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Judicial Watch • John W Lungstrum Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

John W Lungstrum Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

John W Lungstrum Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: John W Lungstrum Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 9, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Lungstrum, EMERGING, large, John W Lungstrum, kansas, Johnson, mutual, Gross, district, 2009, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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40 Government Act t~i 1978 Re~. t/2oto 	FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 u,s.c app. ,~,~ ~ot-?~i) Person Reporting (lasl mn~e, first, middle im~i,~) Court or Organization D~e Report 
L.uugst~m, John 	USDC, District Kansas 05111/2010 [itlc (A~cle 111 judges md~cat achve scnior status: 5a. Report Type (check appropriate type) Rcporling Period 
t~agistratc judges indicate full- part-time) Nomination, Date 0}/01/2009 
U.S. District Judge (Active) Initial .... Final 12/3 I,2009 5b. Amended Report Chambers Office Address the basis the information contained lhi~ Repo~ and any 
modifications pertaining lhtreto, is, opinion, compliancewith applicable law~ and r~ulalions.
517 U.S Courthouse 
500 State Avenue 
Kansas City, 6610~ 

Reviewing O~cr 	Date 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form mast followed. Complete all parts, checMng the NONE box for each part where you have reportable information. Sign lastpage. POSITIONS. ~po,,i,g i,ai~ia.~ on~.: p~. 9-~ o,~ ,~,,~ i.,~,,,~,,,,~a NONE (No reportable positions..) 
POSITION 	NAME ORGANIZATION/ENTITY Visiting Pr~2ssor from the Judicial 	Unive~ity Kansas Scheol Law (as approved Chief Judge Circuit) 	Director and officer Westward Ho. Inc. (co~orat~on which owns residential property for personal 
rise) AGREEMENTS. m~o~,i,g ai,,iu~,t o,~y: ,,,pt,. u-u filing instructions.) i25D NONE (No reportable agreements.) 

Lungstrum, John 

III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. ~o~,~g~,ai~ia~,a~ ..... ;~,~. Fliers Non-investment Income NONE ~No reportable non-investment income.) DATE ~OUR~E AND TYPE 2009 University Kansas i~come f~r approved ~eaching  (yours, not spouses) $4.161.73 Spouses Non-Investment Income -tf you a~re married during any portion the reporting year, complete this section. (Dollar amolml ~ot r~,qui~ed exccpt fi~r hono~ar~a.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income..) SOURCE AND ~YPE  
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS ....... portation, lodging, food, entertai .... ~/~).h~des thos~ .~pott.~e and d~pc, ndent children." see 2~- fiiing tn~t~ucttons.) NONE OVo reportable reimbursements.) DAT~ LOCATION Federal Judges Association 05/01/09 05i04i09 W~hington, D.C.  PURPOSE Board Directors Meetin  !TEMS,,pAID PROVIDED Travel Expenses GIFTS. (h,ch,des tho,e 3ponse and dependent childrea; see pp. 28-31of f!ling instructions.) NONE (No reportable g~s.) DESCRIPTION  VALU~  
VI. ABI LITIES. t~,,cl,,d,~ th,,,-, o/s~, ...... dependent children; see pp. 32-33 filing NONE 6Vo reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR DESC;RIPTIQN  VALUE CODE  

R~po.,.g D.te Report

NONE (No reportable income, a~sets, [ransactions.)  
Dc~ripuon A~gctg (i~cludmg tms~ass~) Plac~t(X)"aficr each ~sct exempt from prior disclosure  Income during rcpomng ~ri~ ~2)~ Amount Type g., C~e div, rein, (A-H) ormt.)  Gross vah~c end ~cpo~ing period (~) (~) Value Value C~dc Method (J-P) Code3 (Q-W) T~e (e.g., buy, sell. redemption)  Tmsactions during rcpoging p(ri~ (2) (3) (a) Date Value Gain ~m~d)~ Code Code (J-P) (A-H)i  (5) Identity bu~cr/scllcr (if private transaction)  Morgan Slanley Liquid Asset Fund (Money Mkt) Tucson Wtr DisL (Bond)  Dividend Interes~  Buy  08131/09  CoLlege Station School District (Bond)  Interest  Buy  08/3 b:09  Johnson (.~, Water D~st  Interest  Buy  06/15109  Eaton Vance Tax MGD Growth Fund (Mutual Fund) Kansas State DOT (Bondi  Dividend Interest  Sold  09/01/09  Lawrence (Bond)  Interest  Johnson Wtr Dist (Bond)  Interest  Kansas St, H~3- Rev (Bond)  Interest  Sold  09/01/09  
10.  Derby (Bond)  Interest  Kansas Dev (Bond)  Ioterest  
12.  Johnson Rcc (Bond)  Interest  
13.  Topeka (Bond)  Interest  Sold I102.;09  
14.  Coffeyville Electric Utility (Bond)  Inlerest  
15.  Johnson Wtr Dist (Bond)  Interest  
16.  Cowley count) USD (Bond)  Interest  
17.  "EV Kansas Municipals (Mutual fired  Interest INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ......... tue, ..... 6ons ancludes those ..... depend ..... hild ..... e pp. 34-60 fiting ........ ion,sO 

N~NE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) Dcscnp~ton Assc~s Income during Gross value end qrallsaCtlOfl5 during rcpoflmg period iJnctuding t~st asscls) rcpornag period reporting period (2) 2) PEace "(X)" after each ~sct ~Amount Type (e.g., Value Value T~c (e.g., Date Gain ldcal~ty exempt l?0m ~rior disclosure Code div., rent, Code Mcth~ buy. sell, m~dff~, Code Code buyer/softer(A-H) mt.t (J-P~ 	Code redcmphon) (Q-W) ~ransaction) 
!8. 	IL~ Interest 
-MSDW Liq. Asset (Money market fultd) 

rMSDW Mid-Cap Growth (Mutual Sold 06!17/09 Fund) 

