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Judicial Watch • Jerome B. Friedman – 2003

Jerome B. Friedman – 2003

Jerome B. Friedman – 2003

Page 1: Jerome B. Friedman – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:February 3, 2005

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The Honorable Mary Lisi, Chair Judicial Conference the United States Committee Financial Disclosure One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, 20544 
Re: Calendar Year 2003 Filing 
Dear Judge Lisi: 
,CJ) ,,.... 
..... > .T;l,.... 
July 23, 2004 :fl] RTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part VlmeJe you have reportable iinformation. Sign last page. POSITION. (Reporting individual onty; see pp. 9-t3 offiling instructions) NONJE -(NolCpO!tableposiitions.) 
Board of:V-JSilors. 	Wake Forest University School 
Direcltor 	Beth Sholom Home Eastern Vllginia 
Director 	Virginia Opera 
-tP ::0 
-c> .,....., JT1 
;:::s:Z JI. AGREEMENTS. (R1!:p0rting individual only. see pp. 14-16 offiling instructions} 
 NONE -(No reportable ai:rcements.) 
m 	... !E:-C 
Friedman, Jerome M29/2004 
Ill. NON-INVESTME11T INCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse; see pp. 7-24 offiling instructions) File1rs Non-Investmen1t Im:om NONE -(No reportable: non-investment income.) Virginia Retirement System (yoms, not spouses) 47626 Spouies Non-Investment Incom. -(lfyou were married during any portion the reporting year, please complete this section. (dollar amt>unt not required except for honoraria) NONE (No reportable noin-investment income.) 2003 	Virginia Retirement System 
IV. 	REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging, food, entertainment. (IndudeS those spoUSt: ancll dependent children. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) 
 NONE (No such ll:porlable reimbursements.) ... 
Friedman, Jerome GIFTS. (lncludes those tet spouse and dependent children. See pp. 28-31 instructions.) 
 NONE (No such reportable ,gifts.) 
VI. 	LLl.IUI.JTIES. (Includes those ofspouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) GotfCJ,ub 	Membership 
-income, value, transcations (includes those oftbe spouse and dependent childrelll. See pp. 34-57 filing instructi,ons.) 
Income during Gross value cad Transactions during reporting period Descriplioo Assets reporting period reporting period (inl:luding trust assets)	lfnotexemptfrom dis 
(1) -(2) (l) 	(2) (l) 
(2) (5) Place (X) afler asset cmnpt Amount Type (e.g. Value Value Type (e.g. Date: Value Gain ldentity fioln prior disclosure Codel div. mit. Codc2 Melhod buy, sell, Month-Code2 Code -buyerl,;eiler 
(A-H) 	int.) (J-P) Code3 merger, Day (J-P) (A-(ifpml111: micmp!ion) l-11 transa1:tion) 
DNONE (No n:portablc iD:ome, asse1rs, transactions) 
BBT(CD) Interest Treasury Note Interest Bai:lk America (CD) Interest Bank cf America (CD) Interest Sold 1113 
MeniU Lynch CMA Dividend -Afllymctrix Inc .... Dividend Alc:oa Inc Dividend 
Amgen Inc Dividend 
Clioro:1t Dividend 
10. 	Craoo1:Ud Dividend 
11. CcmocoPbillips Dividend 
12. D11l linc Dividend 
Dolhill Tree Stores Inc Dividend 
14. ElanCorp Dividend 
15. Electronic Arts Inc Dividend ., :;-  ..,, 
16. Grillette Co. Dividend 
17. h1tl Game Technology Dividend 
18. L-3 Communications Dividend Income/Gain Codes: (See Col111111S !,!Land D4) 2-Value Cocles: (See Col1unn.s and 03) Value Me1bod Codes (See Colllilll1 C2) =SI.ODO less = $50,001-SlOO.OOO = $15.000 less $250,000-$500,000 $2S,000,001-$50,000,000 ilp:praisal Bo1:ik Value Sl,001-S2.500 SHl0,001-Sl ,000,000 $15,001-SSO.OOO $500.001-Sl.OOO,OOO Cost (Real Estate Only) =Other S2,S01-SS,OOO Sl,000,001-SS,OOO,OOO SS0,001-SJOO,OOO $1,000,001-$5.000,000 $More than SS0,000,000 Assessment Estimaled $5,001-SlS.OOO =More than $5,000.000 $100,001-$250,000 $S,000,00l-S2S,OOO,OOO Cash/Market z,$15,001-:SSO.OOO 
--, Income/Gain Codes: SL. 000 less =$1,001$2.SOO Sl,SOJ-$5,000 $5,001-$15.000 $15,001-$50.000 
(See Colunms ,13.1.and 04)  $50,00l-$100,000 =$100,001-$1,000,000 Sl,000,001-$5,000,000 =More than $5,000,000  SlS.000 less =$15,001-$50,000 $50,001-Sl 00.000 $100,001-$250,000 = SS0,00()..$500,000 $500,001-$1,000,000 $1,000,001-$5.000.000 $5,000,00l-$25,000,000 S25,000,00J-$50.000,000 =$More than $50,000,000 Ap1n4isal =Cost (Real Estate Only) Assessment =Cash/Market =Book Value =Other =Estimated 
Friedman, Jerome :5/3/2004 
(Indicate part Report.) 
VTII. ADDffiONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS previou11 years, had listed Bank .America CDs. sold one the CDs but kept the other CD. Thus, have listed two seperate Bank America CDs this ye:ar 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all infonnation given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) ac:curate, true, and compfote the best knowledge and belief, and that any information ltl.Ot reported was withhi:ld because applicable statutory provisions permitting non-disclosure. furfher certify that eam::d iiricome from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reporte(l compliance with the provisions U.S.C.  501 et._ eq., U.S.C,_ 7353, and Judicial Conference rgulatfons. -.. 
Signatu.11 SUBJECT CrviL AND -CRIMINAL SANCTIONS U.S.C. app.  104)