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Judicial Watch • JW v CIA Watergate CIA report 00146

JW v CIA Watergate CIA report 00146

JW v CIA Watergate CIA report 00146

Page 1: JW v CIA Watergate CIA report 00146


Number of Pages:158

Date Created:August 29, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 29, 2016

Tags:helms, Walters, verom, Watergate, 00146, varom, Hausa, wagner, Comment, asked, Warner, Young, Howard, White, AGENCY, Pentagon, meeting, White House, FBI, ICE, CIA

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335403926 ObtamsdIr/Judmmwanh Varom
WurkLnE inglllshx-v The mama we, mama. history the
mum mmgm alfa aEFecLec cm. mew was
turnpiled during 15am aI1973 1914. 4.3mm mtelnal CIA revicv/ loe mat er, SUD. incomplete
and remains working paper. thia [arm has nni beat edited, mama Jar accuxacv, not mum Eur approval views
mums cumms, other than givw its
preparznun [be Vnspecmx cam-i1. Wanna version oithe p1pex -Cla silled sEaxE-r
was typad [ram Wurluug am: prepared John Bkhards,
who died December 1974 Tha: duh contained cxcmxivc want
mean its Lac Ihe form Mr, Riduzds handwritten Emma: well artached notation: 1m: lnueniul. Tl: am:
was wpml ard=x pxovide damn npy Mx. lehun 5,-hmrm, member Dune Stzifaizho Coma-mimic): Activlnec the
Umlad had been Fla-Imam prlnr Tobn RJcnards death,
remw certain madam and dcvplopmenta not treated
dead] The wurkiug dxalt. This has not been undertaken, and
present mnmai cnmplz oithe Wm: yzt been,
WATERGA msrony
c05403925 ommm Whammy varom 93mm
Blakgtmmd icvlt Yeca thenu-nosphexe mam-ch the Agency
providz nezkain limited maiaxials assxstance Persons who
1am Ingram mama the Watergate and Ellabcrg aifaix and
xelzted issues Any real unammashg tbs Agency rule
gem with cansidemsm problem with which gavel nmam: ciah
were gmaccupied chh tune. 131970 and 1971 the United States ahvumem, hath PuliCV
and Wuxkizng levels, had houndexma cancern uvax :he Fromm-n
security 1nd leaks 011551;in informatics: :he pins; and them; uppwmh intelligence mvims worldwide. 59m times Lhev
revelations wax: matters ufmzrgina signi canCE. but ocvaslcn
they were subjucti mpuxtante. The sparking 1971, accurate again, the pusiihnn and 3L: tacdcs the Strategic
Arms Limimtlan Talk! (SALT) had considerzbla impact icial
mshmgm. The publicatian the Panhagun Papa served mam dramatize What. seamnd deteriorating Eitui un. (bawgng EGEEF
4305403925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO
4,..u..;_h. (1ng nssenamont {Apart W15 mdn July 1971 the Directors
Special Assistant (or VietnamesBVA aixa George Carver, In. which eximiruad ch. problem Ixum both parc:hia.1 and guvex nment wad: point View. cited the lpllbu pokmial
dmagc regards the Agency, cartain proprietary xeli un:
identi g., cpemxon Brotherhund, the Pan McKh-Alsy Trainmg
Suntan are the; missLm-I and summons Has
01mm Support Base and former Agency comral and CAT. The idea caLimu euuld causevemu.
kinds prablems smbarrassmem the Phi ppinns,
Jipan, mannesi
Sm/5x31 Agency nificexs were identilicd mm, posihnn and/ox acuviky. Thu: were xopemd xeiuencee Ag... engagemanl mm: paramilitary npzruinns.
The war. extensive quotaddn! and discussions wide rugs. Aganoy publica ans covering morn two decades. La.
(305403926 ommwmmwwmn Varom
Nix-thug the may conclude: that; >Mur: than Speci olential signage nuibmahla
singl: passages may. Duective troykalily Agency macaxial LbaPentsgonPap era wnuld tell any
anphishcqzcd pruiessioual sider vexy gm: about haw :he Agency goes doing in; business
(e.g., procedures, the numburing Emma. Iain-mt,
and prnsi m1: :mplnyed Ea:- exent mm; dnCuments Communications, etc. This Vmuld Canstituke wamuan fax any hesn inlelligencc and
greatly [anilitam Allure denigratian uputadrxls, including preparaticn :macmd dntnmenls, Ecrgeries
other type: aimed dihinAuxmaLicll.
There were brozder damage commemuam which affected
the min innlligencu commum Hill the high levah the Government. Many th: ducumenls incnxpcraled one way umthax Pentagon Papers
study invoivud camnniQa nnE intemgence some [arm mm. Suphiy nuted review the may woulu tell pxolessiana] intelligence ncrs mm, mmsgn cmmkries_(certainly 1113 Soviet Uniun 31H Commmiu
(335403925 obsmwmmswm Vsrom
China) gxsst usl about the uvnasi lov COMTNT
Capabilitizs and much cumin sgaci 0.5. Communv
ssdsns Melligence vitien. One Famed) volume of. annex-1:11!
the tidy, use mum clearly compru
ssnsmvs and pnli nllly asncses 2011256031 actlvhy.
Apxxt tram msmgenss field 2s: .111: may allu
csmpmmsssa ssvsssx panaucsuy sensitive scuviues,
mcludmg Lhasa ulhex governmnzs mdmsusss unly
after Implicit Lnss sssnmwes chm. um: rulue thatein wmdd kept mm. Finally, the assessment :spssc concludes: That 11): 1M: the study raises the whale rallge issue: assoclamd the right even sham, the
Guvernmem conduct vatn business privately,
also mses rangs basic issues concerning the right sbsmy offstials any sammasmusn sngage
isms debate! discussions asseciated
official rsspsnsmmuss w-Mlunt having their views and
actions subject hnsc out nfsssmm rxicicialn
some Ism- date and some Changed and 1m: mum mus spa, whereby 5cm tekrospeckive review can Emmi
C05403926 obu nsdwwdmmwamh Varom advgzlniy-afiect nch cials public private caxeers w-nhnnc their having any effective means ranking renew-32 redress. ahnrr, the leak nmagan inner: raised (he hm: issua the 0.5. Gnvnrument right
ability have pram: scams any naAnu-Sr was feared the administration tbcre was very
rail possibility that in: leak the Pentagnn Papers might
grave unly upening salvo camyiign selective
majnz lch pnznnnn hppbsed war and the ndxninis
mum. and than om: :n. interest the Pentagon bludy began wane, new sers classi durnxnents recent Vintage might begin named public against min harkdrqp the Administrations concern
and 21mm; against Ellsbarg viewed. Noe nnly they feel
that example made Ellaberg forestall [mm-z mks.
but also any anal were much with the 5mm, had been rumored, was viml irn nnmnne idemifv his contacts,
The connexn W15 legitimate, the means achieve their ends was. say the new, queshomhlc. early mid mum Hausa Assistant, Tom Charles Huatnn, rpsnrhnadea attempk urganim: intelligenne plan .5.
505493925 ommmddediwm vdrom
the quexnmnnt that-baa znatorial evenms demes sccurity.
This plan survivzd only Lew days, appauamlyiunndezing ghe
nbjectibn: the mieem the FBL who already was anged
[mm 1nd anhseq nlly wimdiew [ram number aim
allecuvu partiexpatlon iii eimei the adminsme eii take additinnzd action scmxhy iieid. Faced with the problem FE! whose Dizecm- we;
reluctant use covnn mans nhtaining information whose
charLax pxchibitad dun-testis opemiom and Seem genie: not edmgped rd; clandestine activities, the Adminiszxu arn maved set its own Special lnvee gatiam mm. July 1971, at. 11: eimenie White House, Presidenf Nixon placsd Egii Kxogh
dimgd the Unit which Snbsequan mm. kan T11:
Plumbers Krogh Dilicmuy took charge Unit the White
House July 1971 reporting chmnal was uugh min
Ehrlichman bur. It: had the authority ditactly the
President when daemd neceau my. Wurk lng any wen: David Young and cdxdou Lidrly who were already deeply involved invzstigalive woxk involving Daniel Ellsbexg. and-mi number Pragxaxns invalving Lhe Agenry and the DC}; began nature. April 197) Director reportnd die qusidunt siepe taken tighten eeeumy SAa-Vis press. SW.
COS/JGSGZS omnmwmm wmn Varom Jun: 1971, apprnpxiately clauibed papa: addressed certain senior gvvalnrnent nHiCials, the DCI restate-1 their respnnai.
why 2:: tighten security. Jun; 1971a page! was addressed the head: depar rnmt: and agencies security. August
the Agzncy submimed damned nudy the szsidznt 1231 the press during the Ram]: zdminiskratiun, which led request far aimilzu studies preceding adm nistrztmns. Lenks continued, repux Junk Andersm: Decemhzt 1971 ofth: minutes the WASAG minutes the India-Pakistan situation being exaxngle, and respunsihle concal aamu hty, nen: ditfercme. And regardlzss whether par nnages involved whar cum: known Watergate ulazme nuinnal security manna [or What they did, the maps that security was issue that concarL ranpunslble off an: the time. WiLhnm judging the right wrung Agency limited acting, the atove summary aithe prablems time does pxcvidv mum back
(b)(3)NatSecAct .7.
(305403925 ostsmmssestwsen the Vsrom 4mg? see not pssitssh watl: esraamy whss happened within the variant: gYouge winking the White Hans: stall, what aetuxests. The parties theme sstmues have been screened ali from the Agency, sud qssscums that might have hses sshsa, far
the Agencys emaghtsment, nevez have been asked: ssksa,
many the mswszs mknnwn rhe Ageney. The Agency hes he: had access the infatmafiah collecled the Vaxiuns investiga
es, althnugh the transcxjpts some smseedisgs hsvs been
available publicly, and summary reports with highw selective, and
:cmekixnos mseeuxste dela -hzwe sees reviewnds Ssh-m thing:
seem dear. Howard Hunt wss employed the Waite Hmu: in: war}: security resets has testi :hAt his discussians pm:
empnsymsht were cmerned with the Eusbarg use. and his security
xalpunsib ities wax: emphasiznd Ehsu hmss his telepnnnz ssu July 1971 Gsssm esshmsh, ssusauss support fox sesmty 25mm Haw things gut snsshex trad; thereaitsx axireemt stssy, :me apparently mat {ntereat the invzstigatcr [as publicized infuxma rzvaals. ssms the story suggested
Hunts teszmsny, making seem that his isttisuves estssd the 11m diveraiun, namely interview whn reported
(105403926 Chums-dIr/Judmmwamh Verom
bzvu informa eke Kemzdy izmily. Hewem. Vb: deans
whatcnma am: Are complex, and much 1!: sun um-m
muse Agenry. COMMEN wme much mknnwn and may never knan, possible 1.0 put tagether hues-precedes. whe he;pened, how and why. nppeaxs rmm axl rec and
textimnny Hunt was arig ally hued Calsml press has eeme enemmesaee the dirty Lticke
department. Comm was aware Huni
wsmng and use that had
seen wave writing :11 pzspegende
for covert. actinn projects. zlephan:
canverantinn between asLson and Hunt.
(:ped the farmer the Lima Conversation on) July 1971, and
wide pubhcalmn conjmu with Celsens testimony seems qme Clean-1y indicate that Hunt 1mm) assignment
was msbers, 111m publirly discxedlf Lhe eyes the Ame public, :texview with Darwin and DuMott were also elm-Ag
the line; Liza mm, deparment was fabrication argue Depaxtmem
The Plumbers Group Knee Young Liddy Operating nuL Room
mesmve Building were seneemad
About and charged wub (he respona lbll
[or aesng samathing teen security leeks the guvernment. They were Concexnud with mums belore Hum appeared the scene and had already pulled together gear deal information him. mm; LL.
c05403926 ChumsdIr/Judmmwamh Verom Emit wee asugned the job chaxicte) esseesimuen mlsbzxg Ionnd that the macerm needed being heldin 4h: mes Room means was inirly (mantel-At (upic conversitinn room-and, given iiunt assignment and
proclivi eshit was insvicabls that he. drawn intu the discussion and
Flam-mug. Hum says, hi; teeumeey beinxe use Grand Jury May 1913, cansiderntion wee given the Plumbers invxyhrin: the ms; Seem seems Wu:
the task scouring more inioma don.
