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Judicial Watch • Judicial Watch Deep State Update final transcript

Judicial Watch Deep State Update final transcript

Judicial Watch Deep State Update final transcript

Page 1: Judicial Watch Deep State Update final transcript


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Date Created:May 9, 2018

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Judicial Watch Presents: Update the Deep State
Introduction and Moderator:
Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Committee the Judiciary, Committee
Oversight and Government Reform;
Vince Coglianese, Host Mornings the Mall WMAL Radio and
Editorial Director, Daily Caller;
Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, Vice President for Strategic Coordination and
Operations, London Center for Policy Research;
Michael Bekesha, Attorney, Judicial Watch
Event Link:
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Judicial Watch
425 Third Street SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
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TOM FITTON: Good afternoon, everyone. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton,
with our educational panel talking about the Deep State specifically, the Deep State update. got great expert panel here, but before get them want introduce you the
program. Judicial Watch nonprofit educational foundation that seeks uncover, more
less, what the government to. try sue the government when does the wrong thing. that end, have dozens lawsuits over what the government been the last two
years relates the Clinton investigations and the Russia investigation.
And the Deep State clearly out control. You know, back the day when
uncovered the Clinton email scandal, Judicial Watch fought tooth-and-nail against the State
Department, the Justice Department, the FBI you name for documents. Little did know
that was protecting Hillary Clinton back then, these agencies were also targeting her
political opponent, Donald Trump. And since then, uncovered scandal through the
collective work Judicial Watch and especially Congress scandal that unparalleled
American history terms abuse government officials, offices, and agencies target the
political opposition party power; specifically, the Obama administration.
The Obama administration used the Justice Department, the FBI, and other agencies
target and spy its political opposition, work with the political opponent that person, Hillary
Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, launder intelligence from foreign nationals,
and use that pretext target and spy Donald Trump and his associates. incredible story, one that deserves much attention. And many ways, the top state
initiated the activity that are talking about the corruption are talking about. begins
with the Obama administration, the Obama White House, said, the top echelons the FBI
the time, but continues the Deep State now.
And the Deep State, think, can fairly described those individuals and agencies that
are the permanent bureaucracy, the alternative government, those not part the politicalappointee class that the president brings when comes into office. And the Deep State has
always been there. They always not liked conservative governments. They always not
liked Republicans. But with Donald Trump, they hate him. And result, they are willing
break the rules, bypass the rule law try undo his presidency with illicit effort target
him, prosecute him, and remove him from office, need be, through impeachment.
And this corruption has been front and center here Washington, D.C. not about
Russian collusion. You didn hear talk about Russian collusion because that not the
scandal. The scandal the abuse power the government agencies that are talking about the highest levels.
And Judicial Watch has dozens lawsuits trying get information about what going
on. sued about what Robert Mueller to. sued over the James Comey memos. sued about Andrew McCabe, the number two official the FBI. sued about the
text messages and the removal Peter Strzok (sp), Alicia Page (sp), two top FBI officials who
were anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton partisans. sued the State Department for records
about the dossiers was (grading targeting Donald Trump. sued the CIA and NSA
over the unmaskings and the targeted leaks targeting president Trump. real outrageous abuse power and even worse outrageous abuse outrageous refusal obey the rule law
And think one the stories talking about how the Deep State bending
over and backwards protect Hillary Clinton keeping information secret, but, also keeping
information secret way target President Trump because the information came out and coming out dribs and drabs know would probably benefit President Trump terms
his efforts stave off this lawless attempt remove him from the presidency. that being said, want introduce our special guests here. Joining first far
right Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who retired U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel. gained
some claim fame back around the September 11th attacks. was doing the Lord work
working for the Unites States government the time. wrote book, Operation Dark Heart,
which exposed the Able Danger scandal, which was essentially the mishandling classified
information way that didn allow protect ourselves from the 9/11 attacks. And since
then been able analyst what been going here Washington, and especially the
abuses the intelligence powers have. vice president for strategic coordination operations the London Center for Policy
Research. not London the U.K.; London Guy? Right?
TONY SHAFFER: No, Dr. Herb London.
MR. FITTON: Dr. Herb London.
Also joining Vince Coglianese, who the speaker who been speaker one
our panels way back when. Frankly, don remember way back when.
VINCE COGLIANESE: Yes, were drunk. (Laughter.)
MR. FITTON: Speak for yourself. (Laughter.) co-host one the most
influential radio shows here Washington DC, Mornings the Mall WMAL,
editorial director the Daily Caller. So, you know, Vince has been around. been the
Daily Caller for how many years now?
MR. COGLIANESE: For about seven years now.
MR. FITTON: Seven years. And recently did great video report the Deep State,
and got some great insights share with today.
Also joining today one the heroes Congress for those concerned about the rule law, Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio. serves Judiciary Committee and the
Government Reform and Oversight Committee. And almost singlehandedly, along with about
five six other Members the House, have been pressuring the Deep State turn over
information about what been what to. Comey memos, the dossier information
everything that you might want concerned about. Jim Jordan and his colleagues the Hill
are trying use the powers that the Congress that the Constitution entrusted them provide
oversight over the executive branch abuses that are concerned about today.
And now, said, Judicial Watch the front lines with lawsuits about the Deep
State. Finding out what going with the Russia collusion, with Hillary Clinton. Finding
finding out what going with the protection Hillary Clinton and the various criminalities
there, and finding out what going with the misconduct top level officials the FBI, the
Justice Department, and elsewhere under president Obama, and frankly, little bit under
President Trump.