21, 	-Select Future Fund (Mutual Fund) 	-MSDW Real Estate Fund (Mutual Fund) 
-MSIF Small Cap Value lnstl (Mutual l::und~ Sold 06117/09, 

24. 	-MSDW Internalional Fund (Mutual Sold 06/t7,09 
-Setnp:-a Energy(Bond) 

-General Motors Acceptance Corp. (Bond) 

-May Dept. Stores Co. (Nolei 	-Lord Abbott Bond Deb (Mutual Fund) 
Buy 06/16/09 
29. 	-Financing Corp. Set (TreasuD) Redeemed 08/03109 
30. 	-MSDW SP 5Oll Index (Mutual Fund) 
Sold 06/I7..09 	-Van Kampen Con~stock Mutual Fund) 
Sold 06/17/09 	-FideliLv Advisor Mid Cap (Mutual Fund) 
Sold 06/17/O9 
33. 	-lag Imq Value (Mutual Fund) 
Sold 02/02/09 
34. 	-Janus Mid Cap "~.lue (Mutual Fund) 
Sold 06117/09 Person ~po~,in~ 	aat~ Lungstrum, Juhn NON (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Dc~r~ption Assets  Income during Gross vaTue end Transactions during rcpomng ~riod (including trust assets) re.fling period rep0~lng period 
(t) ~2) t2) (.) Place"(X)"a~ereach asset ~Amount Type(e.g., Value Value Type (e.g. Date Value Gain ldentityof (A-tl) ormL) (J-P) Code3 redemption) (J-P) (A-HI (iepr,vatc 
35. 	-MSDW SP 500 Index Fund (Mutual Sold 06/I 6/09 

~6. 	-Davis New York Venture (Mutual Fund) Sold O6/17/09 
37, 	-RS Partners Fund (Mutual Fund) 06/17/09 
-SBC Communications Inc. (Bond) 

-MSDW Equally Weighted SP 500 Sold 06/17/09 
(Mutual Fund) 

-Oppenheimer Int] Bond (Mutual Fund), 

-MS Natural Resource (Mull Fund) Buy 06/16/09 

-~V Income FundofBoston (Mua~al Sold 08/17/09 

-FideliW ADV DVRSFD lntt (Mutual Sold 06/17,09

-Foc~ard H~ver Cap Eqi (Mutual Sold 06;17/09 

45~ 	-Virus Real Estate Sec tKa Phoenix Sold 06/I7,09 
Sec (mural I~nd) 

46, 	-MS ChaaerGraham (Mutual Fund) 
-MS Charter As~ct (Mutual Fund) 

-MS Spec~m T~h (Mutual Fund) 

-Hartford Cap Apprec (Mutual Fund) Sold O6/17/09 

-Lazard Emerging Markets (Mutual Fund) 

Sold 06/17/09 
51. 	-MS Emerging Ivlkts Domestic Debt (Mutua~ 
Fund)  NONE (:Vo reportable income, assets, transactions.) Dcscripdo~ ASSClS 0ncluding l~sl assets) Place "(X)" a~cr each asset excmpl t?om prior disclosure Income during re~rnng ~r~t~ (~) Amounl (e.g., Cede d~v.. rent. (A-H) ml.) Gross value end reporting ~nod (2) Value Value Cede Meted (J-P) Code   Type (c.g., buy, sell rcdcmp[~on) Transactions during reporting period (3) Dale Value Gain m~d~z~  Code Code (J-P) A-H)  (S) [dcnttly buyenscllc~ (if prl~ate  
52. 53.  -Van KMPN Dynamic OPP Fund (Mural Fund) -MSIF Large Cap Po~ (Mutual Fund) -HQ H~lthcare (Mutual Fund)  Sold Buy  06/17;09 06/17~09  
55.  -Blackmck Opportunities (Mutual Fund)~  Buy  06/I 7,09  
56.  -Blackrock Equity Div (Mutual Fund)  Buy  06/17;09  
57.  -E.V Large Cap Value (Mutual Fund)  Buy  06/17,09  
58.  -Hende~on tnttOppor~nities (Mutual Fund)  Buy  06/17~09  
59.  -I~" Large Cap G~v (Mutual Fund)  Buy  0"17~09  
60.  -Jennison Natl Resources (MuO~al Fund  Buy  06/17~09  
61. 62.  -Lazard Emerging Marke~s Open (Mutual Fund) -Nuveen Tradewinds Vat Opp. (Mulual Fund  Buy Buy  06/17.,O9 06/I 7;09  
63. 64.  -Oppenheimer Gold Spec (Mutual Fund) -Tho~burg Intl Value (Mutuzl Fund)  Buy Buy  06,I 7/09 06,] 7.,09  
65. 66.  -Vza Ka~pen Small Cap Growlh (Mutual Fund) -Mainstay Large C~p Gro~qh A(Mu~al Fund)  Buy ~uy  06,;17/09 06,"I 7:09  

VIII. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. a~d;,,a,,p,,~o/r,ro,,) have treated reit~vestment programs exempt because the.-,, ~erely represent change the furm the asset. 
With regard the IRA (line 18), have only shown interest Column B(2) because the computer program would permit listing only one type. However, dividends and capital gains were also realized the IRA. .... ..... Rcporting Date Report Lungstrum, John 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify thai all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) isaccurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and thai any information not reported was withheld because met applicable staotory provisions permitting non-disclo~nre. further certi[y that earned income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceplance gifts which have been reported are compliance with the provisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. seq,, U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
Committee Financia~ Disclosure Administrative Office the United Stales Courts Suite 2-30 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544