Hunt esti Liddy claims that use
FBI lungs: eh. exger hmdls
inch upexalinn that (he White
Hausa have suszaesem can dance the Secret Service urder utrnst
chem with task this son. Hunt goes say, There came ehemy thereufmx whex was suggeztad that perhaps the unit. whirh been pnpularly dumbed uhe
exmbersv (he prels but was
never emea during nucumhcmy,
migm able nude each
npnx atian units own. n4, Mr.
Liddy ens wet: aurined nut. the wzst canst, Lee Angelcs. his eesmmmy beinrn the Serum
Watergate Committee September
1973 Hunt answer the questian how happened jam Plumbers amt when had been hired work int Culsm gave the following lzply, Through
peeeess resemenng nsmusls almusl.
need iacuvexad early reading the avert matezials relaung see pseuemee Fantasia-A Papers. xsseaxche into Dr. lshexgs ksckgxmmd, that cansiderably mare doeumemauee wunld
C05403926 ObtamsdIr/Judmmwanh Verom
7mm) necessary pnxyosea.
advised and ixL exmed Mr. Culann, end that these maearials, Elna 5m, Clnssi materials bearing reseirnhas, were found
Rum-n 15, and should check with Mr.
Liddy that pneppee. found that the
holdings Chm were Roam 1.6 were nite enmnive and eegen matzr cause and custom, lhere every day
acquainL myself with addit; anal inroxmaeian owed imu Roam 1pm the veniene
government egeepiee Dhatwexe making
ennusbueiane was upmt less
and 1:15 time olnce 533, which had been assigned Mr. Cnlson, and ner dad mare tune Rum-n 1e, whinh heeeme known the plumbers unit, epe izl investigation umt. Thus that emy there wee marriage the irty tricks sectiun with
the .Ipeclnl inveeugnuene pen, :anl
xnaso ned that the 1mm granp, with legitimate concern and charter [ram {he
ngiid begen concern men Wm:
domestic pulibczl enemies and mnve
Irum new function covct: acliun
Operatiwns enn wine men ennnceaxy,
some peenesens, leading the and
Juggesting :he actinn. 12. Experience nee domomakrated that seeu ngly minor aspects events can givcn pump aigm eenee wmlld otdimmly
never I-mve occurred imaginahve parent than those invawea pumicmng the affair and peepeneJae fur unraveling its complexitieL raiult. while this rapnttwa: being prepared have had anhxgc sections iniLially panned aver brie simply because same FPET/V
co5403925 obuianJudcimwamh Verom
minor numidenl. was given signillcauze that woum put ordinarily attributed the average cithen. Similar
mieeiem pzubably mat. inn were bee been same saiec icll preparing this semi-nay, with some items being omitted gammy
because they 119$ ewe significmt. Nevertheless, because anemia that has been given demiu, the final sumary has
proven much longer had bezn piemec imtxa j}.
13. hiamx-y awe :annectian the Watergate zir
begin: telrc pacl retirement (we Agwcy mi: :mplcyeea,
Mr. Hnward Hum April mo, and Mr. Limes Mchxd August
1970. Hunk, whine Agency wee: was spent the nixeeeame Plans. vaxked Lhrough uie Excemei Employment ziu Branch
(EEAB) Cue Agency knawn remiiimy out ptacemeevu. name amide emyluymenf. also wuk advantage Iriendshig
with senior Agency offirles, including Dxxeclur Helms, canvass
pmece uppnr nhies. Dirccmr Helm signed leis: ans ieuer rzcummendaeien for Hum, Koumcntt Cuppex Corpurafion and alleged have signed and sent sue the Robert Mmen
Company. gubli: atiens that. had cuwperaked with :0, seven] years supplying mmn iclal cover in;- Agency employees imuwn Mr. Himm Attempts have bean mde the Agency amen
ommm mmm VaFO
without success, unity the exiynnce lecnnd letter, Mr.
Muuen thinks turned aver spacial yrnxecutars. have
been mama produce respnnsa repeatsa Agency zemmetL Saytamber 1973 uh: Special Prosecutinu sun advisnd Wanner
that exhaustive search its les had
.led produce Hzlma recommendation Hawstd Huhe, which Mullen alleged
had hcen furnished his company. mummy before ch.
innate 5:1 Comi Febrqu-y1974 1mm Admitted
thzze may never been letter {echmmgndwah Mullen
Cumpary Hunt but napy another company (Kehhmu
Cappgr) which Hunt shuwgd Muller 1..
A5. The combination EEAB aha Cumxal (Saver Scams
favornble relations with the Ruhm Mmm Company, Directs:
Helm; reported resumes-1638017 thg Preside) 0h:
Company, Ruben Mum, who had known and wotkexl wnh pm; and 1949 when Both were empxnyges the Economic
auupemion Admi
scrntinn Wall mm; hackgrum catinms (over yem bid Wnrked news reporter
and had authored several mystery/demdive 5mm under various
pseudonyms] mem ennugh thm Hunt was emyluyed
the Mullen Company, May mu.
ommm WJudmawwamn VaFO X6. ugly 1971 Hum was-hired 1112 While Hausa cog-1mm and 11de put unsu ltant mm: by_xheyMu11en> Compxny Tamil-many whua Hause prinnnel andrvlhiee Heme redurds cited them imiicau that win Hum was mired-med chum Cclsnn, die Ceanaal the msiazlt John Ehxlichman July 1971. The same day, .mymx, cm. cum straw
Mr. Ehrliohman unca the DDCI, Ganexal Rabert Cushmin,
advise Hun-AI. had been employed Whit: Hausa security
:unanlmxnt, would cmm calling the Genexal, asked ma: givau 11mm
17. Mr. Janus MCCord retired Augusi 1970 after spending yes various positions the Agencys Office Security. After TeHvananl hia privaL: investigative ugwmzion
known Mchzd Asauciatea well subsidiary 03:31:12,360)
known the lusclltutelfut Prnlsuion and Safety swam, Inc.
early 1972, mam-a was namd SeCunty Cooxdhatox for Michal Cnrmmttee by: thg Re-elebtinn ulPreaida Nixnn (511p),
This was his posikinn when and Eva: other! were nrtestad June 1972 15m having been discaversd breaking the
Democraf deonz Headquarters the Watcrgalc apmmem complex Washington, The saw [our man Barker, Martinez,
ommm WJudmawwamn VaFO
coma) and 5Lurgis Cuban exiles. whom has had
[men :uuzxaw aganta its aperztinns against Cuba the urge the Bay Pigs. Sturgis had never ham unpxoyea CIA any
capacity. One, Man-mu, was $103. manthly-xetziner informant gag Cuban ml: camxntmity the area. Same-
what mare men were taken cutndy Howard Hunk
White House cansmtam, and Gordan Liddy, who his White
Hausa plumber Jab Late Dumb 01197) become employee cap The assuz adon with five the seven men
led speculatinn Canaan-dug mvolvemem. what became knawn the wmz aliajx, CiA. confident invmcmem matter, 2nd unawaxe mama wnuld demalop
later, pxoczadcd tqlativaly mxiine hanganmn with the investigating
auchnri ae, pmmmg backgruund
tel-1a! Phe rdividuzls Wham inloxmadon, ind surnma were recent know rantants
with Hum (which Lhe Agwcy {3165le zasncxaLe with the Wamrgau
16. Kale the Agency mlkker shuuld canaidersd was. The asperl the actual 17m: mixe involvement.
niche Agency the thLe Hause mmbmugh its gum Agency
ppm and assistante reaumably )egnirnate (albeit unusual]
mimic; pupa the national ameresn Th5 Agincy
.15. 49:
CUb JOBSZE ohemmuenetwm Verom
tnopex ed, theugh nahtetanuy, producing psychnlngmai profiles name; Ellsbazg, Peaeegen page fame. also coopcrmed material: and nance: paint that
appeued the requested may ueeedec the mad purpusaa [This phase Agency invnlvemznt cavered seednne end this
repurtt) Th1: sennna anneer the apparent altemyt numbers
ats White House staff involv: the Agencyiu snppreaslun the
investiga aspect the watengate affair, and what appeare attempt valv: the Agency cavcr-up. The ngemy~a ametaxa refuszd 1nd xebullegl anempl: implicate cm.
)9. When the men welt: znreetea the nemncnatir Netiune)
Can-unset Headquarters .Tune 1972, the FBI found Certain
identi catinn aohumem passessiun then which were suspecied having heen prepared cm, The ensuing inquixies
nut only eetehheheu that than was en, hut that they had been ieeueu Huward Hunt. This the rst indication that the Agency had
haw some the material lned Hunt, Whi House request, waa
hetng used. Even this tank enme time since initially the HCE
Securhy, which handling the matter, unaware lhe issuance Hunt the Has-amen alias dacumwts [roux anethen Agcncy campunent. .15. EFL
chem WJudcia Wanh Verom
CoMMENT: was nnt until was aiecine the meain Mey 1973, that omne Secunty rst Iezxned the race Mr: Hum bad nenn ieened nee Wanen Aliee. Wifh xegard Lha Hnmmnn eiie-. that
name was rst mencioned Memn Hemmnn ceiennnnn eeu from the Man-9p omen Pulice Depeeemenc the Sccutity Duty June 1972;
subsequently eppeneea press that vexsion. Scolrity reviewed
Hunt omee Security June )972, The file contained reference
issuance the cpcxatmn enee
Edwluu biennium Mr, mm:
September lean, and the Lac that hen neen ems Edward enmiiznn 19171:, when wnmne nngimi
manuscript lax his book, The Otxtaell, the name mime did not ennenx signi cant neeenee its use eerue; press eovgxage had nei
eeene kbc utemlon the ne!
reviewing dunLs me. memenennnm prepared the Security
omee in; the Fedexil nneeen Inventign June Poncexning Mr. Hunt bac
gzonnd nin Include reference
Heminnn alias, although blind memoruldmn
prepzzed Iu) Mr. wimzun aniby the
name dene memunn the manuscript and the
Hamilkun ias. June 1972, [ii pennem, Federal Ennenu mvescigeninn,
inquired whether we. Hnnt hall evar
used ahasn Hunt omee Secuxity was again rcviewed date, ene June Mr. Paxham wee lmnishsd
xnemnrandlm enneemne Mr. Hunt use tha Edward Hem-Jenn and Edward Heminnn aliases.
c054o3925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO [The 1972 and the Deparhnent 17E much Ocinber 1972 were funished detail: the palatial! supplied sum, and the Circuxnstauczs mac: which they war: gmm plus the disguise and dazu ugnzazicn ware also furnishad than unknnwn second individual, identified chum
Liddy. The Agency Inn- shed nice mumuhn. immunities Nanny xnlatiunshipa wher; thay mma, and malernzl attested Jul 1am Hunt and may. (Section Agency Cooperation rhuh shuns this periam
20, The checking Agency files and recordy ensued than: the requeuLs auronnmnh [ram Lbs and 1mm
Dupa lent ham surla information abaut the Agency asnaLance the White House and mm: the Ellsbexg Fxof ilcs.
This was due number mash 2h: White House request
:0: assistance had not. been handled normal, operational Chan-1e15,
wxittw xecnrds, when and where they cximcd, ware ughuy nhhuonea
and restxicte and, Agemy personnel, including Dixecmr,
involved mi: tinge the investiga had knowledge .21 Hunt
role the Pro les, L71 the there had been huh cum, Ellshnrg gaycniafriet. Thai ammy shnply was ml. associated, a). that Lime, with Wamgm. The datailed menu:
0mm WJudmswwamn Vsrom the Agsnsys mils is; pssssrsuoii Eilsberg Fre les
set Subtion amiss sepm.
