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Judicial Watch • JW-DNCF-v-DOJ-Comey-Steele-records-00967 pg 24-25

JW-DNCF-v-DOJ-Comey-Steele-records-00967 pg 24-25

JW-DNCF-v-DOJ-Comey-Steele-records-00967 pg 24-25

Page 1: JW-DNCF-v-DOJ-Comey-Steele-records-00967 pg 24-25


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:October 2, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 02, 2018

Tags:Chuck, DNCF, 00967, Steele, Comey, records, DOJ

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PBX 18-L J-60961