And file lawsuits. And one the key attorneys that have involved filing
those lawsuits Michael Bekesha, who guess the senior attorney now Judicial Watch. been here for almost ten years, and went Northwestern University for law, and
MICHAEL BEKESHA: For undergrad. Missouri for law school.
MR. FITTON: Oh, the other way around. So, anyway, well-schooled both legally
and the practice battling government corruption. been the front lines, said,
behalf Judicial Watch. get come and talk about all the good work that Michael and his
colleagues are doing suing court you can find out what your government has been to. lot talk about. threw out lot opening comments. think talk about the way this will have our presenters give some opening remarks for few
minutes, and then have some further discussion. Starting off Tony Shaffer, who,
said, the front lines, has battled this Deep State before even called the Deep State
MR. SHAFFER: That right.
MR. FITTON: back the day. scarred battle veteran whose expertise
benefit from.
Thanks Tony.
MR. SHAFFER: Thank you, Tom, for having today. Thank you, gentlemen, for
being here honored with you. like start with metaphor sorts, regarding scenesetter, from great movie called Ice Station Zebra from 1968.
There scene where they Ice Station Zebra and character named David Jones, MI6 operative played Patrick McGowan, talking captain James Faraday, the
American captain, played Rock Hudson, about how Russian spy made Zebra, top the world the North Pole.
Jones: Ten days ago, Doctor Ari Goodwin (ph) appeared and applied for permission some research here. university professor impeccable qualifications, was
immediately accepted and flown here the next supply plane.
Faraday: You knew was their agent?
Jones: Ever since became impeccable.
That how seen the Deep State this amazing manipulation the services
the entire landscape reporting. What has happened over the past year this use intelligence
authorities. People impeccable positions authority going out and providing information,
leaking information that otherwise highly classified, highly contentious. But the media
accepted this single-source reporting.
Some were talking about this year ago how these outlets, number outlets,
CNN, MSNBC, NBC, were all talking about all these specific issues which could only come
from the top guys. And was amazing watch because normally reporters and you one
those has have multiple sources overlapping information what important related confirmation. You want have sensitive? more than one person confirming it. what saw last year, support the Russian narrative, was this amazing, singlesource reporting where unnamed source (audio break). why would why would the American media, this supposed wing oversight,
completely compromise itself? Because was talking impeccable men. Impeccable men the
Deep State, who this day represent themselves somehow neutral third parties not interested politics. Jim Clapper, John Brennan. They all continue profess their innocence like: Oh,
are all just here help. And that not the case all because they were impeccable. And that
why you had the single source reporting being accepted the senior levels the network.
The goal the Russian narrative, think, was from the beginning something that was
designed the Deep State for purposes using against candidate Trump ultimately when
lost. Remember, during the time that everything was going 2016, most the presumption
which seen and all the disclosures issues relating texts the Stroke (ph) texts with his
girlfriend. The Comey background. Everybody presumeed Hillary Clinton was going the
winner. why then did they use the narrative the way they have? Because all they had.
Once President Trump was elected, they had with the narrative which was designed
stake the heart candidate Trump after the fact. And frankly, all the things now
learned over the past year, would have never known not the form that know now,
because one would have had the courage sure, Jim, you would have had the courage,
but you would not have the support the White House the hard work tearing
all apart. have now look how this was possible. How was possible for these senior
members the intelligence community manipulate not only the media, but then, extension,
the public opinion? The thinking. That where the critical issues have address come forth.
And one the numbers terrible with math, but this number going throw
out. talked about with Vince this morning. According sources, 2016 and 2017, percent the foreign counterintelligence budget the FBI was diverted from looking
threats, looking foreign counterintelligence, focus only Clinton and Trump absolve
Clinton and convict Trump.
Now, what you call that when official element the U.S. government diverts
money appropriated funds for purposes defending the American people, and turning
against domestic targets? That the Deep State. That what are talking about here. This
not something that fictional. not tinfoil-hat stuff. can look the stats. can back
and study what have seen and figure out. And that where are right now. That
why what doing today critical for the dialogue the American people, and make
sure that this continues. how did all this happen? One the things noticed over the years, and very
quick about this, that the other side has continued make investments people. Essentially,
they put political capital into getting their people into the system early and seeing them
through. Louis Lerner being one those political appointees converted over being
government employee.
Another one. was just doing little research before went the air. Jamie
Gorellick (ph). Jamie Gorellick was DOJ lawyer, and somehow she ends over Fanny
Mae, mortgage company, making million. what how does this what the Deep State
does. They actually find methods trying support the individuals they see politically
reliable and pushing them through. now are seeing been experiencing over the past year, the end-state results investments the left trying things put people place for purposes maintaining
control nation-state capabilities for purposes political gain.
That simply what believe (inaudible) that is. all not lost. heard from
sources that not that when they did the raid Mr. Cohen office New York, President
Trump attorney, there were some FBI agents who refused participate. Once they figured out
what was going on, they stopped. want talk those men because those men know what
been going behind the scenes. There are people who resist this all the time.
And one (inaudible) last points. Chuck Todd said Sunday, the 22nd, Sunday
morning, preparing for his show
MR. FITTON: Who Chuck Todd?
MR. SHAFFER: Chuck Todd, NBC correspondent, political operative, correspondent,
talked was watching this this past Sunday morning. This what said. D.C. paralyzed
from the Russian investigation. What meant was the Deep State paralyzed the Russian
investigation. hasn gone the way that they anticipated, now they don know what do.
