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Judicial Watch • John T Noonan Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

John T Noonan Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

John T Noonan Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: John T Noonan Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:12

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Stipend, John T Noonan Jr, library, Noonan, hotel, Congress, travel, meals, university, Washington, 2003, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, Judge

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Repcn1 Requfred tht'i Ethics 	A0-10 
Rev. !0004 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. PP !Olll Court Organization Date Report P'ersrnl Reporting {Last narne, f:rst name. "-1iddk>: hfal} 
U.S. Cou."t Appeals, 9th 
Noo'::an. Jr., John 
S/!5/2004 ReportTypc (check a'Jpro;-ia:e type) 
-4. Tit (ArtiJe ill Judges indicate actife senior status Reporting Period
magistrate judges indite fun part-time) Nomfoatior.,. D;;.tc 511512004 
Article Judge, Senior lniiial  (!) Amn12I Flual  
12131/2003 hambcrs 0!Tice Address the basis the information conied this RepOrt and any  
U.S. Court ofAppeats  ;no:iifications pertaining-thereto, is, i:r. opinion, compliance witlt applicable laws_ and regulations. 'Seventh Street  
San Francisco, 94103  Reviewi:i.g Officer  Date--- POSffiONS. 	(Reporting indivldua1 only; sec pp. 9-l:l offiling instructions) NONE  (No reportable positions.) President and Director 	Thomas More-Jacques Maritain Institute (non-profit cultural organization) 
Directer 	The American Pootty Ul: JJ,'!J or:;;  =-i1,:Ji.ilS2,50:.l  "'t2.5:n-S.'.VOfi  
(Ste Colunti,; am'. D4J  $50.'i.t 1-S 00.00(1 SHJV,001-:t-!JXJ().ooo  ""Sl.OX,OHS5,ll();f,000  H.2 1vtor lh::.u S5,000J.l(IO Ultlt' ('(u.'.'.:'.r 15.fl(;{I k:;;s l5JJOl -S$0,0'J-:J  1..  ""$50,00l-SHYJ,(tJO  "'$!OD.CG--$2S'.'1.0t.J  
:Sti. (1la:r:t15 and D3,   2SO,ii!K;" $50:d_{JJ;;  sov,001-s 1,(}{!0,rt.tJ  ""$LGD;).C0:.S5,00:Q_Q0(} .$5.:J')J;OOl-$25.00H,:Jt'{:  
!'3  "25,rXJ:;Jt:)!S5iJ.O:Y;.t:l'.ltJ  1'4  ""'SMon: lhl' 50.(H)D.00{1  =-ipr:ii:ra: l:Xxit-';::111:"  

VIL INVESTMEl"'TS and TRUSTS  !ttt.Tl"'X:VairiCOOes. .A.  =$1,il[})urlt:s:;; i,0Dl-$2.50iJ  =S2,5tii-$.0-{!  =i5.(J0i-:ll5.000  =$15.-0D1S5D.000  
(St-r-Co11tlrn an..: r;  "'"s:so,,x1,.s100,o;.)(1 Sl01.l,0{1l-$LOiYJ,'.XJO  "'s;'.,O'.:?:'J.L'  
Dool; ult!  

-income, -'alue, tmnscations (inr.:ludes those oflhe spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-:57 filing instrUctions.)

llH:ornc:.-Gain Codes: l.OOll less $1.0Dl-S2,SOO :i1,501-S5.000 SS,OOl $15,000 $:5,0Dl-SS0,000  
!Sc Culunm:= and S50,0Clt-!00.00(1 Xi,OLl!-s;l.OOCJ.000  "'Sl,OOD.0Ji-S5,C)()i).00U  ill =More tkm $5,000,CJOO   $15,UQl-$50,000 S5G,t  ,-SJOQ.000 ]00,CKll-$.250,000 O(J,00 i-Sl ,00031;xr S,OOU,DDl-0.5,0D0,0D-O  T':'  ,.. 'i:5,00J.OO -S2 5,000,0DO  }.:':Ji(Jl),(l-::J 1-S:il).OUi.Ull(J  ""Siv1on tliar: SG.000,0UO   .'ppr'J.l.>1   f:1