21. Public aftzn was again rosussa ixgsusy Ayxi]
1973 whsn Judgs Msemsw Eyzna, In, the presiding judge ch:
Ellsberg min andsmsy shat Les Angelen, sum-1s public
swarm-um istssmsnsii rum Hun-it and Liddy had imam the mass Ellahergs psychiatrist. This inmx mstisi hssi been supplied
miss Eyrn: Ehl Assiatnm Akkarney General, aiimimi Division,
M1. Henry Petersen, who missa received from M:. Earl
5mm. Principal Assistant United States Amuncy (or this District Columbia. The inmmakion ssms issm pre-Gxalld Jar-1 interrogation Hum nspmmsm .niims wrnays. The Agimuy
advance notice than Infarmatinn is: was being lurnlshed
Judge Eymei
22. this point became apparent the Agency miss eazlier
suppur gwss sum and sii unnamed sssssms (dncumentauon, disguise,
Camus, and the developed tho Agency In! Hum August
1971) had ssssdss signi cance miss was knnwn His Citrus
23. testified bcfore Gxahd Jury a): May 1973. May the Agency Lsgm Culmsnl wss suswsa, Assistant
Auumsy ccnsssi, review Hunts taskimohy which ss: [onh his
runs White House Xequcst In: psychulngical pxo
(305403925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO amid-m twu puma; Amman prepate Dr. Daniel Ellshexg
The Alsmtant Manny Gcneral requested caples afdm prof The} were delivered him. the August 197x pro May, and bath the August and Noven bex pmiim May. Mr.
Faberge]! sam cupiea both judge Byrnc whu tepnrtedly give
Ellsbergs anerncys th: first pru le, lter] August 1971. This the one (hm was published the prass August 1973; has been
apecl mud that. was given the press claim-me. puhags
Ella berg himseli
24. Tha leaking Hunts Grand Jury mummy, with the
attendant publicity focused the Agzncy, resulted :eqmscs
from Cmgrassinml Committees and subcummiklees for
91;an 127 exactly what its [men the Watergate
and Ensberg au. wast-y Lhasa Congresainnal demand: and
answer H.151: nns, enexa wag unprecedentcd parade
pan and graham Agency ciale Capilol mu. addi than Dix ectm 0mm Lntelligenne, Mx. James Schlesinger, and Deputy Dsmcm, General Vermn mum. there were
appearances inrmex Dcx Helms, inn-nex- nnc1, General Robert
aushmn; the than Executive Secretary the blanzgamam
Cnmmnmu, Mz, Wuhan: Calby: General Counsel Lmzence Hansen ngzslativa Cum-Isa] Jul-m Director Medical onnnxi
(105403926 ObtamsdIr/Judmmwanh Varom
Semen, Dr. modem chm the Psychiatric sm: Mcdical Services,%% mmm ofsecurity, Howaxd Osborn; Chief the Semricy Rebzazch Staff the
Mr. Paul Gnymr; and the mum Legislative Camus) MK. George
25. AJLhnugh the appearances and testlmunies the officers were: hem Executiv: Sessions has: Congressiona) Committees,
very full account: 01. their mummy were rzparted daily pxess,
radio,,1nd celemm shnuld mad nmjamy this was
with Agency consent, my, the Agency and its Congrasainnal
(Dunn-mittens Wanted story m}; public domain). and
large the Congress annepmd emu denial aciual involvemem meexgm, any knawledgb (IL 01- cnmylicity in, break-1n and burglzd Ellsbezgs paychiaLr ne. me, uglana the Aggncy-s rule supplying Ellsbetg pxohles. was
some cri ism the Agency [or and lease management
camma, but fhe focus attentitm had Emma [ram the Agoncy itself attampta mambexs 012 White House smli invalve what. Deanne known the Watergate com up, punlic xrnord Page with the gummy, phase the Watergate scary, and current, paper wil) um.
.21. EEMWT
c05403925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO gamma documem any am- Suf 111a: the principle} Agucy ciala concerned, Le, Hams, Walters, Schlesingex ami Culby, resigned and buried attempts 1), the White Hause 5131: impli at: suppxesging aspents Watergate Wampum and related issuzs.
(105403926 ommwmmwwmn Varom
Racanattucted Chronology Agency Support the White Hausa summon with
RAquest Howard Hunt July 1971
The DDCI (General Robert Cnshmin) namd tha Dcx
morning mceting John Ehrlinhmzm, Domestic Adviser the
Preai dem, bad pinned July 1971 annamco mac 1:. Howard Hunt had been appointed secmcy consultant in! the White House law! mpli cuacn can Cuahmzm said nxlichman
him Hunt was calling him 5m: and asked the Agency
1m: him hand.
COMMENT: This minute 112 July 1971 meeting was rediscovered May 1:773 when DCI
Sables-anger Drama Cumplntn mm; me. ani acorns nniurma
bearing Watergate and mamaw:
Canceran ,4; The {act the can b;-
came 1mm Genoxal Cabman
memos and January 1973 when mad 14) who the maze House had
nallerlhim, and waa nrJy May 1973 wan able me: definitlvely his dav
that Lhr 1mm 55.11 vms made Jun Ehrlichman. Jul! 1971 ,(3)CAAct own-a Hm1. wrnte advising
(mm) NafSccAct
(205403926 onemmneeswm Verom
he: the-L sh: Height seeeave TDY onaens rat-Mn Wgsbingtcn as}: that was hi: requzst. she wes advised him let eeme complete surprise end not menuen his nnme use fact was
wnzlmg 0.11: Hnnee, COMMEN nee seven warned for Hum, but got know him when chiet (M3) 0mm cav aumvihel ELI rape Dlvxsxan end
she wee seeeeeesyr eeg tee-Q33 *2: hum Ex: uen vimted Mei. 1111: chef and
sme ssaesasmn which ennneuea is;
thmugh enssespenaesee, after sne was assigned pas (hm) ISecAct wads she chugate hrenk-in and
(Inna) NexsaeAct Hun euesc. the Iacz his ashng lat ar. Agency seemeesy (her nsme was revealed and Jusuee) end use 5535 that miuht bliclv (b)(3)NatSem c( .rwas hnsngm
ham: wad. out the menus eea matingse
she nns turned even copies hes
mrteapondencc iron: Hunt [he omee Inspector Genesen and has been de- Inns) cwm brieied nee knmvlcdgc and relationship with Huntn
Karl Wagner, Ensenuve Assistant the 9mm, Geeeee) Cushrnnn, seennnee LeJenheme mg: exam Howard Hunt, nexengea meeung aetwaan Cusnmen 3116 Hunt Generals the CIA headquarters huildmg Langley lax this ute. 2.; (b)(3} NalSecAct
(505403926 ommwmmiwmn Varom COMMENT: xmal prece for itor CIA headquanexs can! visitor check iii recep onist desk wher: visiturs Ilip filled ant under visitors badge lssuui This inaws so: racot kgpt win lhww tho mum-a um, and place entry and
departure, who same visic and the beacon the cei However, this syaiem can ray-passed when Lhe nuitnx allixig (the Dc: nnm maybe escorted am: Emcee via the Dircccara elevator
and racnrd made biographic data.
data, entry, deyarturu, etc. This latter
procedure must have been thc one ianowud
In! Hum July 1971 Visit :th
sine aubscqm thermig duck visitors
logs for this am; did not reveal Hunt visit. Hunts request for privacy Genera) Cushman asked Mr.
Wagner leave an: roo
{Fax that xeasnn Gunman later
id, activated his recurdez, idiuut telling Hunt, and taped the universal-int
COMMENI With the xecnvev origmll taye
and subsequem re-dlscovezy [ha
originaltrmacripuifwae die
recorder was hams Hunt came die as: and heft-Arc Wagner was. asked leave room. This :esdted sharp questioning Canal-SJ Cushmn
when testi before die Senate Select
Committee Mmii 1974. am: late the General longer
recall Why med Conversation smce his anginal reasun (activated whom Wagner
was asked lcave) longer seemed mid. .25
005403526 ObuinsdIr/Judmmwamh Verom
~_Vw_e.h er: initial hamge plealmh ies Hume staked than
had been charged with highly sensiuv: mieeien the White Hausa visn eiieic nrmn 5mm ee. dividASJ wheee ideelngy wee uncertain and for that puzpo they eekei enme here, get two gs: ash alias documumz (muebeekeceppei) and same degree physical disguise Iur nnew uperatinn em) out, Hunt asked that the [act hie Suppl) closely held, that his :doemy
nee revealed chulcal Services Division (TEL!) peepie and that met rehouse, Stated ceeveuhg either
Saturday Sunday 124.25 July 1971) and therefore the hex: ermnn
(Edd v.11, July 1971) wwuld for him. Cushman igeeea emi have Hum notified hie thte House number. Hunt expressed Chaim appreciation men min Ehrllclu-nan you were the
replied, Yeah, calle m2, sure. nieh speci what needed: ash daemenulcinn eiiee
using she rst name Edward soi- any state drivers licuue and same peeke. we: eeme wee, physical disguise the heme
viewee eeuhi he; identify him Nee, was bmeen aiem that Hunt would eeiiei emi givun
addrnss and time. Some men falk ensued during which Cushrnan
asked Hunt say Hello Jehn Ehrlichman for him which Hum
promised do. They then talked about Pemegmi Papers, China:
0mm WJudcia Wanh his Verom
57953272 Ehrlichmml mie White Hausa, etc. Hunt seys What. Ehdichmian ning thin morning business Kiesingers Lhe Vice
Prasident (no this geeett eeeeiee tot) Kamehudy the tee gut waLub these Lbixigsi (shunnem: The cieei implicdbnn hers Ehiuehmen-n apathetic respunttihilicies ten the President.
COMMENT: This retarding Wat: tienguihea med,
Upnn Genera] Cuehnmi depextum gnn
am, his ies were cleared out his
secretary, Mien hnibeie Pindar end zit/mam
Kaxl Wagner. the transcript hsmg removed the 1mm and mired unmarked his hafei
After Jim 1972 when Hunt name eat-he cumect With the WaLatgate break-an,
Wegnei was iinghie hicete the eiiginei t1?
tinneeiipt the Cushinnneiiunt meeting 1971, the nine General CushmaJ-As
depaxture teem the Agency December 1971, Miee Panda): and Knit Wagner had gene through his and records, including mum and
telephone transcripts, dceteeying same,
nemting etheie enemies fnw cases
netiining item which the, hea eeiitineing
ieievenee. This Original transcript was saved
wignei ant; emiedin his sate, heuevex, hie
mug-then Search ieiied neveex it. Mise pinden callcd that shu kept card General
Cusbxnazls visitor checked the file and found
the dete the Hunt visit and the tint that
tape had bnen made the meeting. Sh: eeuea
the Security teehnieinne and theeuveiea
tho tape wne the iiiee. The tape wee delivmed hei and Miss Pindar pxoducell new teenmhit
frum the tape dining the week 1qu7 June 1977,
Thin treneeiipc was zines vml-t gaps and missing pieces due Min Rndats inability
dietingnieh the cnnwraatints.
333403 925 0mm WJudma Wanh Varom ,,, 1913, Wagner making another
thorough snatch all was for an; other
material bearing Watnxgnte located the
stiginal tzuacrip: the drawer
his safe among unrelated miacanmaous le: and pnpam copy this was axial-1L6 tbs Cox group August 1973. 1971
General Cusbman briefed Wagnex the Hunt visit, what Hunt
had requesbed and what 115!sz had agreed ta. Cushman said had
given Hunt Wagners numbex and Wagner should arrange with TSD the
carrying out Hunts request.
Later the day Hunt called Wagner and repeated his requase
ini- add earlier asked cushy-nan obtaining physical disguise and Eocket litter documentation alias assist him cumsctmn
with mrzmely sensitive pznject, whiuhhe cuuld not mum
discuss, and whinn bad bsun zpproved Mi. Huxhchman. Wagner
was aakau Hunt no: identify ninn other personnel indicate was aanaitiw matter equeste the White House. Wagner aid pmact Hunt identity until near the end 21m acuvity but. diti
indicate few individuals that 1.11: rgqueat came from the mint House.