And think that why you see more and more desperate measures from inside.
And the last point want make, and this something pertinent all because all known what the government can do, and not do, regarding technology and intelligence
collections. The U.S. government has immense technology and intelligence capabilities.
Immense. someone who used these for purposes trying defend the country, very
much aware what they are. But these are ambivalent the user. That why critical
that these technologies and capabilities remain controlled people who are objective and
essentially are willing and able fulfill their oath office and try remain above reproach
relating political maneuvers and enticements.
And that why critical that continue this argument. And, Tom, thank you for
having this discussion for today.
MR. FITTON: Thank you, Tony, for setting things the way you did. Appreciate that.
Those numbers you gave are pretty astonishing terms that diversion resources. Our
instincts are lot money being wasted investigating Donald Trump, and you put number that making clear that our security may harmed result that diversion
MR. SHAFFER: Absolutely.
MR. FITTON: Vince, you been seeing this from more disinterested perspective
from your perch radio host and editorial director with the Daily Caller, interested really your point view this.
MR. COGLIANESE: Yes. Spending some time actually looking this with any
sincerity should scare anyone who spends least little bit time looking it. have
natural, you mentioned disinterest, have natural aversion conspiracy theories any kind. Like, running the opposite direction when even feel like that where
going. But then spent little bit time pulling back the curtain what the Deep State is, and was really very troubled what found. did report for the Daily Caller called What the Deep State? Very simply,
wanted ask the question what it, and what animates it, and what historical precedent
there for one exist. And actually does exist. cyclical throughout history. lot
governments have dealt with this. Turkey and Egypt come mind places that have real deep
states with aggressive control over their governments the past. But, then you look the
American example. spoke James Rosen, investigator reporter, and talks about the
extent which Richard Nixon was controlled his own government the people around him,
who were spying him, and the people who worked for him.
Henry Kissinger constantly had his briefcase rifled through. The director the attorney
general the United States was spied the protective detail that was assigned him the
FBI director. They were keeping copious notes conversations between him and his wife, and
sending them back. That seems pretty bad. That does not seem like the America that any average
citizen going voting for, yet that what have our history. think that the example there the Hoover example head the FBI, led the United
States try and rein the power the FBI, and the power people who act deep state
actors. But there has been this creep since then where they are increasingly empowered. And the
reason know they are empowered because, thanks the people who are this panel for
one, and for others who are likeminded, there has been actual call for accountability late. think over the last two weeks gotten least semblance some information,
that informs how much don actually know. see bits and pieces. And have couple
examples. think the James Comey memos has been interesting watch the media coverage this member the media, asses it. And much has been wrapped oh,
Donald Trump protests too much. protesting, wanting clear the cloud
heard, this notion that had some sort rendezvous with prostitutes Moscow that
involved watersports. And that wanting clear that cloud, that therefore guilty. That
being obsessed with guilty, which course insane because anyone who ever been
falsely accused anything their life going reflexively tell you the fervor with which they
are going oppose those accusations. course this Donald Trump issue. And these Comey memos which, again,
think were revelatory, learned couple things, but two jump out that are key. One
that initial meeting with James Comey Trump Tower, wherein the only person the
room (audio break).
Why does say this? Well, tells the president the United States, least
notates, that James Clapper the one who urged him say it. needed have this meeting.
Ok, well why are you telling him about this. And why, the way, didn you tell him about the
rest the dossier? Why was just this salacious details? The reason for this, according James
Comey, his own memos, was that media outlets were prepared publish something it.
All they need now news hook, wrote his memo. All they need now news
hook. And specifically name-drops CNN the course that meeting. again, least
notates that CNN the one who wants it. Well, wouldn you know it. week later CNN the
outlet that breaks the news.
James Clapper connected this insofar pushed James Comey and how did get
CNN? Well, here what know. Finding the House Intelligence Committee Report was
that James Clapper had provided inconsistent testimony about his contacts with the media.
Specifically, CNN. James Clapper now works for CNN. don like conspiracy theories. hate them. They drive crazy. But when you can put
that many bullet points board, you begin get very suspicious the situation.
The other thing is, from those memos, and the ways that think they are revelatory,
that James Comey, for the course last the year, has insisted that the president the United
States had requested his loyalty way that seemed that was mob boss. fact, that how
James Comey had described him. Well, the memo reveals detail that never revealed the
congressional testimony, and the following thing. talked about how frequently the
government the United States leaks. fact, there portion this that does not make its
way congressional testimony ever. read the full transcript. Never makes its way
congressional testimony. said the following Trump. asked whether the FBI leaks, and
answered that, course, organization 36,000 were going have some that, but
said, think the FBI leaks far less then people often say. predicted he, like all presidents, would
discover that the entire government leaks like crazy, and explained that often comes from the
first second hop out from those actually working sensitive thing. replied that needed loyalty and expected loyalty. His reply directly related the
conversation about the leaks, that were already troubling the Trump administration. The fact that
his phone calls with foreign leaders were already leaking the Trump administration was highly
suggestive the fact that needed people around him who were not disloyal, who were not
sharing the contents those information, but were instead loyal him. the way, how did the contents that information get out? Again, the Deep State. his testimony, James Comey testimony. Here his opening statement. This the way described the same conversation. talked about how was one political side.
added that was not anybody side politically and could not counted the traditionally
political sense stance, said, that was his best interest president.
