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Judicial Watch • Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report

Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report

Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report

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Date Created:March 1, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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JUDICIAL WATCH SPECIAL REPORT Special Illegal Immigration Report Timeline the Obama Administrations Four 
Year-Long Conspiracy Grant Amnesty Illegal 
Aliens Dismantling Enforcement Our Laws 
Against Illegal Immigration 

March 2013 

Judicial Watch, Inc.  425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800  Washington, 20024 
Introduction Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton 
(L-R) President Barack Obama, 
 Attorney General Eric Holder, 

 Secretary Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, 

 Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton 

For the past four years the Obama administration has been engaged conspiracy led President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton achieve amnesty for illegal aliens whether Congress acts legislation not. 
Today the Obama Administration and leading Republicans and Democrats Congress are discussing plans for comprehensive immigration reform. All these plans include some form path citizenship for illegal aliens currently the United States. 
What not being discussed today the 800-pound gorilla Washingtonthe craven, conscious, politically-driven efforts the Obama administration get amnesty for illegal aliens agrantly undermining, ignoring, violating, and otherwise refusing enforce existing laws against illegal immigration. 
That because the Obama administration has been engaged for the past four years conspiracyled President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Mortonto achieve amnesty for illegal aliens whether Congress acts not. 
Therefore, believe the current debate over legislation Congress sideshow. There can little doubt, that even passed Congress, any new enforcement provisions will utterly meaningless since President Obama has already made clear thousand different ways and over four years that does not care about his constitutional obligation enforce immigration laws passed Congress and signed into law. this report analysis the extent the Obama administration has been willing deceive Americans into accepting unprecedented executive branch immigration law rewrites and changes immigration processing fail fulll their federal responsibility enforce United States immigration law. owe debt gratitude Senator Jeff Sessions and his staff, well the Federation for Immigration Reform (F.A.I.R.) for their roles for seperately producing this educational material. 
Judicial Watch presents this Special Report lay out black and white the extent this conspiracy. 
Thomas Fitton, President 

Timeline Backdoor Amnesty, 2009-2013 
The conspiracy the Obama Administration grant amnesty millions illegal aliens whatever means, constitutional otherwise, the United States began within days Barack Obamas rst inauguration. The following timeline outlines the extent this conspiracy get amnesty through public lobbying and behind-closed-doors decisions stop, disrupt and otherwise dismantle all enforcement laws against illegal immigration. 

January 29:  Napolitano Delays E-Verify Requirements for Federal Contractors 
Department Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano delays the implementation rule requiring federal contractors with contracts over $100,000 use the E-Verify program from February May 21. The rule was promulgated comply with executive order 13465 President George Bush, which directed federal agencies require those they contract with verify the work authorization their employees. The original deadline for the rules implementation was January 15, 2009, but was delayed due lawsuit led the U.S. Chamber Commerce. 
February 18: President Expresses Support for Amnesty 
While appearing Spanish language radio show, the President reasserts his support for granting widespread amnesty illegal aliens. also acknowledges that politically, its going tough and says some wonderful people White House staff are already working this issue. 
April 30: DHS Stops Effective Worksite Raids, Switches Audits 
ICE issues new enforcement guidelines for all its agents the eld. The new guidelines came surprise, given that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced after the successful enforcement action Bellingham, Washington, that her Department would reexamine ICEs procedures more closely.  While the guidelines focus the need criminally prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens, they not offer anything new with respect enforcement against employees. 
November 13:  Napolitano Lays Out Three-Step Immigration Plan, Step Amnesty 
DHS Secretary Napolitano describes the Obama Administrations vision immigration reform three-legged stool speech the pro-amnesty think tank Center for American Progress.  The so-called stool consists (1) mass amnesty for the approximately million illegal aliens currently living the U.S.; (2) improved legal ows for families and workers, which means dramatic increase immigration; and (3) empty promises serious and effective enforcement. 

