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Judicial Watch • John F. Nangle – 2005

John F. Nangle – 2005

John F. Nangle – 2005

Page 1: John F. Nangle – 2005

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:December 1, 2006

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 28, 2014

Tags:Twentieth, SAVANNAH, John F Nangle, nangle, Penoa, Growth, vanguard, trust, office, 2005, investment, dividend, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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iu:)lJ.tU.. KrVK1 
 Goemmmt Ar:t 1978 R6. 112()()6 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 pyc. app. 101-111) Ptr50n ReportiJI {last aame. first, mlddJe Initial) Nangle, John Court Orpnlzadon U.S. District Coun, E.D. Mo. Date Repan 05!0Ii2006 Ti (Article judges indicate active sailor status;magistrate Judges Indicate fllJI.. plrt-timc) U.S. District Judge Senior Report Type (check appropriatr type) Naminati0t1. Date Initial Annual Final Reporting leriod Ol/01;2005 12/31!2005 
Sb. A=-dcd Report Cbamben Office Address Box 8287 Savannah, GA31412 lhe btiis the infonnation containtd this Report and any modiftcatiom pertaining thereto, is, opinion, compliancewith applicable fll1o-S and regulations. Reiewing omer Date 
lMPO ANT NOTES: The ins1uclions tU:C-Ompanylng this form must befollowed. Complete allpans, 
checking the NONE box far pan 1hne you hlne reportllble lnfotmadon. Sign last page. Posmo NS. (Reponing indhid11al only; uepp. 9.13 afillstrur:tions.) NONE (No reportable positions.j 
Tnutec Trust ,.._, (/) ::0 c::J> 
(.-::) J:> 11r---;1 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting ltullridual only; see pp. 1./-16 ofinstractions.) 
[!] NOE (No reportable agreements.) 
FINA.ilCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page2 of7 Name Pem111 Reporting Nangle, John Date Report 05.101/2006 NON-INVESTMENT ME. (Reporting indirid11al amt !JfJDllSt!I pp. 17-24 o/instrat:tions.) Filers Non-Investment Income IKJ NONE (No reponable non-investment income.) (yours, not spouses) Spouses Non-Investment Income -Ifyo11 Wa4 malrkd dltringany portion the TqHJ#blgyur, cotnpku sllon. (Dollar amount no1 required l!iceptfor honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) l2i3l/05 Attorney self-employed 
IV. REBURSEMENTS -tTtlnsponlltion, Joqing,foad, 1111!Nt:lnmmL flncludes those spouse and depmns. 
 NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) 
Same Penoa Reportlag 
Date Repert 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inq,me.va1-,transactions1inc1udat1tosuft1t$/H,_11114t1epentkn1clUJdra.s,,e-pp.3+.s1offt/ingbrstnldiairsJ NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
DeJcriplion Assets Income durina Crroi; value end Transactions during reporting period 
(including trust ass..-ts) reptirtiog period reporting period 
(l) (2) (I) Value Valth! 
Place (X} aft;:r each asset AmoUI!t Typc(c.g. Type (e.g. (3) (4) (S) CM!llpt from prior dilosurc Codcl div n:nL Cod:2 Method buy, sen. Oat: 
Value Gain Identity 
(A-Hl int.) Cod.: merger, Month-Code2 CoocJ buyer/seller 
(Q-V) Day 
(A-H) (ifprivat uansaction.l  Wachovia Bank Interest 
The Savannah Bank Interest 
Twentieth Century lntemational Growth Dhddend Fund IRA SEP Account  Vanguard Money Market Fund Dividend 
 Vanguard Health Care Fund Dividend 
-Varguard Target 2005 Fund Dividend IRA Account Vanguard Prime Money !l.farket Fund Dividend 
10. Vanguard 500 Index Fund Dividend 
11.-Vanguard Value Index Fund Dividend 
12. angu.ard Growth Index Fund Dhridend 
 Vanguard Extended Market Index Dividend Fund Investors Shares 
14. -Vanguard International Growth Fund Dividend 
IS. Trust 
16. -Twentieth Cennuy Ultra Dividend -Twentieth Century International Dividend Growth Fund in 3lld 04l 550.00 -SI .000 SlO!l.f.>01 -St.ll00.000 -si,000,001-ss.oc-0,ooo MON !lJan SS,000.QOll 
.:.vrJC1e1 15,000 ... K-Sl3 .VOi -550,ll.ll -.SSu.r,o1 .s;oo,uoo =-$100,001  S:l.lll,000 
00 5!,000,001  S5,000,000 Pl-SM00.001 -Sl-.000.000 
NID!c Penoa Reporting 
Date Report 
Nangle, John 
IX. CERTIFICATION. urtify that all information given abon .(ineludJng information pertainJng 51use and minor dependent children, any) accurate, ttue, and complete the best knowledge llJld bellef, and tha1 any information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutoey prOl-isions permitting a.on-disclosure. further certify that earned income from ou.Ulde employment and honorsria and the acceptance gifts which bale been reported are compliance lrith the provisions U.S.C. app.  51 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judiclal Conference regulations  
Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, NE. Washington. D.C. 20544