The leaks, summarized the following words. few moments later, comma, the
president said, need loyalty. expect loyalty. that not lack candor, don know what is. That the very thing that jumped out when read these documents.
Andrew McCabe, perfect example. Yet again, somebody the FBI who thought can
act with impunity. Lie his own agency four times over the idea that had contacts with the
media. very one the outcomes hope get from this panel, but certainly from all
the investigations that all are participating some capacity, is, how that many
people within the government, with much power, think that they can act with impunity.
And that the answer that like get. know all you would like well.
MR. FITTON: Thank you, Vince, for that excellent presentation.
Jim Jordan, thank you, behalf the American people, for the work that you and your
colleagues are doing, Bob Goodlatte doing some good work, even Trey Gowdy. Devon Dunez
obviously. strikes that the Houses leadership has acquiesced the efforts get
information out the government, which positive development. not all there
perception, but the degree that they acquiesced, because pressure from you and your
colleagues. have the Comey memos thank this pressure. have information about the
dossier. have the Nunez memo thanks this pressure, and who knows what else.
JIM JORDAN: Based lot what you guys (inaudible).
MR. FITTON: But glad see the Congress following our lead.
REP. JORDAN: You got the offense like Judicial Watch.
MR. FITTON: That right. Thank you for doing that. Any insights you could give
the current crisis would appreciated.
REP. JORDAN: couple thoughts, Tom. Again, thank you for the great work that
you do, and for the panel. And want pick few things Tony and Vince started off
with. Tony talked about the incredible intelligence capabilities this country has and how you
need the right people control these.
But, more importantly, you need people who are actually elected have the ultimate say.
So, remember back, during the transition, Chuck Schumer one the Sunday shows says,
when Donald Trump when President-elect Trump concerned about the leaks, says,
you got careful. Remember, the intelligence community has six ways from Sunday
getting back you.
When heard that statement, like, you got kidding me. That not how
works the United States America. not unelected people getting back folks who stood front the voters, name the ballot, and were elected the people. that, me,
probably the biggest concern about some these things seeing from the swamp.
Here how serious is. Think about what happened the very top the FBI. Jim
Comey fired. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired. Now faces criminal referral, maybe
prosecution. Fired for, Vince indicated, lying four separate occasions the FBI, three those
under oath. Here how bad Mr. McCabe was, and thought was above all: not only
leaks information the Wall Street Journal for his personal interest not the public interest, not
the FBI. leaks it. Devlin Barrett then runs the story the next day. When the story runs, what
does McCabe do? you saw the inspector general report. gets the phone and calls
two other people not associated with the leak all and reads them the riot act way cover
his tracks.
Now, you talk about bad gets and the power that some people believe they had.
this how serious you got Jim Comey fired; Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired,
facing criminal prosecution potentially. Jim Baker, chief counsel the FBI, demoted,
reassigned. Peter Strzok, deputy head counterintelligence, demoted, reassigned. Lisa Paige,
FBI counsel, demoted, reassigned. this these are the top people. Some the very top people the Federal Bureau Investigation. don know any time you seen that many people fired, potentially facing
prosecution, demoted reassigned, any other type agency.
Second, Vince mentioned the January meeting Trump Tower. The very first memo.
had the same takeaway that Vince did. thought that this was the case before. The news hook
was the fact that Comey was briefing the president. That gave the weight the, quote,
legitimacy the press wanted, and instantly leaked. And course, CNN runs with the story.
Oh, the dossier was important (inaudible) that document. thought all along don know this for sure, but still believe this that Clapper was
the guy who orchestrated the entire thing and orchestrated the leak. CNN ran with the story,
Buzzfeed then prints the entire dossier.
And finally, have say just this. Well, two other thoughts. Here how crazy the
swamp is. And the thought that were talking about this the other day. Think what had
started the whole counsel special investigation. Rod Rosenstein writes the memo fire James
Comey. James Comey, leaks another document the New York Times create momentum for special counsel, and course wanted Robert Mueller, the special counsel. Rod
Rosenstein then names Bob Mueller special counselor and overseeing that investigation, and
one the things they looking was the obstruction justice and how Jim Comey was fired. mean, this the biggest roundabout circle thing ever seen, and just drives
Americans crazy when they see all this, and probably drives them the most crazy and finish
here the double standard. said better, the two standards. One set rules for regular
people, but different set your name Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Lerner. Nothing
frustrates the American people more. And this why this all important. this great country, and this your opening comments, Tom. this great country, supposed equal treatment under the law. From the highest person whomever, equal
treatment for every single individual. The rule law and the equal treatment the law
paramount importance. And that why have get the answers and keep digging, the
American people can rest assured that that still the case.
MR. FITTON: Thank you, Congressman Jordan. What occurs also about that
meeting that Comey set up. Remember, this the first meeting the president had with the FBI
director. The president-elect, and ambushes him with this material. That was orchestrated
the Oval Office.
President Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, and Comey all talked about what was going do.
REP. JORDAN: And they had choreographed.
MR. FITTON: And Obama and you read Comey interview about with George
Stephanopoulos didn see the book. haven read all the book, fair, you know.
Obama looked him and raised his eyebrows. going big deal, watch it. Obama
the middle this. And this going be, think, increasing focus over the next year
Obama involvement the handling the dossier and directing all these resources targeting
Donald Trump and defending Hillary Clinton.
