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Judicial Watch • Joseph L. Tauro – 2009

Joseph L. Tauro – 2009

Joseph L. Tauro – 2009

Page 1: Joseph L. Tauro – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 14, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 25, 2014

Tags:juJgcs, TAURO, Joseph L Tauro, Joseph, office, 2009, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Rtporr Required rhe Erhics JIJ GcJernment Act fJ/ 1978 
Re,_ 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC app. IOI-I Person Reporting ( name, first middle initial) TAURO. JOSEPH Court Organization DISTRICT COURT Dare CJf Report 050620 Tith. (Article III juJgcs indicate acttvc senior status; magistrate juJgcs indicate full-or p3rH1mc} ACTJVF. Sa. Report Type (check appropriate typ) i:omin:llion. Date Initial Annual Fi1:al Rtportin Period IJl/0]12009 213 12009 
51>. Amended Rcpun Chambrrs or-Office Addnss U.S. COURTHOUSE, SUITE COURTHOUSE VAY BOSTON. 02210 the basis the inform:ition contained this Rt>port and any modifications ptrtsining thereto, iris, opinion, compliance \-ith :.i.pplinhle laws and regubtions. UateReviewing Officer ------ 
/JHPORTANT NOTES: The insrructions uaompa11ying rhisfiJrnt must followed. Complete all pam, checking rite NONE box for each part Hher you hae reportable information. Sign las/paJ:e. POSITJ NS. (Reportin1: indfridua/ only; see pp. 9-1.1 of.fifing in.muctions.) NONE (l.,o reportahle positions) TRUSTEE 	BROWN llNIVERSITY. RHODE ISLAND 
II. AGREE.:JENTS. (Reporting indfriduu/ only; see pp. /.l-J6 ofjiling in>tructions.) 
[ZJ 	NONE (No reportahle agreements.) ..c 
Tauro, 0N-JNVE STMENT ME. IReporting indfrid.,ul and spouse: Spv11se and dependent children; see PP 1J-6aoffiling insrrucrirms.1 
>!ONE (No reportable income. assets. transactions.) Ocscnption (lf As,ets Income during Gro;;;s va!uc t:mt Transactions during reporting pcnod (including trus: assets) reporting period riporting period 
(2) fl) (I) [2) (5) 
Place (X) atlcr c:ii:h asct Amoun Type (e.g Value Ve1lui: Type g., Dac Value Gain ldcnlity exempt from prfr1r disdosurc Code O.Of)() Sl00.001  11.0UU.lttI =Sl.000.001  ll.01)(),000 =.S,000.0111. Sl5.0UO.llli =$.:5,liOOJ.lfJi -$50,}00,000 =More than S50,000,000 .J)UL :