May 19:  ICE Director Tells Agents not Cooperate with Arizona interview with the Chicago Tribune, ICE Director John Morton announces that ICE may not even process accept illegal aliens transferred the agencys custody Arizona ofcials. 
May 27: ICE Email Reveals Luxury Living New Detention Facilities ICE email reveals that low-risk detainees will able have visitors stay for unlimited amount time during 12-hour window, given access unmonitored phone lines, email and free internet calling. Illegal alien detainees will also entertained with movie nights, bingo, arts and crafts, dance and cooking classes, tutoring, and computer training. 
June  Obama Administration Challenges Arizona E-Verify Law 
The Obama Administration les amicus brief behalf the U.S. Chamber Commerce, asking the U.S. Supreme Court strike down 2007 Arizona law that punishes employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. The Legal Arizona Workers Act, signed then Governor Janet Napolitano, requires all Arizona employers use the federal E-Verify system and allows Arizona suspend and/or revoke the business licenses employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. The Chamber Commerce led lawsuit 2007 seeking strike down the Arizona law, arguing that federal law preempts both provisions. 
June 25:  ICE Union Unanimously Votes Condence Leadership 
The National ICE Council, the union that represents more than 7,000 detention and removal agents within ICE, unanimously casts Vote No-Condence ICE Director Morton. According the union, the vote reects the growing dissatisfaction among ICE employees and Union Leaders that Director Mortonhas abandoned the Agencys core mission enforcing United States immigration laws and enforcing public safety, and have instead directed their attention campaigning for programs and policies relating amnesty 
July  DOJ Files Complaint Enjoin Arizonas 1070 
After months speculation, President Obamas Justice Department ofcially les suit against Arizona preliminarily enjoin the states immigration enforcement law, 1070, from taking effect.  The DOJ claims federal law preempts ve sections the Arizona law:  Section (status verication checks during lawful stops); Section (alien registration crimes); Section (smuggling prohibition); Section (unlawful seeking work); and Section (warrantless arrest illegal aliens). Disregarding Congressional intent that federal immigration laws enforced, the complaint states that 1070 were take effect, would conict with and undermine the federal governments careful balance immigration enforcement priorities and objectives. 
August: Immigration Ofcers Stop Detaining Illegal Aliens During Trafc Stops 
ICE begins circulating draft policy that would signicantly limit the circumstances under which ICE would take custody illegal aliens. The memo provides that immigration ofcers shall issue detainers  ofcial notication local law enforcement agencies that ICE intends assume custody the alien  only after law enforcement agency has independently arrested the alien for criminal violation. Thus, effect, longer will ICE pick illegal alien for illegally entering the country with false false immigration documents. 

September 16: Memo:  DHS Reveals Administrative Amnesty Plan 10-page memo leaked The American Spectator, and dated February 26, 2010, details how DHS has long envisioned two-phase amnesty program legalize those who qualify and intend stay here. The rst phase would include registration, screening, and the granting interim status that allows illegal aliens work the U.S. The second phase would grant legal permanent resident status (i.e. green cards) those who meet additional requirements. 
October ICE Presents Misleading Deportation Data 
According ICEs deportation statistics, from October 2009 until September 2010 the agency deported over 390,00 illegal aliens. Roughly half the deportations  more than 195,000  were criminal illegal aliens. However, they fail mention that while the deportation criminal illegal aliens, the change the total number overall deportations statistically insignicant. fact, the number deportations non-criminal illegal aliens has decreased. 
December  Public Learns Homeland Security Padded 2010 Deportation Numbers 
Interviews and internal communications cited the Washington Post indicate the record number over 390,000 deportations was padded. First, the article charges that ICE included 19,422 removals 2010 that were really from the previous scal year. The Post article also describes how ICE extended Mexican repatriation program beyond its normal operation dates, adding 6,500 the nal removal numbers. 

March  Morton Memo #1: Administration Outlines Enforcement Priorities; Limits Criminal Aliens departmental memo, ICE Director John Morton outlines new enforcement priorities and encourages immigration agents not enforce the law against most illegal aliens, but only take action against those who meet the these priorities. 
June 17: Morton Memo #2:  Obama Administration Bypasses Congress, Will Not 
Prosecute Illegal Aliens Eligible for the DREAM Act 
Director Morton issues second memorandum further directing ICE agents refrain from enforcing U.S. immigration laws against certain segments the illegal alien population  criteria similar that under the DREAM Act  despite having legal congressional authority and despite the fact that the DREAM Act was three times defeated Congress. 