REP. JORDAN: Yeah, don know that yet, but what know this thing
was this thing was planned, all the way down you staying with him, which going
James Comey and the President. Clapper the one who told him stay. mean everything
points Clapper certainly choreographing this thing. Again, don have definitive proof, but
that where hunch is. Clapper was the guy who leaked it. Clapper happened.
MR. FITTON: believe everything. (Laughter.) been asking for all these
documents and you would have thought would have gotten change heart from the Trump
administration, but hasn been such, Michael, has it?
MR. BEKESHA: hasn been. And one the reasons don have definitive
information all getting are leaks. Judicial Watch asking for sued over the Comey
Memos. The government fought for it. The court ruled against us, and then they leaked.
The government still hasn come back and said, Those are actually all the memos and those
are all correct memos. don know that. asked for the Peter Strzok, Lisa Page text messages and emails. They haven
turned any those over yet. asked for records McCabe involved with his conflicts, text
messages sent. None those, they haven even told text messages exist, even though the report just came out and talked about some the text messages and quotes them. keep fighting. after three years after learned about Hillary Clinton
private email server, still don have all her emails. almost two years after the FBI
investigation over. still don have all her emails and don have all the files related the investigation. still waiting for all this stuff. keep fighting court. The
government keeps slow walking. They keep obstructing. And all have are the leaks from
the Deep State, and that problem. don know the American public doesn know what believe because don have the full picture, and not going until everything
And Judicial Watch keeps suing. keep fighting, but the government keeps fighting
back. And didn know, wasn around election day, would have thought that Hillary
Clinton had won because the administration, the positions taken federal court, they haven
changed. They would the exact same they would have been Hillary Clinton had won.
MR. FITTON: That quite statement and reflects poorly the Justice Department
and the agencies that are supposed like the State Department that are responsible for this.
But what really strikes about this whole crisis and didn really talk about
this the Mueller investigation. view, the Mueller investigation the dog tail wagging
the dog the Justice Department. And they don want prosecute Hillary Clinton, why
would they release documents that would make more likely that public pressure would lead
her prosecution?
They want prosecute Donald Trump. why would they release documents that
would undermine the public mind the credibility investigation into him.
MR. FITTON: Isn the Mueller investigation this point, positive note, zombie
REP. JORDAN: Well, yeah
MR. FITTON: With the collapse the credibility Comey and
MR. FITTON: and McCabe.
(Cross talk.)
MR. FITTON: The DNC dossier. And Mueller covering Strzok the file.
REP. JORDAN: Yeah, yeah.
MR. FITTON: And covering four months from Congress that was removed
(Cross talk.)
REP. JORDAN: The great irony is, date, one year into this, evidence whatsoever
any type coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia impact the election. But
got all the evidence that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid the law firm, who paid Fusion
GPS, who paid Christopher Steele, who most likely paid Russians get information that was
salacious and unverified, even according James Comey.
And the documents Michael and you guys were talking about, met with John
Lausch, who now the point person, the U.S. attorney from Chicago brought the Attorney
General the point person get the documents the Congress that entitled to,
separate and equal branch, entitled get. Congressman Meadows and met with Mr. Lausch,
who seemed like great guy. Him and few other attorneys from Justice Department, two weeks
ago. And the meeting and getting impatient. And finally said, Look, got four
questions for you. What the approximate number entitled to? Give the approximate
universe what supposed get. Tell currently, your current process, how many
steps are involved? How many people has through before comes the Congress? And
then tell the production standard you use. the number, the steps, the standard, and then
finally, the most important question, when? When are going get it?
And their answer literally all four questions was, don know. said (laughter)
You got week. Send letter; send letter answering those four questions. got the
letter and they answered the first question. They couldn answer the other three. The first
question answer was, think 46,000. Now, the 1.2 million that Horowitz had seen,
looking all the stuff the Clinton and everything else. They think ours approximately 40some. say, Great, that nice you get number, but six months far, received 6,000
documents. that pace, talking years, years before ever get the information. That
what frustrating. And again, why? Why can you just you can give Michael
Horowitz 1.2 million, you can certainly get 46,000 and get them us.
MR. FITTON: told the White House they need take this approach extreme
MR. FITTON: This panel agreement, but think one the issues that think Congress
has got face and have face collectively that based the Watergate scandal, the FBI
and the Justice Department think they outside the government. They don answer the
president the United States. inappropriate for the White House tell Justice Department
and the FBI what do, even terms complying with members Congress constitutional
requests for documents lawful requests the case Judicial Watch anyone else the
And the Justice Department and FBI are literally answerable one speak.
They don believe they should communicating with the White House the substantive
matters and taking direction from the White House substantive matters. Even matters
oversight and transparency. real crisis. And want ask you, Tony about the FBI, which absolute mess.
The leadership has been shown thoroughly corrupted and Christopher Wray, every
time see him public, talking about how needs protect the institution the FBI,
opposed cleaning up. wrong thinking seemingly oblivious the corruption
crisis his agency faces and the credibility crisis his agency faces?
LT. COL. SHAFFER: No, you actually correct. will say this about him, wears
JCPenney suit better than anyone else ever seen wear one those. (Laughter.)
MR. FITTON: Good for him.
LT. COL. SHAFFER: kudos for him. With that said, look, has not been good
steward his responsibilities the American people. talked number FBI agents and really interesting that one them particular had talked about how there was great
skepticism Comey firing. believe James Comey, during the time with the FBI, was
more focused his image, management his image than managing the FBI. And know
number crises. Some have talked about these offline.
