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Judicial Watch • Jeffrey R Howard Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Jeffrey R Howard Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Jeffrey R Howard Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Page 1: Jeffrey R Howard Financial Disclosure Report for 2005

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:September 21, 2006

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Boward, Jeffrey R Howard, jeffrey, Howard, Fidelity, states, court, 2005, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Government Act 1978 
Rev. 112006 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 u.s.c. app.  101-lll) Peno. Reporthq: (bst aame, lint, middle lllitiol) Court Organ!Dtioa
Howard, Jeffrey Court Appeals 1st Cir. Tide (Artlert Type (daeck appropriate type) 
magistratejudga iadlcate DI-or pu1-time)Cin:uitjudge (active) Nomination, Date 
lm'tial F"mal ll!J Annual Amended RepOrt 
Sb. Chamben Office Addreos Date o!Report 
6.Reperting Perled
1213112005 tlle basis the iaformatioa COBtai.ned this Report aad
moclilicatiom pertaining diereto, is, opinioll, complianceUnited States Courthouse 
witlt applicable laws and regulatioli.r. Pleasant Street concord, New Hampshire 03301 
Reviewiag Officer 
IMPORTANT NOTES: TlieinstrlU:liom=mpan:yingthisformllUISlbefollawetl. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for etu:lt where yo have reporlllble inforllUlJUIIL Sign last page. POSITIONS. (R;1U1mo-10R1r,,_pp.,_IJofbtstncdom.> 
 NONE (No reportable positions.) 
r-) --ri 

II. AGREEMENTS. (Rq>11ingin4ividlll11 onlr,sttpp.1'-16 ofinsmtt.tiom.) [RJ NONE (No reporlable agreements.) 

(Dollar ammmt not required except far honorariaJ NONE (Nreportab/enon-itrVestment income;) 01-12105 

IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -trt111sp11rllllion, 1otfKi118.too1. m1mmnmen1. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. Seepp. 25-27 instructions.) 
 NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) 


V GIFTS. tJUJu"' SJH>NU 11114 dq>mtleJJI chiltlren. See pp. 21-31 ofilJSlnlPioin.) NONE (No reportable gifts-) SOURCE DESCRJPTION West Publishing Reporters (books) for official use 1,500 

VJ. LIABILITIES. (lnclzulathou ofspouse Olltl tkpetukntchi/Jtt11. See pp. 32-34 ofilUtructiom..) 
[RJ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 

Howard, Jeffrey 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -;,,.,,,_, wdw, trtlJJS4diims (htdslks those ofthe --' tlepouJaJ/ children. Pl'-34-57 f .fi6ng ilrstnldions) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Desaip1ion Assets 
(includiDg trustassets) 
Place "(X)" after each asset 
exempt from prior disclosun: 
Fidelity 529 Fund (see connnent section Buy VIII) Income during reportingperiod Groos value end reporting period Transactions during reporting period  
(I)  (2)  (I)  (2)  (I) n exempt licm disclosure  
Amount Codel (A-H)  Type(e.g. div, rent, orint)  Value Code2 (J-P)   Value Method Code3 (Q-W}  Type(e.g. buy, Sell, merger, redemption)  (2) Date Month-Day  (3) Value Code2 (J-P)  (4) Galli Code (A-H)  (5) Identity buyer/seller (uprivate traDsaction) lDcomc G.m Cock3: 	A=Sl,OOOorlcss =Sl,001  S2,500 C=S2,501-SS,OOO D=SS,001-SlS,OOO E=SIS,001 -S50,000 (Sec Coluu:w and 04) F=SSO,OOl SI00,000 G=SI00,001-Sl,000,000 =Sl,000,001-SS,000,000 ll2 =M"' dianSS,000,000 
Value Codc:s =SIS,000 less K=Sl5,001-S50,000 L=SS0,001-SlOO,OOO M=Sl00,001-$250,000 (Sec Columns DJ) N=S250,00I -$500,000 "4500,001  Sl,000,000 =Sl,000,001  SS,000,000 =SS,000,001  $25,000,000 =$25,000,001 -$50,000,000 =Mon: dwl SS0,000,000 
Value: Mdhod Codc:s cCost (R