COMMENT: With the advantage hindsight, given the
dramatic publiclLy acccrdgd the matamis
prnvided. ahuuld noted that iimitnd disguis: and packet Lanai the Lyp: pxnvide naah aiiaa documentation .25. 9.;me
C05403926 ObtainedWJudmmWanh Verom serve: only limited purpusee. this
inskanca they seemed eerve the
deeeribed need, concealing peree identity eeeeume meeang. They do*
not eey way illegal entry,
ete the commission they yroteck person (rum )denti appzehznded the emmieeyeh iuegei act, white ever sense thee .emt, they may ereede.
Wagner eehteeted M1. meherd Kxuegsr, Aetjhg chie: Technical
Services nimiee, and instructud him mnkc errahgemehte fur
mrnishmg aphvsmal disguise and and: documentation individual
who (Ed net wwth ideeticy 25)) cers. Wegner indieeted
die mmer wde extremely zen-litive wee being dmm for the
White Heuee. further rpe the: support thie mallet kindled TSD. Since the TED ce: mum have meet the individuei (new batoru Grazing avdguiee, Wagnex ehtaured
safehuuse 2drvess end :21: irum the Lugis aJId axranged for meeting there the follming day hetween Hunt (under the alias
Mr. Edward) and ehe TSD cez.
Befare talking Krueger. Wagner stated eieerhd hie requnst
fur 51: eerietanee either the EA/ADDP Paul Breimeteer With
the EA/DDF, Sam Helperr. Helpeee ehd Krueger cnn that Weener
did ulkm side Hakpern, advising him genexally the project and iie
ty. that planned can T31) far assistance ind wondered his anuest Shaina eieered unugh the map. Mx. Them Keremeeeihee
COS/103926 obemmmm Verom
ma) ClAAcI sincc the 13m: wax not immensely available, and the exojec Ead khe hppmml the mar, Mr. Halpnrn Wagner ahead with TSD and would subsequently advise the mm, which Kruegex 1am: awed lpexntu repcri the requirement levied TED o/nnc;
3nd Halpeth repellted had already naked 2.: Wagner and akiyed 151:
support. Kruegez then get his team together, we: calling the Chief the was nun than ma, mabla (mutant mun known msn
Edward was eecaea thak Greehwona woud calm action Lb:
fallmzins (b)(3)cEAAct In]! 19-:1 M3) SIAM
Greenwuud went the affine the DDCI and picked ehh km]:
Edward appeared. pragrunmed bin) :0: disguise. phnmng his
descriptian (DEEM who turned the mien-nation ovex
prepare hues acumemab an, under the nan-u: Edward Warren
,30, CIAAG
@(smarSec/m (bWNa SeDM
C05403925 0bumsdeudma Wanh Verom we!!! not bummed, being to: ank idnn hcanun purposes unlye Edward ldt
Edwzu (Hunt). Hum returned and the documentation wee
aivorea the ends his absencee nut meeting given brown dark wig, epmadee, and speech eneeeuen deVACee
Grennwond also gave Edward his Agmcy tekphone number.
Saturday meme, July 1971, Gxeenwond bnefed Kruegex suppurc
given Edward.
COMMENT: Frau-n this pahitvon Greenwood gees
confused 1115 dates. Due the eenexuvxcy the pxojeck, few
(we) chAm eeceede were mda kept end
Greenwuud found himself eeme two yea. latex- trying recall exact dAtese did make some nut:
Gcmber 1971) which were pxecty
emu-m. Unlarlunately
have them when made out Ins
affidavit. Greenwuud xough names
and ehmnmeyee were turned aver
Len mum Deeember 1972. Dunn had been delee from the name
Secuxity wark iol Corey prepay-mg and Collecting infurmzl
xeply heme department queeuone. wee {or yuxpose memewea
Greenwuu em: Gephax-t, :Dneuted such
notes and materials they 12:91 and
incorpordLed tbnm what latat beuzma
the Colby les. men instance: from here have relied M105
505403926 Where 110 damlmcnts the dates prepared ucumentauon, the origmal mnea 15mg and Gamma nick Kruger wnzra they undated and Hunt (hand Jury Mme available havemu used evidanc: rsvaalcd prosecution lawyers Hunts Gxami Jury hearing. Eugen these sources we: e!) {allowing Chromlogy accurate and squares 2345 that are known. 1971
Hunt wrammiadvismg man. had yet received
deimita answer from his yrincipals but hoped very soon. July 1971 ~(b)(3)CAAct New From Hunt; advising sun decision
coming back TDY work in: him Lha muze Housc Auggs 1971 (mammm
Despiue Hunt mxrespondenn: his rst um;
request Lbs Agency Lhe subject was Elephnne call Wagner dale reques specific 111 amy returned may assigned wurk {or him
(ma) AAC!
from her PCS lasignnxents
c112 White House. said John Ehrhcihmm had suggested that call Genera) oushmm Wagnex discussed ma. 5mm Cushman the rsqueat in): $mjwas nind. Wagner offered try and End xnmeonc else but this not unnptah]: Hmh
(51(3) NatSecAcI (mg) ClAAct
0354(13926 ommmwmmewwmn Verom COMMENT: Although this requaut was nude 1x! Aug-ISL andregueed the same day was not unhl August 1971 Wagner wrote new {or the tecard the eheve mutt-t thing eue xequeat had balm deruerI but might reopened with Gen. Cuahmwt yellow buckslip macs Gunman routed the memo DCI Helms with mate: FYI and guidance howla handle. Ihe DCI thu erme day, 2.3
August 1971, granted hurt the DDCI with rate #1; rznews request,
(bXS) cww (i. e., meeee 1et knuw and epeek Ehrhehmuu
miner This exchange clearly con ned the secxmxxal grablen) hints this
point tutu. Hunt requests fox 01h Bid
bad Ascalned the paint where they
(5)53) ClAAct mead Agaucy cone-em
Greehwood prabahly met Hum. this than, with
company. Augn 1971 lb)(3)CJAI-c1
mmetw-Cbl mnt.
HunL wrutJ lkgfg saying the: his request her eervuee
had been amed the Agcncy.
(If/(s) CIAACI August 1971
Greeuwuud met. with Hum rum associate. with others
COMMENT: There Home mumatm aver just what hapyen these dates (18-25 August],
and what .equerec, And there was possibly one ether meedng, between and Anguatt The accounts the parties
(105403925 ObuindeJudcimWamh Verom
2.. band inc ompseze records aqd
fuzzed with the pneeege time; ieuve guod (ll-131,01 unverkanity that remain unclui ed. The brand outline what transpired hemeehe eseexmany
eieee, but disputes were arise over
jun whu did whit, with what and-unity,
and when, douhtm that any isegi-ee;
ments could resulved the basis
cemin feet. Geeomuu, his eniuevit,
skates his recalecuon that 1-1: m6: Hum
than: week 14te:, nial July 197] meeing, which wnuld hevc
been about Julyi theta was Etch
meeting highly unlikely um. had
anything with the events created
nie earnest documented during pcxio :eoort uee speech
alteration device, dated August 1971, ned out (oeubohiyy Greenwand. The iniormatlon had raised ieut
debrie Hunt and suggests nhr: lilwly
approximt: and uexhepe eetuei .iehr
(01 their meeting.
Gteanwuod nuts-s Deeemhex
1972, based hie recoueetieu the:
time, ind hi. affidavit 1973,
clearly indicate masking him the
oue August. :eczived telephone
cull {ram Hunt requeri adjustmm
his disguise spectacles. Hue: alae asked see someone WALh whum chum discuss
his requirements {at eeeeeder, and that wanted some chkstop-ped hueiueee eerie,
nncd [his Krueger,
1:10 icoompiuy
moeung. Kxuoeger
pmhehiy approved request for non.
hackempped cards, they were his omee
(MAS) swam whpn Greenwood Atapped there pink
C05403926 Obuinmeudc Varom Him, the misting.
were properly subject being cansidez Kruegex without clelranca with Wagner para the ginai requiremure fox false answerer-um diii meeting (wlr was 111051. likely alien! August. date the upon the speech device) {hemmed was asked Hun-AL air secnnd spend). altexa
device, for hackmpiied tekphone uuxnbpr
and address New York, and In): disguise
and dncmnentatzun rur associate, Kruuget the Very York mare and backstopped
phene request were not xaised mu: iii-.51 August 1971 goes say. hawewr,
thak Grezrwmnd was good ynlmg cnr Whn staff nut such request this befnre
raising and mi: his vim Cueenwnad
mermmm this 1551::
uttempk Greenwucd all dam
needed unable his superiors make
decisirm. whu Can fecal) none Vhe dams,
bulw ans name sequences the dove/op-
mgiir, Ejacussed with Hunt his requirements
501 recorder, renommm ing Uher Steru~
recorder meztmg HimL aimed needs. Hunt
also wanted some means whereby mad
avmd ramming that was carrying
recorder, and asked this aqmpmtant uhcahed for him. (TSD bought Lhe recorirr the open market, dining with atudin lavallerr
kype microphnnes, and provided used
pal-table typewnber cake, padded With seym.
mm, The case did not meet wsnvi standards cuncnllment device, conaLitnting
instead Something anyaxm could provide
ninja) cmAm
(W3) ClAAct
(305403925 ommmmm Verom .(b)(3) lAAct enu-
Krueg Mes retort-um met with Hun: Augurt and aerwered Lbs. remratr, and the TED ssjekousejuge shew (mm WWW for tafahmise tor theme.
The saiehnuse record docs not Show
Greenwood was also Present may may anti-13w been. Kme ets Horas, rrcnz ing thedelivery state that the-busmes (exam/mm cards Elsa were daliveredthls date. which would have been oreerwrea dame (akhnngh
other avidcncz suggests that the was
earlier probably the August meetmgyx
Krneger notes straw that August phoned Wagner [cyan requescs
the business cards and recardar. Thc cards
yruba aly bed has): deuver-ea alrcady, rt: Kxuzger
was only repurcing the request, lake was
probably the rearraer prim: its dam/2w. Wagner understood both requests
were nuksmding appruvcd mam canslstent
with the original eutharitemn.
Kruggex remnsirucmd nntns
December 1972 aka state thaL the August
meeting was occasmn the request far the
backstupped telephane and address New York
and for cumurmciau arm diagmse for
assumaca. But the May 1973 affidavit
Kruagtx etrtee are request Inr the back-
stopped telephone and address, and the question
I)! unL secrete, after the August
meeting. andheiore Lhe August meeting. remine epeemetave. yerhap: never verified, but th: fullnwmg srcnnrlo nffared what happened:
(305403926 obummwwdma wmnn Varom {DIUJC AAM August. creamed mat Hunt, Groanwaod delivcring the
cards that Hum: had requested talaphune, (W3) 0AA and_a usting his disms: spectacle; the recorder reqmremums. Augggt Kruager Phm-Aed Wagyier reporting the rtquest. U): husmesspax (which had been delivered] and the order, xufwhich Wagngrapptuved. met
(MG) CVAAC with Hum delivering the 0rd
23/24 August. Grtonweud met Hunt
deliver the new speech devicev atwhicb mm: raised the quasziun his assuciaoe being
given and documexmatiun. and requested
the backstappcd addrsss and telephone. Greenwood
repartnd Kxueger, who Instructecl him
pmceed the preparalxml docuruentanon and
disguise for the new man, hut acrede
demands while Krueger checked authuxiaatian. Angus; Having rmmiv what lead 1b)(a)mAAm preliminary approval. and not having
heard mam (:om. Krueger bring able
annual him time, Greenwood met Hunt pruvmca the maten Hums mocme. same Lime, part new reques Leonard
talked going the airport with Lennard
awning bad slap Pentagon. 1971 (mm) cJAAct
Krueger the called and advised Wagner dasgmse and doemmmamnm the name Heeoxgc Lennard had be=n LEbIlEd sannnd man (Iatu idenuhed Garden Liddy). 1159 had been
0mm WJudma Wamh Vsrom
issusa afina ssmsrs (whichwas conss mbzpco psuch)
and givsn training its use. Ksusgsr sxss xegoxted Hunt 3.5 sss needed zhssamsu cshsscusn with new assiymmnt
nghsx tom Kruegex wssm sspm ehs substance nihis can
promytly General Cushmsn smash guidanceh Elsa wanted his MR. 5a}: this date that. these. actions hsd haen taken wzthsuc pum-
mica sspssvsl [mm the DDCI ne.
wigs wrote Memrandmn Eur :hs Racord (MR) his
conversation with Krueger and held for Gemrzl Cusbman whu would
net the ail-ice when the (allowmg day.