But the rank and file members really believe that Comey was standup guy fighting for
them. And over the past six months, eight months, there been complete reversal that. Now,
these agents, who really the hard work, and worked undercover with the FBI two
separate times, deployed with them. book, Operation Dark Heart, the FBI guys were
working with Afghanistan. love those guys. not them. not the guys the ground doing the hard work. is, you pointed
out, Tom, and you, Jim, pointed out, this upper stratus leaders who have decided, are
going take the organization and everything and bend our political will. And they
not liked anybody. Christopher Wray comes another, maybe not vociferous, but very strong
advocate the Deep State because seen his testimony, and all about, Well, get
that. going have lunch and get back with you that. And that exactly what seeing here. this where Congress has roll in. they may want look other
agencies. Your own Christopher Hills has talked about the Marshals, U.S. Marshals Service
being involved doing something try reorganize the FBI around something more. You
may not able salvage the leadership the FBI, but you have lot good operatives, field
agents, special agents, and the military. argue percent the foreign counterintelligence budget that the FBI gets has been
abused. All the U.S. military services, DOD has the ability the same thing. again, Jim,
you may want look actually having DOD takeover some the FBI mission until you can
figure out are these guys standing not? And again, not the field guys. the
leadership. going take some time fill up.
But the bottom line cannot have any government agency that functions, not only
believes, but functions outside the scope appropriate oversight and the law. And this where right now.
MR. FITTON: want talk about conspiracy theories. The left tries use
(Cross talk.)
MR. FITTON: The left tries use the phrase conspiracy theory freeze discussion
about substantive issues.
MR. FITTON: But experience, there always conspiracy behind specific
government misconduct. And got specific government misconduct. have leaks
classified information targeting General Sessions, General Flynn. General Flynn real general.
General Sessions general because serving general, just clear. And that was illegal.
And arguably, the unmasking their names that led the leaks was also illegal.
MR. COGLIANESE: Completely.
MR. FITTON: took probably more than one two people that. That the
definition the conspiracy.
MR. FITTON: the GLs are full people put there based conspiracy theories the
law. You talk people the radio. You get people calling from Washington, D.C.,
heavily government crowd. Are they buying what you selling this?
MR. COGLIANESE: What selling?
MR. FITTON: Yeah, these are the folks who
(Cross talk.)
MR. FITTON: But these are the folks who know what going on. They got this four
and half million people have security clearances.
MR. FITTON: Many them live around here.
MR. FITTON: They know how this works. they think just making stuff up?
MR. COGLIANESE: No, they don fact, they deeply skeptical. speak to,
obviously, listeners all the time, but like Tony, talk some sources well the FBI. And
when talk these guys, they are skeptical their own leadership. And you talk about wanting preserve the integrity these institutions, this notion that Christopher Wray wants preserve
the FBI. Good, clean up. That how you preserve the integrity institution. You actually
make operate effectively and live the oaths that these guys take when they actually take
the job.
One the things that drives crazy, and glad Jim Jordan here, the congressman.
Congressman, drives nuts when see letters sent back Congress talk about the
REP. JORDAN: Oh, yeah.
MR. COGLIANESE: exception measures that the Justice Department had take
order responsive
(Cross talk.)
MR. COGLIANESE: your requests, they doing you favor.
MR. COGLIANESE: nonsense because, again, one thing you stated, they not
elected. country civilian leadership trying run the institutions that oversee the entire
thing and hold together. reasonable expect that our elected leadership charge.
And really struck the reason this can abetted, this notion conspiracy theory, and
people who ask questions like this, which is, our government good government? The
reason that gets abetted because the Trump era, the media has gone all-in credulity
those sources. the press not speaking truth power. They accepting truth from power. And that probably one the most insidious forces all this that they reflexively believe that the
president United States asked for loyalty oath without context. And again, mentioned, not. There plenty context, except James Comey decided didn want release it.
was being duplicitous. fact, Comey such interesting figure all this because think become
and nice that out the public because can watch kind how cameras reveal lot. And think they reveal lot about James Comey.
LT. COL. SHAFFER: like train wreck.
MR. COGLIANESE: Yeah. You watch him was asked, think was George
Stephanopoulos, Why that you leaked through friend, professor friend, your memos?
And his instead just giving reporter. Why didn just that directly? What was the
idea creating that hop? And like, You know, the reason, and not quoting him
verbatim, but find this, the reason said did because didn want the other
reporters jealous. didn want give one reporter the expense the others.
couldn really?
(Cross talk.)
REP. JORDAN: That the interview.
MR. FITTON: That experienced leaker who understands that.
REP. JORDAN: Yeah, exactly.
MR. FITTON: That experienced leaker. You are source for someone and your other
reporters that you sources for say, Why did you give them that?
MR. COGLIANESE: That smart interpretation, but tell you one other
interpretation had, which that discovered once started facing down congressional
testimony, what bad arrangement that actually was, and felt that had forthcoming very
quickly that testimony, order smother the idea that did something tort. leaked those memos. Now, those questions whether not there was classified
information within them that leaked. And conflict with his own buddy, who, turns
out now also his attorney. think try claim attorney-client privilege. But that classified
information was there. And leaks him. And the guy says, tells Fox News, year ago,
think, got four memos from Comey. Comey right now saying, gave him one memo.
Who telling the truth because your lawyer saying something different?
REP. JORDAN: Yeah, good point.
