Watch • Janet B. Arterton – 2009

Janet B. Arterton – 2009

Janet B. Arterton – 2009

Page 1: Janet B. Arterton – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:5

Date Created:September 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 06, 2014

Tags:wtthhl, hrport, Janet B Arterton, Janet, 2009, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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S-h. mc;r,tlcJ kqwn Lh;imbtrs Office AddrtiS DISTRICT COUR.I 141 CHUHCH STREET NFW ll,.\J:N,CT061iJ thr 
/:/PON T.-li NOTES: Th1 imtruct111m lY!: thi> must hfol11J>nd. Compl.MJ!) 1;111 U011.1Ji !?llJ.iJU1) -l.r.._ 1h.Hl IJ(/{I 11/U 
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d1i/Jrtn; H PP J.J-60 i1/ jilm:! irutruniunl.) NONE (:Vo reportable income. lLSets. uw1.1l1U!u11.1 ... :-:..:r1pwn :.!oli l!UIJilC Ju:111 11,.,, ..1 ..:1 lld 
11nclud1ng tru1 ,,,->,:.;) ft_Tu!r Lflf 
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1.1 Arr1 ....i1 : ..l.,>ls,mo.:111 ,c.. lfl fl alJ 
Jme Plrson ReporlinJ.! H.irl UqlOrl FJlIANCJAL DISCLOSURE REPORT AHTERTON, J,.tF:T ll. P::ige ()]. ADDITIONAL INlrtify thac all information gi ahovt (indudtnJ.! inh1rmafion p..-rraiuin In) -;:pou::i.t and minor cfrprndrnf chilclrrn. 311)) :.H-curltL, true, arid con1plete the het rny ::ind httid. and tht o111y inform:Jtlon not rt>porte LIS wtthhl hec111se mrt 5.l. and J11lJ ..L KlOWl!ll;l. ANI> .I FAILS nu: THIS HlPOH I,\ SllBHT 1 (.lI AND CHllllNAI. StCTIOS lJ.S.C. app. llH)