Kruegex, result his discussions with Wagner, some
down insLxuc unE in: Greenwaad sssssd Hunt next
Hum/arms meeting. These mans were: msss would
delxy further supper ms; Gxeenwaods supervisor: received mm: loriza reques for phcmgraphic suppnrt, backstoppsd
ascmsms. audiu eqwnpment, (al mugh none has bccn tequasmd
dzcs); (zy Baskscs ppmg any kind ust approved thrnngh the
Direcmrs crass; (a) The ssmsxs assn was one time sash; (4)
Assistance Edward 111 term: hon-um: mas assumsmsasn,
nervicinglc: msjscsjsisg his diagmiee and tape recorder wsmd continue;
(5) The ducuments Edward associate wen-3 :ssumsd; 11.}
Greenwnad nu(: pressed was wimouc aumorizacinn.
(7) further anzhuriza was received mam support would mum.
(ma) AAPA
ommm WJudmawwamn VaFO
.Gmemoa recanted eelephone minim-n Edwaxd agking met 0610 the Lollawing max-hing Dallas Airport :1: pick
exposed Elm. Greenwoad noti Krneger due call and also uted Aummt 1971
Grcenwood Edward and his seam: Leonard Dunes
airp Edward returned camera, sbting that not suitable his needs. gave Greenwnud ml: exposed Linn and asked ha: developed imznedjatnly and the prints and negatives delivered him later day, The picture when devvlnpedv seenned romine
surveillance scenes. parking lat, buildings, Graenwnud Copies the pictures and delivered Xmegu meet Edward salehnilse,
baf gmng
Kruega: gave. Greenwood the
inaLzuctions aver with Edwaxd. Greanwnad pruceeded the adv
house, turned aver negative: and pictnras and started
(sand 01:: {01 luyfher support.
Edward, who appeared hurxy,
interrupted Greenwood about haJ: way through state mum
the Agency! suppurt and wuuld straighten out warm,
CONLMENT: 5mg Edward did stop Greenwncd hefure had mm: the condi an: .Lkely
Edward Wad nut aware and was
stopped mar when was
aimed Ehrlich-nan mm,
seen, aglm called aid days laeen
c05403926 0bu1ndeJudc1a1Wanh1m VaFO
Wagner attached buck mamanhqum fur Gauss-a]. oushmaa, ama August 1971, M/R August 1971. The hunks m1: read ow/y; Amched the xeport waard Hunt
15mm requuste in: TED support. ace twu problems: Hunt has brought strange: 11-110 1112 picme who new privy TSDs rule 111.1: ajx. Th; White Hausa uhvuld have cleared this web and must who fellow is. could emhirxass later. Hunt use unique clandestine Equipment dnmeatic vity uncu-tajn ham: potential 11:: mum. The Agency could
suite: its clandestine gear were diacnvered used 111 (imam:
secret apexg ons. will sumac: TSD clear all 11mm requem wichshis ce1 A110, think wmn 1123111111: abtain
Ehrhchznzn assurance that Hunt Latest caper OK. Even
on: does not relieve the Agency from its vulncxszility associated with 693125150 clmaamnc upma-
against Americans.
opening business August 1971. Wagum gave his MIR August 1971 with its coverxng bucklep General Cushmm. These General Cusbman telephone Ehxhchmu. which recorded
Innuws the buckslip h=1hw Wagner nuke called 11.011
August 1971. Indicated wanld can ham this. signed with the 3mm 411. .Sih
omme mmee Verom
made August 1971 Greenwood] [or backstuyped dummt on.
Including driver License and car rental credentials alias which
Keuegex fumed dawn. Hum had also asked in: bucksmppzd New york
telephmw answering service whicthuezar told Wagner were hayond
Divisiuns gammy. Wagner vuti that these requestsxwere nut hnmrzd and the: imure Hunkxaquests wnra raterrsd
Genenl Cushmus Wagner/immediately repurted Gene
Cushmzm 1e. latest conversation with Krucger end was advised the
results the Cushmu/Eht hmm cine Wagnar once called Kruoger
and instructed him nat wee furniah additional help Hunt,
that TED should not nccept anymnra
queses from Hunt. and that Hum
should asked Che sen
nve mterinis :mm TSD.
Kruezer receivcd frnm Central Cushmsm who had recap/ed
and xeed WAgners mmrendm. AA. this Cushmaa advised
Kruuger Edward was farmer ethyl/ayes, Howard Hum, and had immediavelv emppea xslatinnshipa Mr. Hunt. August 1971
Th2 telagaane canvexsatinn betwu Wagner and Krueger eek
place Friday, August 1971, was not mm]. the full/wring Menaey, August 1971, that anner Wrote MIR which included his
@5403ng ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO
instructions that TSD Walnut meet any Hunt requests. Genual Cushrxm upon receipt the M/R Murphy. August 1971, rmxted :4: DUI Helms wiumae 91.10 naia buckslip: can Juhn Ehrnchman Friday and Explained why could nut meet thase requestsr indicated Hunt was hecnmzmg pain neak. John said would
restrain Hunk. The hate was signeriwith Gcnpral Cnshman v.0 Dxtec below Oushman nuts was rm, ward. Guud srgheawiur Direcknr Hamsv ini RH.
COMMENT: Becausn these: memuranda :1: thord Karl Wagner played :Lch important
role reconstrucuhg events, are attached with the): have ring buckslip
CoMJvLENT: mua earlier, penples recalleclluns these events and dates were and nrmca with annthex. When
um: the Hunt/Liddy and
ixmn Caliionna. became cera}. quesu the minds the prosecutors, Lharnugh
search and review regards was initiated.
The included smhuuse logs, mamas, Hunt xmd hm, resumony, prosecmsrn
evidence, Krveger and Grannwnud angina]
mums, etc. result was pussible Lbs dam the Hum/Liddy [rip departure August 1971, and due zuturn August m]. August 137:, Gxeenwood5
andeuegere davits May 1973 Wale
curtecced ect these dates,
Also extremaly useful and extensively
uradwere Wagncr M/R affidavit
covering Qua Farina because 3:. nearly every
instance M/R Was wrmen prm nptly aher ,42_
(105403926 obummwwdma wmnn Varom ,ii evenks cecal-red, thus giving aim requests warn made Imam; wire
calm. They also xocmmt :11: positive
response mzde the O/DC! develop-
manta were made 1mm.
For this :ame sequence events, 0;, 25.25.27 August, the Kxueger/ Greenwood davits May 1973 give the
dates August 1971 for turning aver
aacmenmsun, disgmses and camera. (:7
Hum: and Lnddy, August 1971 In: 11mm
can have Grannwond meet kiln Dullas
Ail-part and August 1971 Lha day the fihn was pissed up, devclmper] and rmmem Thee: dates are incorrect, gust 1971
Gracnwuud received Deleghone call his mm: from Hunt
when Hunt lenewed his xequost 2m: baukseoppcd emu: cards. Greenwood tuned down request.
c054c397e ommdwwamwwamn Vgrom
End [max and T51) rule with Genera Cush :niud his call John Ehrliuhman abuse mm, are Janet agreauxant reeraiqL Hunt and Karl Wagner can TSD thJ aid remuvgd (.118 Agency (rum. K1115 when ak. pchv fact remove TSD and General Cushman, hue mlmown them, Hunt dmusi atimuJLancausky, we, involved wlth dumber the Agency and contact continued Huang}: November 1971. 51mm 31.35 note the resort] dues not fully support the
view are: the Agency nally cut Hunt at! mam. Richard Kruger, szuty Chia Technical Snxvices myseien [nuw the Olfice Teuhmcal
serme) did react parceptively era perrmexy, teasing quesunn twice about how things reamed germ. Krueger rst raised the
quesuon supplying Hunt with xecorder and businels Card:
with Karl Wagner, Exncutive Assistant the Deputy Dirzcmr Sanka.) Lutelhgence August 1971. Wagner felt that point Lhal. the request was consistent with his understanding the nngma} masmn and mmucwd TSD proceed. When megs: again quesjaned Wigner Hunts requesl August. 1971, and this Wis TED had supplied
the mm; and documentation far the aecond man, Wagner med prun prly .44.
C054. 3926 0bumsdeudma Wanh Verom 3nd deciaiwl memo Generau Cushnnan which recommend:% cautinn and ques nncd further assistance. TSD did tell Hunt wauld receive (duke: supgozL, but that would not given d1: hacksleppmg requested withauk further authorization Nor wee Hum turned dawn atly his request: far seexncan- not accupha subsume In: the rum
specificaliy quueaced. Hm: did nut scum View an: hrni
placed his suppun the and, cuntacted case nmeen, Steven
Greenwood, again the end Augunt, and later ielt iree :ppronch
(WI) chAm
Semen an: repnxt, Whucvcr the intent, Lne resuit was (:0
achieve gland down and did end the apex-Minna! atppul General
Cushman and wsne Dasp the r=servauons ennuc Hum expressed
John Elulicbman General Cushman August 1-371, the Whine
Hollie mt: apparently tar/k action mudlfy their guing progxam xcstl zdn Hunt and uLhEr Plumbers am: pressure kha
Agnxwy nduce Ellsberg prn es.
COMB/LEN: should notad chin Lime the):
was indica me: anything iuegnl was cnnbsmplated had occurred, tbrve was parkicula: reeeen for the Agency
attempt caopexate request the
White House began appear that Chara might same dumeatic activity involvezt cos/103925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO was and hadlhng been custamiixy
[at Agency mad other gavernmemt Igencieg provide emplmjdss syecial ail White Hausa, and Hunts sacrnmzial request was viewed comma. instance, hawever, while
the Agencywas willing pxuv secretaxy its chnusing, :1. wqua not imerfer with alligmusm cveksnas post, whe removal enlployee might digrup ve.
(305403926 obu nsdwwdmmwamh Verom
Chtnnelcgy Ageuuy Supper: the Mme House Preparing Parsanaliiy Pro Daniel Eli-berg Forewurd Central} unciestcuxding the Agencys cue mnuing support Hunt the mire Hausa the Ellsbexg prw les alter the stand- dawn crdernd oeneeeu. Cluhxnan the fee: this ease the Agency-e rigm hmd did not know what left hand doing end vice
vnrlar The dactars the crime Medical Service: who were iuwma preysring 1312 preuxee and maeting with Howard. were new:
aware Hunt contact: with Cash-nan and T51), rmr were Cushmaa
and ewnre the Ducturs emcee Indead, with {be possible
exeepmr the. then Deymty mreem fur Supporh John Coffey, end
Lhe Doctors. man, not even Direcm: Hem-m, was aware Hunts
pax cipa the profiles matter.
Exactly new, when and when the decision was mule use
the AgenCy resources produce pro Daniel Ellsherg
clean knmv (ram the record. December 1970,
Mr. Theme Huston Lbs White Henee seen we: Drr Treqen,
the Agency nareemr Madmal Servicus. aieeuee pereonemy studies SE83}
(305403926 oaummuuuu Varom
and production pmueduxes and how amma applications could
ayplied ames pzablerns, particularly related disaidcnts.