June 17: Morton Memo #3:  Non-Enforcement Against Illegal Aliens Claiming Victims 
Director Morton issues third memorandum instructing ICE personnel consider refraining from enforcing the law against individuals engaging protected activity related civil other rights (for example, union organizing complaining authorities about employment discrimination housing conditions) who may nonfrivolous dispute with employer, landlord, contractor. 
June 23:  ICE Union Outraged Over Morton DREAM Act Memo 
Leaders the national ICE union express outrage over the June administrative amnesty memorandum authored Director Morton. The law ofcers say that since the Administration was unable pass its immigration agenda through legislation, {it} now implementing through agency policy. also accuses ICE ofcials working hand-in-hand with the open borders lobby, while excluding its own ofcers from the policy development process. plain words, they are saying the political appointees ICE are advancing the agenda those here illegally and maneuvering against their own law ofcers trying their duty. 
June 27:  ICE Emails Reveal Cover-up Administrative Amnesty Policy 
Internal memos conrm that once the Houston Chronicle (on Aug. 24, 2010) exposed DHS directive review and dismiss deportation cases then process, ICE ofcials attempted publicly distance themselves from such lenient policies and deny that they ever existed. 
October 12:  ICE Director Admits White House Role Amnesty Memos testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Director Morton admits that White House Director Intergovernmental Affairs and former National Council Raza employee (now White House Domestic Policy Director) Cecelia Munoz, assisted preparation the administrative amnesty memoranda. 
October 18:  ICE Does Nothing After Santa Clara County Vote Ignore Immigration Detainers 
ICE refuses take any action after the Santa Clara County, California, Board Supervisors votes 3-1 stop using county funds honor ICE detainers, except limited circumstances. 
October 19:  ICE Does Nothing after D.C. Mayor Orders Police Disregard Immigration Laws 
ICE refuses act after District Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray issues executive order prevent D.C. police from enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Among other things, the order prohibits all public safety agencies from inquiring about individuals immigration status from contacting ICE there nexus criminal investigation. 
November 22:  DOJ Files Complaint Enjoin Utahs 497 
President Obamas DOJ les suit enjoin from taking effect three core provisions Utahs immigration enforcement law, 497.  These provisions include Section which would require any law enforcement ofcer conducting lawful stop, detention, arrest, check the immigration status any person they arrest for felony Class misdemeanor that person unable provide valid identication; Section 10, which makes crime for individual harbor, encourage the entry of, transport illegal alien into within the state, for nancial gain; Section 11, which allows law enforcement ofcers arrest without warrant aliens who have deportation order who have been charged convicted another state with one more aggravated felonies.  The DOJ lawsuit makes Utah the fourth state sued the federal government over its immigration enforcement law just over year.  The DOJ elects not challenge the legality other Utah immigration laws which openly defy the federal governments authority over immigration policy because those laws work the benet illegal aliens. 

Source: Federation for American Immigration Reform 
November 22:  ICE Does Nothing after New York City Enacts Ordinance Prevent Detention Illegal Aliens 
ICE refuses act after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signs measure ordering all city jails ignore certain ICE detainers issued deport illegal aliens from those jails. result, New York City jails will now release many illegal aliens back into the community instead handing them over for ICE removal. 

December 15:  DOJ Accuses Maricopa County, Arizona, Discrimination Against Latinos; Rescinds 287(g) Agreements without Filing Suit 
Without opportunity defend itself, and little regard for the maintenance public safety the rule law, DHS rescinds Maricopa Countys 287(g) agreement  cooperative agreement whereby local law enforcement receive training identifying and apprehending illegal aliens. Director Morton also tells the Maricopa County Attorney that ICE will longer respond calls from the Maricopa County Sheriffs Ofce (MCSO) involving trafc stops, civil infractions other minor offenses.  However, unclear how ICE can refuse respond inquiries from deputies and not directly violate federal law, which requires the federal government respond inquiries law enforcement agencies verify immigration status. 
December 29:  ICE Relaxes Detention Policies 
ICE creates 24/7 hotline for illegal alien detainees staffed the Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC)  the same organization that ICE says too understaffed keep with immigration status check requests from state and local law enforcement. ICE then revises its detainer form include new provision that allows ICE agents consider this request for detainer operative only upon the subjects conviction. This shift policy discretionary post-conviction model ignores the fact that being the country illegally violation federal law with simultaneously welcoming criminal aliens back onto the streets 
January 19: Administration Closes Over 1,600 Deportable Alien Cases Part Administrative Pilot Review 
ICE attorneys Denver and Baltimore recommend that the agency voluntarily close 1,667 removal cases, resulting the release illegal aliens already proceedings without consequence for violating U.S. immigration law. 
February  ICE Creates Public Advocate Position Lobby for Illegal Aliens 
ICE announces the creation the ICE Public Advocate, who serve point contact for aliens removal proceedings, community and advocacy groups, and others who have concerns, questions, recommendations, other issues they would like raise about the Administrations executive enforcement and amnesty efforts. 
February 13:  Obama Administration Moves Defund 287(g) Program; Slashes Immigration Enforcement 
President Obamas 2013 budget not only proposes cutting funding for ICE percent, but specically proposes $17 million slash the 287(g) federal-local law enforcement program, effectively gutting the program, which was enacted Congress. The budget describes what essentially phase-out the 287(g) program favor the expansion Secure Communities, calling the cut realignment and reduction 287(g) that will reduce the 287(g) program ICE implements Secure Communities nationwide. Obama also proposes cutting the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) percent, decreasing funds for border security inspections and trade facilitation between points entry million, and decreasing funds for border security fencing, infrastructure, and technology $72.9 million. 
March 29:  Obama Administration Announces Rolling Closures Immigration Courts 
The Administration announces expansion its administrative amnesty program four major U.S. cities: Detroit, Seattle, New Orleans, and Orlando. The rollout suspends immigration court dockets the four cities while ICE attorneys review deportation cases aliens not custody and administratively close dismiss those not meeting the Administrations enforcement priorities. 
April 17: Obama Administration Defends Pulling National Guard Troops from Border 
After months stationing 1,300 National Guard troops along the border, the Obama Administration cuts the number mere 300.  Testifying before the House Homeland Security Subcommittee Border and Maritime Security, Assistant Defense Secretary Paul Stockton claims that aerial surveillance technology will provide new deterrent illegal border crossings. Skeptical and concerned members the Subcommittee argue against withdrawal, noting that the U.S. only has operational control 873 miles the 2,000-mile southern border. Source: Federation for American Immigration Reform 

