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Judicial Watch • Jay S. Bybee – 2009

Jay S. Bybee – 2009

Jay S. Bybee – 2009

Page 1: Jay S. Bybee – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 23, 2014

Tags:Bybee, Jay S Bybee, VALIC, legal, vegas, Services, trust, 2009, assets, investment, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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lnon Roporlin (last name. first. middle initial) Court Organizalion Oat Roporl 
Byb< type) Rrporling Ptriod magistra1ejudges indinre foll-or part-lime) Nomination, Dai 01/01/2009 
Circuit Judge (active) lniiial Armuill Sb. Amended Rcpon Final 12/31/2009 Cbambe Offoct Address Llo)d George U.S. Counhousc 333 Las Vegas Blvd. #7080 Las Vegas. ll9101 tbr b:uis lbe ioformalion containrd this Rrporl ind 11py modinca1iom pertaining lbueto, is, opinion, compliancr with applicable J:nu aod rrgublions. Revieing Officer Datt 
NOTES: The inslructfons accompanying thisfnrm must fnltnwed. Complete all pur15, thecHng the NONE b11x for ead1 part where y11u have nt> reportable inftlfmatitm. Sign la>I page. POSJTJ ONS. (Rportint1 inJfriJual unly; ,., pp. 9-111>/fJing imtruaium.) NONE (No reportable positions.) 
POSITION Truslec Trust 
III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Rportingindividualandspnuu;mpp.17-Uofjilinginstruction.porting fCGr, ,omp/u thi. JtClilJn. tDollar amount nut reqwred except for honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) SOURCE AND TYPE CIJrk Couniy School Dis1ric1 
IV. REJMBURSEJ-1ENTS -tral>p.,natian, fodging,fo(Ipouu and dependent children; supp. 31-JJ ojjiling Instruction) NONE (No reportable liabililies) 
Mortgage rental property, Henderson, (Part VII. line 31) 
Namt Ptnon Rcporlinc; 
l>at< Rrporr 
Bybee, Jay 
05113/2010 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, IMC, transactions (Includes those spouse and dependent chi/Jrcn; pp. H-60 filing instrurtions.) NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions.) 
Income during Transactions durmg reporting period Gross value end Dc-scriplion Assets reporting period-,--.(1) 
(including trust assets) rcponmg period 
(I) (2) (l) 
(I) (2) (2) (4) 
Place tX) aflcr each asset Amount Type (e.g., Value exempt from prior disclosure 
Type (e.g., 
Gain Identity 
div, rent, 
buy, sell. buyer/seller 
Code redemption) (J-P) (A-fl) (if private 
(J.P) inr.) 
(Q-\1) 1ransac1ion) 
- ----1 __L___ Bank America Interest 
Campus Federal Credit Union Interest 
American Funds MMA Interest 
Southern California Edison Common Stock None 
- Inc Cam Codl =Sl.OOOor kss =St ,001  Sl.lOO 12,lOI -Sl.000 =!l.001 SI l.000 SI l.OOt  Sl0.000 
(Sec CDlumn:. :1nd 04) s100,ooo 1100,001 Sl,000,000 Ill ll.000.001 -!l.000.000 112 =More lhan S.5.000.000 Valuc Codn .-S,15,000 k.:::01 Stl,001  Sl0.000 L-150.00t -St00,000 =!tOO.OOt  Sll0,000 
(Sec Column::. Ul) SllO,OOt =SlOO,OOt -SI ,000,000 =Sl,000,00t -Sl.000.000 Sl.000.00t. Sll.000.000 Sls.000,001 sso.000.000 More th.ui Sl0,000,000 Y