Mr. David Young, Ebrlichmam mum Hans: 5mg, fnzmcrly
served aide Henry Kissinger and capacity would familiar with the Agencys capability hum nut pro les fax-
Mama was Mr. Young who made the request for the may.
nuauy, Howard Hum mummy befare the Grand Jury rdzbea nae summing accauae: (1a rcspunae Proeacutar Glanzer
quaaazun whether Hun-At had any howledge attempts {>0
infoxnla about Ellsberg psychiatric pxofilc
Hum: Wan, some mums uuhscqum (he dpeakzng
now from midrSaptembnr), awunaa 7am the might halpm provi such
payabjamc Frame. QUESTION: what ycu do?
ANSWER: How 11- that? asked suggested
navsa Young saw, an, had whole
psychiatric set at. Central meemgauaa
Agumy provide aim: attend hand profiie
pal-Suns ntimeresk the us. Gavnrhmemt. This activity that has uaau guing many years.
COSQQBQZE ommwmmwwmn Varom (bxa) ClAAct and Mr, Young believe, was instrumental bringing sgiggs our omccs Room 15. whether the idea (91 contacting and tasking prurhlna
pro Eusbarg nriginated ma: Huston, ymmg Hum cannot Mam vely mm, the Just was levxed and rosuhed [ounwing
chinnology events COMMENT: The Men (Lid robably onghmte
with Yum-Ag since Emma mad July
and that was not Hunt
Hunt :ta his ccsnmny,
began .555 maze and more with
ngh, young may and. becamr in-
valved thejr Ratings. very have intrnduccd name
1M3) Act group ramming mcehng E03 August 1971. ulx 1971 David Yunng, former assiamtto Kinsingcr the Nationa Security Cuuncu Stair, was appointsdin any July 35mm: Lhe Presxdeuks Advisex- Domestic AILairs, John Emichmm About tuna July mlapkoned the
mmm Secuzity, Mr, Howard Osborn mum psycbxatxic
pza onc or, Danni Enabezg. Osborn had been deaigrmttd
.49. (swabs:
(105403926 obu nedIr/Judmmwamh Verom Helms Young point emcee: security mmeu. Young sand had seen Agency study done Castro wl-A he, Young, we; wedding for Kissflngex and wanted one eimsiee Bat done Elisharg. Osborn such raguostould xequiee DCI
apprnval since thelsubjacL was cicueu. Osbnrn was rem.
can forward such request yam; insisted and wuuld
have Ehrlichman Call Duecmr Heb-n5. this paint Osbnxn agreed ruse the matter with the DCL
COWENT: Direcmx Helms his msnmony before the
Sex-mks Watergate cemmmee August
19-13 stated tnat personally eeueu Mr.
Young, remonshuzd with him stxessed relucmce Lbe study. Mr.
Yunng pleaded mm, yoimcd wee xegemea lughest prierm, Mr.
Ehr chman and Jumger and that CIA
was Ohe Only agencyvdih such capability
Ymmg also (hycusaed Ellsbaxg role :21
stealing and publishing the Pentagon Pepe Cited the Nuclei-11 Sec As: 1947
and {he nave reegenem prawn
telligenca enemas and source: frat-n mane
memes discloaurc (such .15 these Ensberg) shon, Ivir. Helms remand was persuaded, reluctantly, agree have the Agency preeuee the study. July 1971 are Inhn Tiatjen, Memorandum Eor Record July
177: indies with Mr. Oeeem who relayzd him -55- SEE;
(205403926 Obu nde/Judmmwamh Varom
Ymmgs reglfst for pgychiatric lezhr pelsnnanty may) Mr. palm Busberg. advised Tinjen, the Directux Medical Sex-vices, that reifaest had been discussad with Dix-Accol-
Helms whu had relucuh agreed have the study prepaxcd.
Tietjen accepted the rkquiranxenL prepare the study bu: pointed
out that infurmahon available whirh prepare such profile was Spar (b)(3) cmAm Tietjen panadfhe reamremznt
(51(3) 0mm was reluctau undertake such :tuy and cited his mama-
tions about G12 prupnek condunting such assessment 0.5.
(91(3) :rAAcI citizen. maimeahe shared these raservauons and
cnncerns. cited 4ppl eval the Dixectur and hag-
understanding that L1}: White Horse was concetllred about Q12 seem-My
pruhlexns caused Ellsberg nalacinns and Im-pad, uhde
Handing 1115 psychology and moummns, ahle nxora rifec-
may deal wizhchis type oftbrea: natiunal secuncy
(mgmmm Dr, magmas 225k deF arm-mix
persunality assessment (he bass: Lhe Dyan utemme available
035403926 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO
mix) AAci whiah anngistad biographic pxo and 5mm cnalnEWS
mgaxine: and vamp AuEt 1971 Post forwarded Dr. istjen the brig: lummlty had Dem awe! Mam; 5mg, Mfg? mgr
xeview and aim with him CIAA Auggst 1971 X3) (b)(3)ClAAcl
cumin ficatun were needed,
Cow/LENJ Sam time hemszn and August 1971 0M5 received some gem Deparu nent and
rgpoxta forwarded then: (mm the 051m Security. which had presmz ziy receivmd
than from Young Aggy: 1971 meeting was held hem/cu ietjenygw 3150153 Changes and modifications needzd. {Presumably
:hi: 2me the 111.3%:an from 52am and 531 was mentinned above
bowl incurpaxated (he papem The may was Xs-101) and the 5m:
draft way cleared with van/s Jul-m Cnfj and Gabon-h
ommm WJudmawwamn VaFO Anal: 1971 Tietjnn handcarried Mr. Oshurn assessment Daniel Emu daLad August 1971, M12 Osborn uxeuea the
piper Huerta: Helms, transmiczax hate David Ymmg
which stated. krmw you appreciate that hnwever this used, Lhe
Agency shm imam-nu nwulved. August 1971
0mm papar, 310115 with the Ermamittal hate, delivezed David Young special Security omca Cuuxil mama: :anveraa beam? Graham and Young,
requzsted Lhat came mating Lha fella day 1:; Ruum the Executive Office Building. Osboxn (A1124 Tieuen relay
this request. Past being out cum Tietjen mum-ace
(b)(3) CIA/Act 1971 and Young were jmned Gordan L1ddy, darutncd fhe nuns Linney, but :Ler identified him Lida Yr: the and L112 but ung jg? if?
priarify and had Been requested Mr. Ehrlichman and Dr. Kissinger. alsn stated that the President had been rmed niche study.
305403925 oeemwmee Verom .L.eeerv .., .,, Yuung said the prufile would unly one Lace: multi-fazeted apgrnsth and huwevsr ehe repnrt finally used, greec :2. woud (Aiken avonlics being amnima the Agmmy. Yeu inquired about the mcw aea provide may aimlar die: done me: Came. 1(3)
1mm chAct and Hunt hen knawn one another pxinr Hunts imminent when pew thc genie Jaime HowardHunc.
we. 3:: Agency emyioyee. Hum mikad about trying Exieeerg
(bxs) CIAAct
pubxiC and eboee disrrediiing him. the material needed LEE study and was (old die: more mgieme. Omar weemecien nffexul me: ledy
included the (ac! Eusherg had been under psychiatric :mslysib.
x}: his fauna: wife caulgl inLcrv iewad, and was Wining eeecizy,
This informatinn also included the name Eusbergp psyc matxist,
Dr. Fielding Ceiisomie. The impenenee the win-t, was again
eti-eqsed. Hunt was demgnated die persee xeepen=ible for getting
addi unal information Ell-burg sent Com/mm: wenia appnee this point Yamg hea
(bk not. yet seen atrdy Oshqgn delivered EOE August since was never
referred hem- long meeting. Usbnrn
use :eperce, we: die l1Aqgu 1971:12
livery, that itwas deye later Yen called expressing dissa slactinn with
.54. (mm/e
(105403926 0bumsdeudma Wanh Verom
Eggnr e_.a initial study. Hnwever; 1973
when Ehrlichman was testifytng before the
Watergaze szm tee the {allowing exchange cakes pm: between Colman] Samue; Dash and Job: mama
1mm [Referring memurankum) The mmreumm: August the 11$, 1971, and its melmrandum you from End
Krogk and David Young. Subject: Pentagun
Papers iject, Stan: repm August
11m, 1971. think the eelevemt pomon pamgreph two. tithe? dun the grugrasa report em, and 1e: Just read pArigrapI-A
kwu HWe have xecciVEd the Prehmmuy
(bx CAAC study, copy attached TAB when must
say an) disapyuintad and cansider
Very super ne). will meal
with the head payrniatnsk, @156 Impress upon hm. the and
(MG) AAcl 1er expaCL. win ease meke
nimble him here some Lhz: other
mmuon have received from the FBI Eusberg.
why dissa slac marine Pm. lewas mmmem av, mme
Hawaxd Oshuxn stated his dank (hat few days rite: Youngs :eueiyl the study,
mung sailed 051mm and nxgxassed meme the men om. remunerated
about may adequate enmme
which vow rcplied mare [uxniehed
and sent mum what appeared material
[rm-n see Deparunant files. Osborn
forwarded L116 material the 0A. Medical
005403926 obu nsdIr/Judmmwamh Verom WET, mumlAAt,
{(bxsmMcL MM, martian were
Agency that present and panicipma the meeting. When
@ewvea Back the Agency called Hunt advise that
was not ieesible for him nvoid men nning aence
(11); CLAAd meeting. Hunt regretmd was necessary mung had
adzquate Contact. with General Cushmem and was good ten-rm with nueem, WW? jammed the entire meeting WALh me. 42% frieqen (W3) AACI
COMMENT: The Weenmgwn $er NBWS September
2913 ravealcd men wxme Hausa aide shame Culsm taped ce1ephone cmvexsa~ ham met named Hum July 1971 witch twu Leaked trying EDSL/crg
M3) (MAG. Lhe eewepepeeew and Fub cly discredlcing the same lime Hunt was pushxng with nee August mee cam vexihed Lhez Hum wee Lemme
beuchmzm July, the same day General
(b)(3)C1AAct Cuslun his call came- from mlichman
advising him Lhat Hum. we, now were 1e,
the House and asking CTJ lend him hand.
subsequently adv-152d :Mntmn Hunt
prEHEnce confercnce Huwar Oaburn (nay have mundaned Mr. Coffey but did not advise Director Hesme.
Helms said his August 19137 Laslimnny hafnzc (he
ma) ClAAct
C05403926 ObuinsdeudcimWaLh Verom ,eiei Watergate Cumxziinec that had nut learned this use until May 1973. time eppnranuhat the fact Hunt dual involvement with the Agency, with Cnshlnan and TSD and with CMS was not known eny one emcee mungeney,
COMMEN Newspaper: acceunta. Hunt Grand Jury
teen-many, Cnlacn end Ehxhchman testimony and the rogh-Ymmg memo 07: August Ehrlichman make
peaaime eunutmet hypothetical aeenanu
tor the Hunt/Liddy Agency cnnteaea and
questa. Hunts initial raaigument (as
varinueiy reperteai was ail-112x interview
ant. Lnu Conein ahnut Vietnam cum-
DeMuLL abmzt the Kennedy Chappa uidick
incident, perhaps bath. The undertaking inberwsw aurueuna ennaintenr With 1215.
imtiei requests for dlsgmse, niiae
ancmencatiun end recardar. His
testimony indicate: use tuia equip
ment early August 1971 tar LLB Dan
interview. onintzdent With this, retired Hunt his Grand Jury teatimuny, are
the diaculsluns Ram the EOE
hatween Voung, Kxugh, Liddy end Hunt abunc
Enaterg, iue psychiatric tiiea, haw get them, and the uae oithc psychiatric
unii. This led the request in: CIA
pxu las, the rejection the that pager,
end the need develop more inmtmat-inn.