MR. FITTON: have complaint about Congress.
REP. JORDAN: Imagine that.
MR. FITTON: sure you will have (laughter) complaints about Congress too.
REP. JORDAN: You may the only guy America (inaudible).
MR. FITTON: But this one probably one
(Cross talk.)
REP. JORDAN: Everyone got complaint about Congress, deservedly so.
MR. FITTON: think everyone Congress afraid Mueller. Everyone afraid
take the Mueller investigation. pointed out, was engendered crime. Rosenstein
was cornered, think, into doing and told me. said, Boo, Rosenstein did without
thinking. Mueller, think, were honest, probably back and say, didn want
anything part this. had idea this was happening.
And frankly, should have just pulled out once understood the machinations that
Comey illegally took get him appointed. uncontrolled. doesn report any
constitutional way anyone the Justice Department that answerable the people. Yet,
what hear investigations targeting what went the Justice Department, what went with
the dossier, what went the FBI, all that goes what Mueller doing now. still using the dossier. taken baton handed him James Comey and
Andrew McCabe, and running with it. had Peter Strzok running his investigation.
Judicial Watch found that his number two, Andrew Weissmann, anti-Trumper, who sent
email Sally Yates, who helped ambush General Flynn, supporting her lawless attempt
thwart the president agenda the Justice Department. got her fired. also went Hillary Clinton campaign event the night the election New
York. And one Congress providing oversight over Mueller
MR. FITTON: and that why here, terms oversight, oversight, the
Deep State protecting Mueller through these senators who want make sure not fired.
just disappointed that there been lack focus taking Mueller directly, and whether his
investigation should even continue.
REP. JORDAN: would say this, lack focus getting when are going
depose Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? Remember, they had the text message that talks about
insurance policy. They were talking about Andy office, Andy McCabe, criminal referral
Andy McCabe. mean lied four times Andy McCabe. when Vince talks about being
skeptical, heck you not skeptical, you not looking any the facts. This the era
where the IRS systematically and for sustained period time targeted conservatives for their
First Amendment liberties, went after them.
This the era where the FBI took dossier, dressed all up, made look like legitimate
intelligence, took FISA court, and didn tell the court two things: who paid for it, didn
tell the court that. And then subsequent renewals didn tell the court that the author the
document had his relationship with the FBI terminated because was out leaking the press,
something you cannot when you working with the FBI. they didn tell the court those two. When court, better tell the whole
truth, not just part the truth. this, you not skeptical all this will say this
defense the Mueller thing. one the few people who, when Mueller was named, didn
say great things about now, Mr. Mueller good guy and served our country. But one
interaction with Mr. Mueller was back the IRS investigation
MR. FITTON: remember.
REP. JORDAN: when came front the Judiciary Committee this was six
weeks after was discovered the Internal Revenue Service was targeting people, and course
the president and the attorney general, all say, This terrible. And the biggest news the
country, the biggest story the country. And asked the FBI director front the Judiciary
Committee, said, Can you tell the lead agent the case, how many agents you
assigned the case, and you talked any the victims? And said, don know. don
know. don know. And like not exactly confidence inspiring, when this the biggest
story. thought from the get go, one interaction with Mr. Mueller wasn great. see
how handles this thing.
MR. FITTON: Well, remember this about Mueller and the IRS, and look, the IRS scandal part and parcel the 2016 targeting Donald Trump. You see IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ
target President Obama political opposition help ensure his reelection. Now, Lois Lerner
worked with Department Justice public integrity officials
MR. FITTON: first uncovered and Jim Jordan followed this.
MR. FITTON: And then figure out ways prosecute the very groups that Lois
Lerner was suppressing. And part that discussion, they gave the FBI, under Robert Mueller one was 1.2 million pages documents? Basically, the FBI
(Cross talk.)
MR. FITTON: The IRS file every nonprofit, quote, political group the country. And
only after was uncovered Judicial Watch Congress that Lois FBI turned over those
documents back the IRS, admitting they didn have right have them. And they may have
had them violation law. That was Mueller FBI that was willing work with Obama
FBI Mueller FBI willing work with Obama IRS prosecute the very groups that Lois
Lerner was targeting. accountability that, and expect him honestly evaluate the agencies that may
have engendered this additional misconduct, 2016. just incredible. Now, the FBI, want
you get more specific the FBI because asked for Comey records, and described the
sort gamesmanship been getting terms the numbers and how quickly the FBI
because you interested this, Jim how quickly the FBI can analyze and process these
MR. BEKESHA: Yeah, the one thing learned today least the Justice Department
and the FBI consistent because asked those same four questions every time court.
And every time the judge asked those questions, either the judge, they say, don know.
They not willing tell how many records there are. How long take? What type
processing needs through? When start pushing, they say, Well, think four five
people are going need look every page. And can only review 500 pages every month. you asking for 2,000, total 5,000 pages, you basically waiting year.
And that kind where are. ask for records that were put aside when Comey
left, records that were archived. They have all these files. highlighted some that
wanted. were interested in. They came back and they said, There probably over 30,000
pages. Can you narrow down little? said, Okay. took look them.
probably narrow down maybe 12,000 so, something that really like two banker boxes. not really that much paper.
They still telling us, Well, probably going take year, year and half get
through all that.
MR. FITTON: Five hundred pages month.