ICE ofcials announce has offered close over 16,500 illegal alien deportation cases pending background checks connection with the Administrations review 300,000 pending immigration cases. The Administration also announces that the number illegal aliens whose cases has already closed 2,700 from just over 1,500 the previous month. 
April 27: Obama Administration Weakens Secure Communities 
ICE shifts policy Secure Communities, where local ofcers report arrests people who are here illegally, stop the enforcement immigration laws against illegal aliens apprehended for minor trafc offenses.  When Secure Communities identies illegal aliens pursuant trafc offense, ICE will longer ask the local jails detain the illegal aliens that ICE may begin deportation proceedings; rather, ICE will only consider detaining alien the alien ultimately convicted the offense.  Moreover, despite claims limited resources, ICE also announced plans take action against jurisdictions with arrest rates the agency deems too high. 
June  ICE Releases Latest Backdoor Amnesty Statistics 
ICE releases its latest statistics its case-by-case review pending deportation cases and states the Agencys attorneys have reviewed over 288,000 cases. those reviewed, ICE says plans voluntarily close 20,648; states over 4,300 these cases have already been processed and the remaining will closed pending background checks. 
June 11:  DOJ Plans Sue Florida Over Effort End Illegal Alien Voting 
Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez announces that the DOJ will sue Florida federal court over the states removal ineligible voters, including illegal aliens, from its voter registry.  After news outlet uncovered number ineligible voters, the Florida Department State began investigation its voter rolls. help the state correct its records and remove illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, the Florida Department State asked DHS grant access the federal Systematic Alien Verication for Entitlement (SAVE) Program.  After numerous delays DHS, DOJ asked Florida halt its investigation altogether. Source: Federation for American Immigration Reform 
June 15:  Obama Administration Circumvents Congress. Obama Administration Unilaterally Implements DREAM Act; 1.4 Million Illegal Aliens Set for Removal Reprieve 
The Obama Administration announces will circumvent Congress using prosecutorial discretion implement unilaterally the DREAM Act.  Effective immediately, DHS will grant deferred action and possible work authorization certain illegal aliens under the age who claim they arrived the U.S. before years age. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano expects that 800,000 illegal aliens will granted amnesty through the effort, but other organizations estimate the number beneciaries will 1.4 million higher. 
The President vigorously defends his actions White House press brieng despite the fact that March 2011, told audience that did not have the authority unilaterally suspend deportations, With respect the notion that can just suspend deportation through executive order, thats just not the caseCongress passes the law.  The executive branchs job enforce and implement those laws There are enough laws the books Congress that are very clear terms how have enforce our immigration system that for simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with appropriate role President. Source: Federation for American Immigration Reform                        
February 25: the administrations most recent example placing politics over public safety, Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, announced that sequestration would affect detention policy for illegal aliens saying Im supposed have 34,000 detention beds for immigration, how pay for those? The following day, the Obama administration announced that had released hundreds criminal illegal immigrants held detention facilities, saying they could longer afford hold them because across-the-board cuts that are set take affect March  This unprecedented action was seen many observers part the administrations reckless and irresponsible strategy frighten the American public and forcing Congress into acting stop the automatic budget cuts known sequestration. you would like additional copies the report please contact: 

Judicial Watch, Inc. 
425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800 
Washington,  20024 

Tel: (202) 646-5172 
FAX: (202) 646-5199 


SPECIAL                          REPORT