Krngh and Young this you wrote the August 197] ichrnm men-
amed above whisk tiiey said, this
enuneennn, wuum Kacmrmend Lba
cavert upexajiun undertaken exemiue the medical me: still held Ensberg
psychoanalyst cavering the two-year perind whichhe was underguing aneiyeia. The
C05403926 oeemwweee Verom meme we: initialed the approval line
Ehxnehmeh wim the mesa and hate
that said, done under assurance the; not theeeehxe. With 1115 approval Hunt
and muey wore assigned new xnissaun which
called preliuxzmary rucqhnliaaance the site entered. this point Hunt
needed Where and LAddy needed all
ncm uen aziun: both were Isadeseed Him: cm. and suppBea August Hunt even his eehteet (Gremwao that hea new zeeienmeht. These requests are also
(bhuC AAct whet Lad Krucgcr, when Cuahmm
(all he]: {unhel- guy-part from the the mac: end Auguet 1971 grepnned the receipt each ene: mitexial Eusberg
Mai-211.113 thought came from Howard :11: White House but which
may wen have been (the material loxwarded chrotgh Osburn. According
The addi ona ininxmumn Ensberg ihaeetea that: wee xexexea FBI end Skate Deparmene dncumcmts. had revealed quael-secrat material while etm the service when wee applying (eh Ph. teuowship. hea mln ceexcd for Viememeee service im- the
State Depiruneni while made: the stress zming
(bun) 01AM divorce: from his first w-uet 51sz
(105403926 omumwmm wmn Vurom
FEW. had anurzh: peychoanaly {remnant between the [all and 197a with psydmanllyst (xepueamey
California. :1) may have been involved leaking inimrmn shun: aSuu Vietmmcsc 1910 whxle h/a wagl ucmmly
psychoanalytic augment. (131(3) mm: This material was amussea between Tiamen Edmund
becauss their continuing cunmm avex Lhe ethical and puhlical
:wnsideraljnms invulvnd they decided discuss their problem
the Depniy Directur for Support, John away, 1971 t31w
(bus) AAct ms. TieLjeu 4%? with John Caffey discuss the House request for Gas Ellsherg pro and cu. pressure mo.
awed the request. smea problem: Emma
with drivelnpimg study and our :nn mdng reservation: were an.
wmu mu). Even that mum mu, the Domain. ugreed than the nus Wnuld nut suearm umupmem mamas: again and
him the addt undl Qumml real 1mm. was also
(may CWAAct
Agreed there J-m greatest xeluCtance undertake any
mmview former Mrs. Ellsbeyg. (mm CIAAM
c05403925 obu nsdIr/Judmmwamh Verom Angler 1911 Law when puss Young wme Reuse Ymmg was advised {he addl ana) material 1w: Balm received and canv lux bcx. Yang etaksd Hunt was nuk imrnediaeely available be:
41m wnuld new Hun: call.
com/mm: The initiitar eeumy, Mr. Ynung, snem: paint ham turned ave! WNW/ Hunt, more likely delaying
5.2an since California had been
approved and Lhe dac probably had
already been ekee burg): mum
mice the hupe nuakmg may: material
avaiLahle. fact, paint Hum lmght have been meeeng Wm, Grenawuud and ye. quemng the camera and Ldey disgui:e and aeeumeneetion, AugusL A971 (mm) AAG! his davit May 1913, Mr. Coffey stated that wee sad Dr. taming 13%;??? ueed saw Mr. Yanng Hunt, COMMENT: This not cemmea the davits Riki-mm Tieuen. 1113.1. riecjee called eyto 52. (W3) (mm tried lee (barn may he; Coffey have taken this neeee his calendar reeemea commumcauan mum trying arrange umng and inkerpxcterl mean the meeting had occurrede (ma) ClAAct 1,9 jieLL
C054U3976 ObtamsdIr/Judmmwanh Varom Satmhor 1971 (37 CIAACI
reported this date there was inmrnal yellow magnum advismg him telephone can 2mm Dawd Young wane House. The massag: stain! Mr. Hum. suggested Inee Vve nesdiy, ning! umu an.
Dahorna davxt states that sometim: 59mm arranged 4%) direct name with Mr, Young,
also stated undersmod H15 nus had been brunght the mam.
(ma) ClAAd
COMMENT: bgy ay, Young called Oshnrn
EQEET Elephnne nuxnher and then numbu and his mange. Octohez 1971 (M3) ClAAct
(mm cJAAm
lxnm Hunt Whnc House. also captained note which asked
when the paper mum {nrthfuming. Wand Tiekjau decided again the mm: somy.
(by?) ClAAcf Octuber 1971 mmmm-
:ueipz the additional mncerinl and the unte lxnm Hunt asking
21. WW: cum. advised Lhe
when the yapex chd exchterL They new material
added Very whm: ll-my ahead)! had was briefed the can from Young September. was agreed this
ommm whammy. VaFO mar
mee as: {sihnuld try again Young and explain Lhe
continuing probLamS and cienuics mm; satisfy the hammer
comm-r: Osbnms affidavit raphm reneived call
[rm-q Caffay, dues not give dateh
say: away the Dixectar snpujm that wanted apyrnve persunnny all
manna]. forwarded khe Whme House
M3) cwm an; mum That call may have butn made
after the mae Octubar.
_27 Omaha; 1971 1%, swam Yams, Ham and Liddy. They yrzsned him pxuduce the study Wuhan week and spccz the paper
ban: signatuxz, watermark and aubgece nmo, Interest was cecpresaarl Enshergs saxual phhcnuhzs obtain-Lug
ahsohmaunh which Euuld used defame Lump-11am him. Yang made knawn Lha had talked earher wiLh Lb: DCI (ore
goihg comment ncx Hahn antimony before. Senate Watcrgate
Committee] and Young Lnsix ated that the Agency was (.0
wma told wink: the
gravid anything Ymmgs tequcs
211 October 1971 (3x3) CIAAd
meeting 9716-: Yuung, and Liddy (see zbovs). Calfcy had gui ance
11x3) ClAAct (ma) AAC!
(105403926 ObtamsdIr/Judmmwanh Varom
WEE-1N wxbxammm framth: D51}; the matter and suggesmd i;c%%@ canthm
wax-king the paper.
(b)(3)CAAct Coffey, lunclwon mneting with Dire-2m: Hclms briefed Helms continuing pressure Iram Mr. Young Lula him an. ghad hm, requnsie him sham and prepare second paper suhjecc revvinw and pussiblu itacussicn with Mr. llehna.
COMMENT: sy: aifx nvit Bays From mum records
(W3) CW: note: not med} i1. wuuld
shortly thereafter note; we] pushed Dr. Tiujeu the 1351 views and his desire after page! was commas} mud (171(3) ovum Hake appoinknanr see him (Mr. Helms}. 971 (mm) SIAM) War nmm the can
from David Young due: White Hausa reques the report the
(Dhmeg (Lay. Young was
presently hands arm: lvpervisors fur their evalu un. Novembaz 77] (W3) AAG 1(3) AAct Mr. many uthnr infurmzuun hillsbr Navenfadz 1971 (W3) affidavit but mist that may the an? tag? med
affidavit mm, any (N3) ClAAzx bIGCVAA!
meme mmee Verom M3) CIAAM Novembax reviewed the nal paper greparcd 12W
Ii: believsd nus review wuum have been befor: R1: paper was turned over DDS Coffey November, November 1271 Dr. Tiucjeu davit set: the mum The earner paper and eeeeud profile wars letwmded Deputy Dirzcto! [or Smart, logatlxer with txansn tta}, dated November
1971 Our note expresse our eeueem atd the View that the Dueem
should have the appoxmnity zeview material and offer cummem.
141 Lbs record! (here docmcm. which must the 2..
nut: refexred to. :ap nned, Nova (0:: Deputy Dixector fur
Suppers, need med Nuvember W7]. reads founws:
Jack: per on: discussion: an: mommg, WI: that
Lhe Dxrector shuuld have opparhmity review (11:
emehee (material. heve dame our Concerne
and they eeu subsumed under am: majur concexn; e., entering mucus bgynnd the Agencys purwiewu Perlmps Director would judge ems gem
sumeienc imuezmee offer cmnments. any evem, since There has been speci request Inr due material, OMS stands ready denver this material
0mm WJudcla Wanh Verom
lag-ll: Mr. av-id Young Executiv: Building wheneve:
sgreeehlc. Included with 1): Current mesesiel, espy use original repel. Ml. yemg. meme esteem only. and would apprecilLe its return when convenient.
use have signed John uvar typed nsme, end Tiecjzn. Belnw the signature and 1:11: left the paper new aslselsmenw.
Pesegxsph Me. Cuffcvs ems-mt May 1973 mes the
(allowing account, Nnvcmber 1971 mes again With me,
Tiaciel and reported LhaL Young was pressing
9h: papex. Evidently they had the study and discussed getting Helms. mom-e1 mmorandum damd November ml, forwarded Mr. Helms hath the studies which lssa been prepaeea, wuh ucxnments and suggns hnn lag. From notes have
recuneuuctcd whzu believe subaequen happened. The DlranLor
tala mnnd sey 1nd read (113 papers and shes expanded
may shank] daL vered. wes Intuxmng papers accolmplish thus hed also dacided send letter Mrs 1mg
which asked that drain Hams changed draft and sees
the xevsses letter Mr. Young Meanwhile passed the pepen remnad Mr. Helms Tizcjeu, asking ehe
(bus) CIAAM
0mm WJudmawwamn Vsrom
the secand smy Ms. Ynung but say, after Imsw Mrs Helms Young had been sigma and was sassuze. use Ieca
nes-x received word mat thz mes: had ham sent but believe
was November Nsvsmsss 1971
Coffey :oswssdsd the new pxu les Enaberg Helms Navembet 1571, attached sun memuraadum fur the Director Cum-s1 Iacsvngssce, his mama xsnuaaea the Directur
their pxevimxa discussion this sass. reviewed the Condnuzrl
asses Drss Tiukjeh stated worms and not
sums tithe xnwlvs prDIESsiunil amiss czedi (ys Instead, they
sss ssasemse Jsss ass Agcncy iavslmmsm dsvsxssmsm
informatmn shoujd ssaoms known and psm-saxss-ly sum come light during any legal processing. expxesael Li: vicw the
nsccsss feel maxe scram-mus vs; Mr, Young mad tarninded
an: the AgunCy commasn with was matter must never surface.
Coiiey ssggssma citbex separate uses from the DCI phone can Ymmg from) Haward Qshsm Puenchetica sozsa that Oebnrn
had rmk sees the second prams.
COMMENT: eys mate asss not sasm accurately ect (as OMS concem svss use Agencys
CC5403926 0Mamsdeudma Wanh Verom have seen the two vs, er: arad for mfeep as: yam are, eeexee, glen assistance. Ida wish
underline the paint that am- )nvolvemml tbs matter shunld revealad any context. {en-eel Meme], Sue that
ycm eppxeeme uut cane ngner] mama lmse
Dr. Tieqcn his mum: 0.5 Mey 197a, palagraph
am, November 0911) wee advised nephew can from
Mr. Cofley than memm bed been renewed and should
proceed ee: meeting with the WLi House recipients
deliver eeeene Prnl conveyed nee manage
who pruceeded set meeting which believe was held
the 12th Navember White House Burn-Ag mterim perm! ram: 0:! hack {rum Mr. cys ice W70 pro les, along with ginaJ transmittal Hate, Coflays utiwuak transmjual
note the Dinner and xexox Uupy ettex [ram the meeem David Young, dated Novambex 19711:; regard the
uvembee 1971
David Young Again canea Whom dee status peper.
edvieea that the mammals shauld farthcnming lrom hie (b)(3)cIAAc1 353
ommm WJudmawwamn VaFO
supervisurs 51mm, and that mum mtom Young irnmediacely
npan recslpm Nnvsmher 197} Wmmdm Lhnton Navemb 1971
mtaxisl delivered the White Hnusc and Mr. Liddy,
Mr. Yumg and Mr, nm. ember 1971 Tieljen amused mus Cmfey dALivexed
the study Mr. vm.
(b)[3) (NAACP Novembn
Dps Cathy told Dixectm- Helm: deliveAed
the study Mr. Yum-Ag.
(W3) clAAm
(165403926 Obu nde/Judmmwanh Verom
45* lngue the Eusberg Pmmee
The adverse publicity lo: ale Agimcy resulted whcn the burglary Balding omee sutfuncd April 1973 com ixm
D13: due mew ennoem over er: the Doe-mm and
other Agenzyal cjals, wzs wen founded.
