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Judicial Watch • John Stevens Paul – 2009

John Stevens Paul – 2009

John Stevens Paul – 2009

Page 1: John Stevens Paul – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:September 14, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 23, 2014

Tags:Arlington, John Paul Stevens, shares, trust, 2009, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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l:HPORT ANT NOTES: Tire instructions anompanying tlii.> Ji1r111 must followed. Comp/et< all part:11 f1151 page. POSIT NS. (Ri!porring im/iiiduaf only; see pp. 9-/J offilin.i.: instr11ctimn.) NO>JE (Xu reporiable positions.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
Iv. IiVI BURSE:VIENTS --rmn.ipnrlillintr, lodging, food, enrerr,1inment. 
!. ..f (/11cludf 1h11.1 spotlie and dtpendr111 dri/Jre11; .iee Pf !.-)I offili11g inJfruni4>11..J 
NO:-JE (No repurrahle gi/f>.) 
..amt Ptrsnn lfrporting 
STE1-::iS, JOllli PAlJL NVESTNIETS and USlS --im:ome, 1alu1!, /f(Jll.QCtio,,S (f,1dmh::. tlw.1e cif.pOUJ(! iwJ depr:nde,,r childn11: Uf! pp. J.I jiling lftlrlHfiufl!i.) 
 NONE:: (No reportable income. asserv. rramaction:>) 
Dl.!..,r..:ripti.._111 As3cts lm:onii: Junn O:!:i aluc: c-nd 
(mdul.!I:. ll1.11yy (tXk Cok 
buyL:r r,:IL.:r 
(-If) int.) If!) Code rcdi.::-np11oni ii-Pl (A-Hi (tf pri :11.: 
tQW) Public School Bonds Interest 
UBT Ins. Inv . Arlingt,1n 	lnteresi 	ABT Ins Inv Arhngton /1 
Interest 	Vut.:hi.wia High rvtkt Pcrfomiancc tccL, fnh:n.:st 
V..11.:hcn1i(l Crown Classic .-u;I Arlington lntcrcil Vac.:huvia C1r ,i.;12!., Arlingwn {flwm.:rl: lntacst I. 
Bank ul ,merica lntcn.s1 	lctro Wash Airport tu1hont) Interc.a 
lnome Trust No. lnrcrcs1 
10. 	-Shares/Bank imcrii:a CTF Govt 
Obligation Fund 
-SharcsiBank Am1orca Short Term 
lnvc!itmcnt Fund 
12. 	lncorr.e Trust ;..Jo.: lnterc..,t 	-lm..l.ltncnt prO[krty Ill .Vcbstr Ctunty 
IL1w:1 	-Shares/Bank Arncric Sfant Term 
l:west:nt.:nl Fund 	 llank America CTF Tax bcmp! Bond 
Fund 0:u1foll:, Imp and Ref ll1b 
lnt....ri::-ot 	.,. Lilk:: Huilding -uthonty Interest ln,(l..: 1,1.n 1d1.. ):..,. .f/l -)5 iH 
-l.lJll!l 1r i..:,,  .1lll >11> ).)_:Jld !1) 11rn; S11,1!1) )J1.Pl)rl f:(J! (11.l).:1r11. S.>.(Jf)J.OOJ )J1Jl,fi()I. :C.1.GlidJ!ilJ $2,,fitfltJ.. ifl/JIFJ.(10:1 :>-fin 1h:111).,(l1HJO/lOO 1-.:lu.: h:tlhl