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Judicial Watch • Joe L. Heaton – 2009

Joe L. Heaton – 2009

Joe L. Heaton – 2009

Page 1: Joe L. Heaton – 2009

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Date Created:September 11, 2013

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in GoYemment Act 1978 
Rev. 12010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C app. JO/-/ Pcnon Reporti1 (lasi name, first. middle initial) Court Oreanlzation D1te Report 
Heaton, Joe District Court -Western District Oklahoma 05/05/2010 Title (Aniclc judcs indicate active senior otatus; So. Roport Type (chock appropriate type) RrportiD Prrlod 
magismue judges indicate full-or pan-time) 
Nomination. Date 
U.S. District Judge 
lniliAI Annual final 
Sb. Amended Repon Cbmben om.., Addreu the bull oftbc lnforrnltion contaied lbd Rrport and any moolnut1on1 prrtalnln thereto, 11, opialon, compliance 
witb 1ppUcable IHn and rtularions. 
United States Counhouse 
200 4th Street, Room 3108 
Oklahoma City, 73102 
Revlcwln Officer Dalc 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructiom occompllllylng this form must followed. Complete all parts, check.Ing the NONE box/or eRch part when you have reportable Information. Sign last page. POSITIONS. (Rt{Hlrting lndtvUltil only;m pp. 9-/J o/fil/ng U...tru i 
.....,, -P. c.Ji 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Rt{Hlrtint lndivUfuI only; pp. 11-16 filing lnJtructions.) NONE (No reportable agreements.} NIA Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System -vested. Eligible age 
Heaton, Joe 
Datt Report 
Heaton, Joe 
III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Rrportlng/ndlridMalandJpoUJt;mpp.17-24offlling/nstrocdons.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
[Z] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
(yours, not spouses) Spouses Non-Investment Income -lffOu wen m11rried during orryport/an 
a/th nportlng  cotrrpku thi .uction. 
(Dollar amounl required acepl for honorana.) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -trorr1portdan, /adglng,food, rnt11ntrrrnl 
(lndudrt pp. 263 filing inmue11oru.) 
[2J NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
VI, LIABILITIES. (111rlud1J those ofspou>t Qnd dtptndtnt r!IUdrtn; se pp. JJ.JJ filing irutr11c/W1U.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
Diote Rporl 
Heaton, Joe 
Vil. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -irrcorne, voiue, llflMRCtiOf!J (lrrcludeJ rhou oflfHJUJe nd deptrrdelll chUdrtn; pp. 34-60 filing NONE (No reportable income, assets. transactions.) 
Gro cod 
Dcscnpt10n Assets Traruactlons during reporting period 
(including trust assets) _porting reporting 
(!) (2) (I) (2) -T(ii-(3) (4) (5) 
Place (X) after each osct Amount Type g.. lue Vluc Type (e.g., Date Valve Gain ldeouty 
exempt from pnor disclosure Code div., nt, Cock Method Ibuy, sell, mm!dd/yy Code Code buyer/seller (AH) mt.) (J-P) Code ck:pJ____ (A- (if private 
(Q-W) transaction) ---- 
-. ----- lntmc Gain Code1 S 1,000 lcn 11,001  ll.SOO 
(Sec ColurTYL ind 04) IS0,001 -1100,000 GSlOO.OOl St.000.000 Yale Codc1 ..515,000 lcu SIS,001. SS0,000 
(See Colwnrll aod Dl) llS0,00  IS00,000 SSOO,OOt  lt,000.000 12S.OOO,OOI  ll0.000.000 Val1 McUltxS Codct Appr11HI -Cost (Rnl Eli.ate Only) (Sec Column Cl) Book V1luc -Other ---- ------ 
 S2.S01 -SS,000 -ss.001 -11s,ooo l ll.00 -ISO.OO sso.000,000 Amasmcnt 
Date Report 
Heaton, Joe 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -lncom1,  tra,...,ctlon (lndudu thou O/JfX>US< ond dq>OOor ten lll,001 -110,000 LSl-0,001 .1100.000 SI00,001-S2l0.000 
(See Column1 and DJ) 1210.001  ll00,000 $5-00,001  1,000,000 Sl,000.00t -Sl,000,000 -15,000.001 -121.000,000 12l.OOO,OOI ll0,000,000 Moro than 15-0,000,000 Value Method Codes QAppni111l -COSI (Real Eslet< Only) Aucumcnt -ClSh Markel (Sec Colutnl C2) -other WEllimotcd Book V1luo 
Datt Report 
Ileaton, Joe 
VIII. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. (/dkllltprto/Repcrt) The value 1he oil and gas working interest identified Part VII, line based average monthly income during the period x36 months. The wells arc located Oklahoma (Folmar) and McClai (Lewis 1-11 and Mooney) Counties, Oklahoma. the custodial account shown Part Vll, filer the custodian co-signer the bank account and assets brokerage account --i custodian limi1ed partnership interests. Valuations publicly traded funds are based coslimarket; values mited partnership interests are based book value 
TI1e imited partnership interests indentilied Part VII, lines 11, and also had interest dividend income addition rental income (per K-1 The properties generating rental income arc Cleveland County, OK. 
Nonnan Builders Supply (line 2008 report) was liquidated prior years, wilh proceeds gain the common stock interest reason the 
liquidation. The aggregate ownership arrangement described Custodial Accowit No. 2008 and prior years has been deleted, adull and not dependent. For transition purposes, the information for 2009, would have been income code ofD, value code ofM, and lransactions ofparlial sales Growth Fund America (line 35, 2008 report) 05/26, 07/14, 09/0811nd 11/17 with value code and entry column D-4. 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, tnJe, and complete the be1t knowledge and belief, and that any Information not reported was wlthheld because met appllcable statutory provlsion1 permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria ind the acceptance KJft1 which have been reported are compliance with the provisions of5 U.S.C. app.  501 et. 1eq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544