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Judicial Watch • John R. Tunheim – 2003

John R. Tunheim – 2003

John R. Tunheim – 2003

Page 1: John R. Tunheim – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 28, 2014

Tags:Tunbcim, John R Tunheim, mutual, stock, 2003, spouse, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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A0-11 	Report Required the Ethics GoftrnJDe11t Act 1978 
Rev. 1/2004 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.:(;.. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, rust name. Middle initial) Court Organiation Tunhtim, John District Mipneota 	Title (Article Judges indicate llCtive senior st111Us; RcportTypc (check appropriaa: type) magistrare judges indicate full-or pm-time) Nomimliaa, Date ofRcport 
 05/i412004 Rc:P.arting Period 
U.. District Judge -Active Ini.tW 
12131/2003 Chambers Office Address 13E United States Counbouse 300 South Fourth Street Minneapolis, 55415 NONE -CNo.repanabJcpositioas.) Council Member 
Director the basis ofthe infbrmation contained this Report and any modifications pertaining themo, is, opinion. compliance with applicable laws 8Dd regulatiom. 
Reviewing Officer 
IMPORTANT NOIES: The imWc:tioas accompanying this form nmt followed. Complete all par11, chc:cting the NONE bax for each part where )OU hM11D n:port8ble infannation. Sign Jut page. POSITIONS. (ReportingiadiYidual sec pp. 9-13 filing ciioas) 
Govt Public Sector Lawyas DP.jlion, American Bar .Associ4ion 
MUmesota Jnstitu1r; for lJ:ga1 Education (nonprofit orpnization) 
St. Qoix Valley Commmity Foundation (aonprofit orpnization) 
Director 	Fc:dcral Judges Aaociation 
Director 	Ami:ric:an Judicature Society 
Director 	University Minnc:sola Alutmi Asloc:iatioa 
Director 	Americas Child (1lOllplOfit organization) 
Director 	Americas Child Mim!Clota (maprofit organization) 
11. Advisor 
12. 	Member, Liaison AdriaoryCommlttee the S1mdiag Cormnittee Blection uw, American Bar AMoc:iatim:. :XI 
(f) 1-T 
 NONE -CNo rcponabJc ap:rmcats.) 
Name Person R.cporting 	Date ofReport 
Tunhclim, John 	OS/1412004 
ill. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Rcportinginclividualandspouse;sccpp. 11-24offilinginstructions) Filers Non-Investment Income 
 NONE -(No rcporiablc non-investment income.) Spouse1s Non-Investment Income-(Jfyou were married during any portion of1hcn:portingyear. please complete this section. (dollaramaunt 
notrequired except honcnria) NONE -(No nmi-iDvcs1mcnt income.) 2003 
GCI Tunbcim (Jmiuary-Scptmnber). Tunbr:im Pll1ncrs (Scptcmbcr -December). 
Bush Foundation, Paul. (Director Compensation) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -ttansportation.-1odging. lbod. cntertlinmmt. 
(Includes tl)OSC spouse and dcpcndcnt children. Sec pp. lS-27 instructions.) NONE CNo such reportable reimburscmcnts.) 
National Auociation Attorneys Gcncnl S/19/03 -S/20/03 (Chicago, ll.) transportation and lodging food speak atmeeting CbiefDcputy Atlomcys GcnmaI. American Bar Association, GcM::mmcnt and Public Sector 216/03 -2/Ml3 (Sedle, WA) trmllportlDon and lodging for council tmeting.Law)crs Division 
ABC News -The JFK Projcc:t 	813/03 -814/03 (New Yode, NY) 1mlSpor1ation.. lodgingand food for interview 	 
The Cyril Wccht Institute ofPcm:nsic Science and Law, 11120/03 -11123/03 {Pittsburgh, PA) transportation, lodging and food forparticipatioo Duquesne Univ. Law School .... 
Tunhcim, John OS/14/2004 GIFrS. NONE (Includes those spoasc mad dependent cbildrcn. Sccpp. 28-31 ofinstruc:ti.OllS.) -{No sucbrcportabtegifts.) SQURCB Minneapolis Club DESCRIPTION Honorary Membership (est. dues) $4,080 
VI. LIABILITIES. (Includes ofspouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) 
 NONE -(No.rqxxtableliabilitic:s.} Excd. Bank -Minm:ajlolis Woddng Capital Line Credit for Tunbcim Parlnm 
.... .. :;..i_...#l1:.} ::.. : - .i: 
Name ofPcison Reporting Date Report.Page Tunheim, John 0511412004 
VII. 	INVESTMENJS and TRUSTS -iacome, va1uc. tnmac11ioas cmc1111ks 1bose m1be spouse m11 c1epem1mtcbikha See pp. 34-s7 filing iDsttuc:lioaa.> ,;.: 
