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Judicial Watch • John F. Motz – 2009

John F. Motz – 2009

John F. Motz – 2009

Page 1: John F. Motz – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:10

Date Created:September 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 27, 2014

Tags:John F Motz, Growth, children, 2009, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, dividend, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Repor1 Req1ll not required except for honoraria.) 
[2J NONE (No reportable no11-inves1ment income.) 
JV. JJB URSE --trunsportation, lodging, f1wd, entertainment, 
/,. GIFTS. (Includes those .spouse and dependent children; see pp. 2831 filing in.strucrion.-..) [2J NO;--JE (No reportable gifts) SOURCE 
VALUE (A.BILI TIES. (Includes those of>pouse and depndent children; .iee pp. 32-33 Jilin. imtrutions.) 
[2J NONE (Vo reportabfe liabilities) 
fame Person Reporting 
Daie Report 
lotz, John 
05.J 4:20 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS income, va111e, rranactions ouc:1udes r1rose spouse anJ t1ependenl childri?n; see pp. 346o Jiting insrruc:1iuns.) 
Name Person Reporting 
Motz, John 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, a1ue, transactions r1nc1u.1es 11iose spouse ant1 t1epe11t1e11t children; see pp. 34-60 filinc instructions.) NONE (./fa reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
lame Person Reporting 
Date Report 
Motz, John 
VII. INVEST!1ENTS and TRUSTS --income, value. rramac1ions r1nc1udcs those srousc and dcpendcnr children; sec pp. J4-6o offiting ins1ruc1ions.J 	NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) ----------------r--------------------6:---- -----------1 
Name Person Reporting 
Dale Report 
Motz, John 
os.1-1:2010 JNVES lIENTS and TRUSTS -;,,came, atue, 1runs.:ic1ions r1m:tudes 11ivse 0rspuuse an11 depem1m1 children:,,, PP 14-60 otfitini: ;,,,rrucrions.1 
NOJE (Vo reportable income, assets, iransactions.) .D. 
(iuchJding trust assets) 
Di::;t:ripti011 A>se1s lnt.:011e dun1g Gros) va!ue end Trans11ctiws: dunng n;pJrting 
!-(1;------l:!J {J;--.--(4).. ---(5) 
Place (Xf after each asset .mo.unr Type {t.g, Vaiu VJlue: Type (cg, Date Value Gai:l ldentity 
1. Codt: 
exempt from pri..,)r d1sclo::;ure div., rcnl, Code .... kthod buy. sell, mrn/ddy-y CoJc CoJc buyc:-:;eller(A-H) int.) {J-P) (ide] redenpncnj (J-P) (A-H) (1frrivarc (Q-W) tr.rnsactaon) 
 ..,, ____ ___ ,,, ,,, ,._ --_,_,,,, ..... - _l___ ____,, 
52. TRP Growth Stock DiviJnJ 
53. TRP Spetrum Growth Dtvidend 
54. Summit Cash Reserw Interest 
55. AES C0rp 56. Direct Duke Realty Macys 59. Praxair 60. linion Pacitlc 61. Wash Real Estate Inv. Tnist Standard Poors Depo,ito1y Receipts Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Alleghany Cty. Bond 64. Fla. Housing Bond 6.1 L.:niv. !vld. Rood 66. TRP Prime Rc;crvc 67. TRI Giobal 68. TRP Olobal ([R.,i Interest wrest Imerest interest Dividend Dividend Rcckcmed Kcdeemed Redeemed Redeemed (part) os:o i09 ()7i()];(Ji ()4 0601)9 09/09/09 Jncume Guin Cod..:) (Sr.c Cohimr.. and 04) A $1.000cr :.::$0.00J -SI00.000 $1,001 -b2..:GiJ .:SJUO.fH1l  Sl.000,fJOO =ll;UJ -ll,00iHl -51.t!OO.OOJ -$5.000,00D i>5,00J Jl{i() More :hi!r: $5,001)/l(i(t -J; l.Pi)/ SIJ.VOi) ,Jluc Codes (See Columns .me! D1) ),000 lcs =$250,001 -500.000 -51 -$50,0D!l0 =}5l)0,01JJ -s; ,01)(}.l.)()I) =).itl.001 -$100,000Pl =S; .000,00 -$1)0.000 f>.1-=!00,001-$:50.000(>2 S5.00QOO! -)25.J.rCl:_IOtl Value Mclhod Codc:s (.S1. Colum11 C2) =$2.000.0Vl -.f.50,000.000 .