MR. BEKESHA: Five hundred pages month. And the courts have accepted this. And
now, the FBI telling us, Look, may even have process your requests slower because
had take people out respond Congress. they took people out the FOIA
operations respond Congress. sounds like you not getting the records any quicker
either. they just playing games. They just moving people around complain you all
that, All right, don have the resources produce you. And they move the resources us. And then, when ask, they move the resources responding Congress. And just
game and chip.
And also have this instance where know there Andrew McCabe text messages, asked for them. They finished producing all records. They don produce single text
message. asked them, What about the text messages? They say, Well, tell the court about
it. now, waiting hear what they going say.
Former Director Comey, his book and TV, all these interviews talking about
hundreds thousands Hillary Clinton emails that were found Anthony Weiner laptop.
When they produced those records us, think there was maybe 2,000 pages total. where
the rest? What happened them? Comey lying the FBI hiding what was actually found? don know. ask for answers, and they say, tell you eventually. tell you
court, which means going six months year before they tell the court. fight
back, and then takes another year for the court respond. going 2020, and
still going fighting over records that they wanted they wanted out there, they would
have leaked already.
MR. COGLIANESE: This crazy because this means that President Trump will have
come and gone the time you figure out the government abused his agenda.
LT. COL. SHAFFER: They want run the clock out. That what they always do.
MR. FITTON: speaking wanting run the clock out, almost out time.
want you give folks heads what look for over the next few months from what
should happening what might happening.
LT. COL. SHAFFER: Very quickly, think need look James Comey, Jim
Clapper, and John Brennan specifically after what they did regarding criminal releases
information the media. Jim, always talked about this, the rule law has apply
everybody. And someone who been through that process trying get information
cleared, was whistleblower, all the hell went through, need encourage whistleblowers come forward, talk about what they know, get around some this barrage political
extreme bureaucracy countermeasures. And get the bottom. But believe that where
things are going go, need go. And hope they do, so.
MR. FITTON: Vince.
MR. COGLIANESE: Yeah. think like see some radical transparency the part the government. think there enough questions here that order restore confidence the
institutions that are demanding right now, they need merit it. think the Justice Department
and the FBI especially have come out and explain themselves why any this, including
their leadership, got this point. think that like get the bottom something that kind glance passed
couple times, and you mentioned, Tony, which the government immense surveillance
capabilities and why they haven been useful disproving Russia-Trump collusion story.
know from Snowden that there are massive capabilities that the government has and Tony,
you reiterated them surveil the American public and, course, peoples around the world.
And harken back when the president the United States tweeted about the notion
that Trump Tower was wiretapped. And remember thinking the time, Remember when
Snowden told that was true every American? And how much, how much incredulousness
the press gave the president that very question? like they weren even alive for
Snowden. Like, what had happened those few short years? Well, Donald Trump became
president. The politics changed. therefore the things that admit are uncomfortable and
untrue change well. think like see, course, this story develop such way that the press
going publishing immeasurable corrections over the course the next six months. like see that.
REP. JORDAN: Yeah, would just say, going back where started, not one single
individual who making difficult for get this information, not one them ever had
their name ballot. None them are directly accountable the American people. They elect
us. They can throw out every two years. That good thing. there where the checks and
balances are supposed be. And there was one individual would point want talk to,
who think demonstrates how bad this process is, the guy Peter Strzok. the guy who ran
the Clinton investigation, interviewed Mills, interviewed Abedin, interviewed Secretary Clinton. the one who helped change the letter, the exoneration letter from gross negligence criminal
standard extreme carelessness. the one who launched the Russia investigation. the one got all the text
messages on, where see the arrogance this individual has, where talks about Trump should
lose 100 million zero. Talks about the insurance policy that they discussed the Andy
McCabe office. that something got do. think Peter Strzok key individual
have bring in. have depose him, ask him all kinds questions. But lot easier
that you first have the information, the documents front you, you can best prepare for
that kind deposition.
MR. FITTON: Get all the text messages, yes.
MR. BEKESHA: Absolutely. going hopeful. think like saw with the
Clinton email scandal, the courts eventually came around. The courts realized they had enough this. They didn like the games the government was playing and the records were released
little bit quicker. were able take some discovery and find out some answers.
hopeful that the courts are going see all the leaks, here, with everything that coming out, but
that isn being provided the American public, and say, enough. And say, time for
the records released.
And hopeful that Congress will use its subpoena power, use its contempt power and
force these records out because otherwise just going have bunch leaks and
not going know the full story.
MR. FITTON: Well, been told repeatedly there are leak investigations the
Justice Department. like see how those leak investigations turn out, least the McCabe
leak investigation. Will that pursued criminally? Will James Comey pursued criminally?
Will have use the defenses used for Hillary Clinton defend his own mishandling
classified information? And really interested see where this report going come out
on. would borne everyone, expect there interesting information any reports that
come out the DOJ looking any these issues, but experience, reports are both
expos and cover-ups. And the degree they expos should use that follow up.
the degree they cover-ups, should recognize that there still will more work do, even
after reports are issued.
And along those lines, you can always count Judicial Watch asking all the
questions that you concerned about for the Freedom Information Act, educating people
about what find and going court, federal court, where Congress rarely, and where the
media fairly isn often enough get the government accountable you about what been
the last few years. And you like dislike Donald Trump like dislike Hillary Clinton,
don know what the documents are going show. All know want the documents
because you have right them under the law. thank you for joining this Deep State update. There lot, obviously,
tracking over the next few months, and back with you sooner than you know with
more information. Thanks for joining here with Judicial Watch.