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Judicial Watch • Joseph M. McLaughlin – 2009

Joseph M. McLaughlin – 2009

Joseph M. McLaughlin – 2009

Page 1: Joseph M. McLaughlin – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 22, 2014

Tags:inimum, Joseph M McLaughlin, micro, pound, Distribution, court, 2009, spouse, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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FINAN ClAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Repun Rt?qu1red 1hir fl/11, G accompanying thi> fvrm must befollvwed. Complete allparts.dwcing the AON bvx for each part where you hae reportable information. Sign 011 last page. J>QS {()NS (Repvrting inJii.,duaf tHJ(l:; st.e pp. 911 ofjilinx instrutions.) :():[(No rcporcuble positions.) 
C:.J ..J 
r--;;C :t:> 
JI. REF lVJNTS. fRe1urti11g mdfriauaf on(r: m pp. 14-16 offilini: instnfflions.j 
Fi}; -;-! :U;E (o reporiubie agreements) 
(_)> ;-- 
-------- ----- 
----  N-J NVES ENT INC 0ME. (Reportit1g ind,.iduul a1rd spouse; see pp. 17-24 ojjiling instructions.) Filers Non-Investment Income Spouses No11-lnvestn1cnt lncornc -lfyou wen 111arri1!U duri111: any pc}rtion tifth re.porting year, compte1e 1his se1..ti()n. 
JV. Rli1Bll RSMENTS --transpvrtation, lodging.foud. entertainment. 
VJ. LlAB TlS. (lndude> iho;e ofspouse um! UJ>ende111 children; see pp. 31-33 offiling ;n>1ruc1ivns.J 
f_iJ NONF (u reportable liabilities.) 
Name Pl.-SOn Reporting 
l,cLaughlin, Joseph lVJ.. 
VII. J(STMENTS and TRUSTS --inLome, value. tran.+>actiuns (includes rhu!)e Qfspouse and dependent 1.:hildre11; pp. J./-(){) ul/ilinx i1isll Utriou.) NONE rt:porwble income, assets, Lransactions.) IJ. ADDJTIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. (Jmliwrepurt4Keporl.) 
0_:._ llAA/C::iSF retirement pLrn established while was lRW teacher. did not take minimum distribution 
from this plan 2009. 
tr) TI.-1 ../C:lF ?:J:13. toot: nr) iniwum distribution frorr; 
thFse funds 200). too inimum distribution froI rerrAinin funds ?00). 
;:_iI!!:__JZ 	Ihese old IHA accounts with TIAA/C.iEF from whuch 
took inimum distribution 200). 
IX. CEH.TlFICATTON. cercity thai: all infornrnt1on i:iven above including information pellaining spouse and minor depetHlent children, any) accurat. t1ue1 anti complete tht- be5t knoYled-gc and hcht:f, anJ that any information not reported WiS withheld ln:-cuse nu,( a1plicahh ,,t1tutot ro isions. rn.rm on-dido:>ur.  funhc1 
ct:t tify earn et.I income from uutsi(h: employment and bonoraria and the at:tptance ot gifrs which havt hr.en rq.wrtetl :.11e ,u111plianc.c with the provisions LS.C. app.  501 el. seq., t:.s.c.  7353, and Judici Confrrenre regulations. 
:on::,; INOIlDl \110 h:NOWI:-.t;LY AND WILFCLI.Y 
..D UH:11:.-L S.!ICTIO.S !.S.C. app.  l!H)