Gross wlue end 
1--cllllillg 	Tnmsamoas during reponiDg paiod 
Descriptionat Assets 
(includiug tmst mds) DOI emapt ftom (l) (2) (1) (2) (1) 
(l) (4) 
J> (X) llllllh .-cmnpt Amoaat (0.g. Value Value from prior discbme 
div .rcat 
Valae Identity 
buy, sail, (AH) bit.) (1-P) Code3 lllllllJlr,ndemption) 
Code2 Melhad Month- 
Code! buycrfsellcr (1-P) {A-H) (if private 
DNONE (No reportable iiacc-,--. 0rlmlml:tions) Hiway Fc:dc:ral Credit Union. Paul. (BankAccts) Inmest 
Schwab One Money Marlcet Accont Interest State Minnesota Dc:femd Account None Rdin:mcnt Benefit Pim 	None 401(k) Fidelit;y Ltd None Term(form 
Atlis Energy for the Nineties Public Officer Distribution 
qsco Systems Inc. Stock  None 
ln1e1 Cqrp. Stoc:k  Dividend No.Ida.Gorp. Stock Dividend - 
10. Sch MFIDld  	--A lntac:st ... 
11. Wells,Faigo B8ll)c Jnu:n:st 
Tibco Softwire, Inc.  
None 	SEIL 
13.... J!!neQ.ty. 14. Hcnnepin_cOuntyMN unic:ipal Bmda. Minnesota Pub Faca Municipal Bonds r_: ...... ... ..... --8. .... Dividend __K. -r:irv- - ;!! .,.T. 
16. Pine CitY General Obligation Bonds Dividend 
17. Jordan Genr:ral Obligation Bonds.  Dividend 
18. RosemolDlt aami Obligation MunicipaiBonda Dividend $1),00ISS0,000 
trmsacticm) 	Dldc Report 
VIl. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -ilicclmc. va1ue, mnsc:aticms (includes those art11c spoiisc u11 dc:peadcml: c:bilclrm. See pp. 34-S7 offiliug instructioos.>  Desl:ription Assets Incimm daring 	Gmss w1uc rl. Tnmsac:tiam during n:porting period rcpiiting period 
(inclluliDg 1n1s1 assm) not c:xcmpt from 
(2) (I) (2) (1) 
 oo  eac1a llSld eumpt  
frcm.prior disc::lainn Codo2 M.etlaod llur .U. Mmdh- 
Amount (e.g. Value Type (e.g. Value Jdr:atity 
Code diY. mit. 	C4ide2 H) int.) (JP) Codc3 Day (JP) (AH){W} .redlim(Dw) 
19. Medtronic Dividend 
20. Diamonds Trust Series  Dividend  
21. Chcclc Point Software Tcclmologics  None PARBUY SIS 
22. iSban:s MSCl EAFB Index FUnd Dividend SEIL 3/10 
23. Convcrt1blc Growth Income Mutual Fund Dividend 
24. 25. Clipper Mutual Fund LonglcafPar1nen SmaJJ..Cap MutUal Fund Dividend Distnbution BUY BUY 12.122 12130     
Vanguanl Health Care Fund  Distnbution BUY 3121 
BUY 12.122 
IBM Cornman Stoclc  Dividend PAR SEIL 1/10 
BUY S/27 
30. PAR.SEU. 5/13 ......  .... -.. BUY 1124 ... .... _,. ... - .._ 
32. Lockheed Martin Common Stoclc  Dividedd T 
MCG Capital Common Stock Dividend ... - 
34. Select Comfbrt Common Stock  PARSEIL 214 
36. Slltbucb Corp Commm SIDCk  	None SEIL 11/4  .... 
Nmne Person Reporting Date Report Page 3of3 Tunbcim, John OS/14/2004 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS inccmc,vabie. lmasclllioas (im:1uc1es those ortbe spouse dependentchildrm. Seepp. 3+S7 filing iastructicms.) Incomedaring Grass value Ill end Tr-mans during n:parling period Dcscriplion AaelS 
reporling pc:riocl 
(iaclmliag trust U1Cts) 
not c:xcmpt 
(2) (1) (2) (1) 
(3) (4) (S) 
Place ext a1ter each .... exempt 	Value: Type (e.g. Dale: 
Amount Type (e.g. Value 
from prior dilc:IOIUle 
div. nmt..or 
Vllhle Glin. 
Code2 Codel bltvafsellerCodcl Cocle2 biiy, sell, Mmdh 
(U) Code3 merger, Day 
(A.ff) int.) (J-P) (A-H) fafpriwte(Q-W) ndcmpticm) lrlDsacticm) 
37. OncologyCmnmm SIDck  	None SEU. 2/4 
Worldwide Restaurant Concept Common Stoc:lc  	None 
39. Satclitc Radio Holdings Cammon SIDck  None 	SEU. 11/4 
Zimmer Holdings Common Stock  None 	3121 
ClipperMuJUl Fund Dividend BUY 12122 
LongleafPartners Small-Cap  Dividend PARSEU. 8119 
43. Finisar Corp  BUY 6127 
44. Lucent Tcclmologies  BUY 3131 
PAR SELL ll/4 
Maralhan 011  BUY 12119 
Matthews Alim Growth Income Mutual Fund  Dividend BUY 8119 
BUY 1219 
Qualcomm._ Distnbution BUY 3131 
First EiigleSagen Ovcneu Mutual Fund Dividand BUY lQ.116 BUY 1215 BUY 10/17 
53. Rydc:1t Juno MU111al Fund 
NamcorPcrsan Reporting 
Dldc Report 
Tunhc:im, John 
cdy Tunheim Santrizos co. Section Vll, linc 
, . -  - ... ---------... 
_.A,  certify that all information given above (including information pertaining spouse andminor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief: and that any information not reported wa8 withheld