Here egain, Cushmm/TSD/Hun matter, the Doctors other cials reacted properly and weed the appropnate
eenceme. The final decision was, and had be, made Dixcctur
HuLma. One mgh: speculate wnemee his decision would have
been wrerem had known me: qurd Hunt was mvoxved the Eueeelg prn ies nutter. may meet August 1973
cest knnny bemrc the Erwin Cmemmee when asked about
Youngs request for the pru lus, Ambassador Helms week the
following reply, Yea rave geuume regre ebuuL bung preeemea
into met, Monday meaning there are 1e: [ouch-1.71 games that played agein eughz been played lterendy, and, yml know. [11: proud Lhak ano
C05403926 obememeeewm New 325m ewe emcee; AgeneysmmFume-new; eweeaum
During Subssqnene thma n/TSD Ellsberg Pro les Activity [mid-July Nuvamuer
Hunt zitannn Snpgnxt {mm Gamers} Cnshman end T51)
wee overt and eppmvea. The mam: Could not [0: his (ale with
the mice Medical Surviczs Wench cried unusual, Cnincidem
Wm. thes: activi aha cnnlacking 1mm Agency culleaguus mm: inrmueuuu.
01)(3) CIAAD?
Early Summer 3971 ekea her detgrmine sumz Agency extenaiun numbers (she
thnugin thty were TS! and convey Snlormahon Howard
emeW 55,2, queeeonemeemene
problem Hunt had merely misplaced the numbers and nah-
zen was eeeieenee. (we) CIAAd cm,
comamr: very possible the inzid uucurx
during the Lima Hunt was Driving with T52,
and one may spectlate had man-21y
misplaced his mum 1n:Luc on: Eaught
nssietance eslablishing them.
(305403925 ommdwwdmmwamn Verom $111115 0cm 1971 Hum uned Theme Knrameauinca, than the mp, In! lunch 15m. Kamaeeeinee, 1;va was awara 1.1111211 Hunt eemem with Gmwz Cuuhman and TSD personnel asked Sidney Gutuieb, then
Chiel TSD my; date only; pmem mus the
Hunt/Agency ren eusmy. Mx. Kemmeeexneer calender shows thh Mr. Gnttlieh the map emu 311700 hours Octobo
The gala-Adar men 51mm 11m Karamessinas was scheduled mcct
Hum lunch City Tavern, downtown wesmgmn, 471115 occnhcx
COMMENT: the inns-.11 shrunolagy was prepezea (h: Umt/TSD/Cn man enmme the new. 1513 empxeyee Greenwood indicnfad 11.22 brieled Genera} Cnabman October 1971 pxeparatary
Cycrmxal lunch with the zeuowu.g say, e., October 1971. There was nolmowledg: record such lunchznn the silica
General swam. amen-pt awry
the record Cnlby, nresem DCI, eenea
Genem Cushman eee might men
having been meted 5rd 1mm mnehea mth
Hunt men aeeee, Ganeral Dual-1mm such recaneeuen, September this
yea.)- 119731 1:1 meet-mg Wm: Dc/OTS
(Iaxmgxdy Tan), Richaxd muegee, over
901112 disvrepanmes dates, the mien
:11 the Cushman/Hmn when wee mm.
111 1111: 1mm Kxungcr icsted Greenwood were mane The bne was requehLed Gouheb hung the men nDP. Me. Keeemceeaeee, new Agmcy conta is. General Guam-nan had never bazninvnlvsd. .71. #9111
,Whan queried about camber 1971 brie and the Octnbex 1971
Chum-d wwdmawwamn Verom
lunch, Karwusneeam rot-an meemag, baa imitated
Hunt request and leam-sumnan had bean vegeely Aware the
T51) SuppDrL Hum asked brought dale cage
xeqnested anything!
The pufpuse the meeting acmeuy iuvulved cover prohlsm
with Lh: Mullen Company and neither Hum: 110: Kaexneemee mantioned
Hunt pm: gamma wiLh TED.
(13(3) cIAAcr (MKS) cwm
Octohex 1771
Hum eeked mac Lime Chiet Eurape Division,
about the possibility Obtaining .eme,intamedoe leak mmea HunL Inlm
caewen. Execnuve icex Europe Divisinn, who nugget
decmmme the French Gnvsrnment
msnudms, provided Hunt unclassi matsnat Canaan-A115
1954 case leakage guvernmw cnments France (b)(3) CIAAu December 1971
Mr. Howard Hum cantactad visLm ereum
and asked bar have Agmcy checked all Costa Rican mum,
Egg! Hun. 1.35, mum
01m) ClAAct Weaken Hemisphere Dmmn cmyluyee,
(mm AAC! (mam/m
(ma) NakSscAcx
C054U3926 -SEaRH/
0mm WJudma Wamh Verom chemces. Mr, Erna, c/wn
dLWWW Dc/wa, agraed Service the new request but
the Agency senior liaison officer repreeemmve with die Necinmi
mum Hum hag Enxmerly wuxke
put had
_pxoper chumule. hair. though
Security chmeu, lenatad the WhiLe Hmme (W3) 0AM
Nuvember December 1971 Jenuezrgglz mcms swim sensitive Weieeee pm)
recalled June 1973 that when was with the Nauoml Security
Council received request [rum Huward Hunt in: name
traces Latin Amerirzns. said sent those Forward With
eeveeee and quesiiunf, but came men the nal resuhe. Hie
menmy, which xes the tune the last two months 1st
January 1972. may only umbauishmmt the Deeemhex 197)
than Due name mae cannot dismissed completely
other Eust rnmen annuals hmet with enc antenna] addi the Ioreguing Agency contdcts Hum there ware number bikers which sanmmgly ime xebkinn the Eusberg
pro le: the Watergate 21mm However, mee Watergme
3115:: rami cations eenhnuee unfald, these Contact ere being
listed and ecceched, Tab rhia ecndy.
(bxs) NatSenAct
ommm WJudmawwamn VaFO
Posmm unenw the gamma Empioymm Assistance
Eranch Howard Hunt and James McCard
The External my1uymem Asmmu Branch(]1 :EAE) the
Reti-xment Aflairs Diviamn (mm) was ant the Agepcy
cu, retires: lucate empluyment uppaxtun cuLsidc Agency. xed emplayees file mums with where Lhey are made
avmlable :mplnyexs whu Seeking particular skills, 0:, Same Cages, (am example) EEAB personnal may Contact
campsnies with Whom they have established gund relatiunships the
retiregs bethL
When Mccoxd xecired from the AgenCy mum: his own private Semz urgminau known McCotd
Associntaz. Elsa oxgemned subsidiary corpnzatmn, InsuLute
fur Protection And Safety Studies, Inc. Huang Spent year! with Agmcy was mtnxzd that McCord wuuld smmmd 1:: mm; zcz raHrcea 1va quhhcanona was lacking just
was natural EEAE prnpetiy quali refuges M65015
Assasiates and subsidiary. The bulk mass xeferred,
whom McCurd was mxexasled came Ixcm the Agencys Olfice
(305403926 ommwmmwwmn Varom Secnn ty. Alleugh hang tem-us referred known this writmg hwv: been waived the Watergate Aflaix, they are
listed Tab law were employed, mos were nut. am,
:pproachad two indxviduals sLill empoy=d cm, who dealined
his click 1:151 accusiuns Mr. Hum tank advantage
knnwlcdge EEAE cns and personnel and locate zenmes
with upa skills. least two thus mamas there was Wamrgaza may comemm case third
an, might. have been, any event all mu: ammo: hung scxihea and Attached cu: emay Tab -75. 459%
505403926 0mm mmwm varom
Seiatiun Agent! CncEeration $219 hours J11 raw, men wexe treated mad:
madam-c dem Heddqumxt zr: dad Watergate; apartmant complex. inch-131w all used and with 211. police, 11111111
name decks xoqdesked the Agency Lhe Seam Snxvice and
cums revealed trace. Agency n-coxds. 13mm: Helms
czsti met learned the hutglzxy and and through
either pxess media cavexlge. wad until zbm 10:00 1:114. June the ab: mum: Secnxity, Edward Osborn. called the
Dixecw: and gave the mug name: (We arrasked 1ndividu
11d 11:0 cold Lhe DCI 11m one the men, Jams McCard, 1nd
his possession check hum Howard Hum. June 1972 W8: Saturday. Innwwiug Man zy, :1. his daily madam. running dmrmddung. the Dixecknx issued his instinctiens how the Agency would 1mm: questiuns th:
Wamgm burglary and burglars, Jam 1772 Excerpt. {mm the no: morning atail meeting:
The Director noted the 1mm James MnCord
and four uthzrs whn were apprehendad the Demoszuc Nauunaj (mm
(10540392 ObtamsdIr/Judmmwanh Varom Committee heudquanan Waeamace. With Direl Sammy presam provide biographic deans, the Dixeccox speci that responses any 1mm; leapect McCard Reward Hum, wha may implicated, are limngd mm- men: that may axe emplayus who zerixad AngnsL and
Apr 1970, respe ively Aha Director ask any inquiry [ram
uthu elements the government rdarred Director
Sunny who designated the fecal pnin mum from the
press at: Mama Mr, Ununzb who may say McCord
wmkea the OffiLe Security. The Dnectur nolzd hav: xeaponsibihly mth respect investigation except
responsive LAe FEIS rauuos sm- name tunes. was noted that
Howard may have done same work unce retirement cumactiam
with the preparstiun Eupparting maTerinI sum: awards. Th:
Exzcmiva Director was Led review this mptc am] Xgpatt an,
com/LEM: Tm. pruccduxu was [allowad appzoxir
mmly June me. request:
and Office Security reiponszx appended Tab and will not Jinan hare. Tuaced pdpnr wul only mag data: and Algal
that varied from the rantma. ,77 /SEE iT///
(105403926 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO June (912
Mr. William Crggar, F111 ami accnaiced CIA, wag caged Security empl yze, Mx. Leo Dunn. Such wnuld xmuy have gun; the gm, FBI/cm unison mam
Mr. Amnld Pagham. 1:3th was unavailable, new (he Direcmx Security, Dunn contacted Mr. Cregar just before 1:: get ruadong inves gaban anhe McCord incident,
Cregsu snhsequen advised Dunn pazhm had panes this xequest his superviscz, Mr. Arthur Kuhn but the word had
coma down Irum Patrick Gray, Acting Directnr the that
(1:. FE! nut diasa rnixufe infprma the case
an; wxicten mm. Comm nnw knew [mm testimonies and
transcripts mm; House tax-:5 rucnxd ing this aLliLude the par: Gray
was based several haunts, invnlve meal Aon-nar personnel, nis
deputies Advice him that they thought involved. and Charles Cuiaun:
attempts dlvert suspicions away the White Hons: and onto the cm. Inna 1972 Pacxick may, Acting Directs: the Federal Bureau
Iuvssligatiun called DCI Helms, sud, him an: thmhng
that may dng mum. and naked :2on cnn deny um. had been making every day with nanT
C05403926 Chumde/Judmmwanh Verom 4mm his mum, that they knew the peugze, thatychey could not gure nut
hm. mat there wee CIA involvemmt. June I972 Summary Ganeral Wilkers memutandum 2:; June 1972 NH)
Helms and matters met White House with Ehrlichmm and Helaemnn. Raider/{tan FBI investigannn leading
imparlant people. asked what enhneerinn had, Helm
said hone.
Haldemm quoted the memorandum?) enying was the
president wuh that Walters can FBI Aeting nareetex any and
suggest that. the arrest aye euepeete was snmetent nna than: wee
um: zdvamageuns push the inquiry, Izeephcteuy Mexico. etet
Helms said had tweed Gray the prnVlous day end Luld him the Agency wee nut behind the man-3r, (2} none the auspecl:
was woxking lax the Agency. end (3)::011: nnd wuxkzd fax the Agency the plat two years, told Gray nene ot- the FBIs Investigations
was Louching any eeyeye 12mm. the Agency.
Hememen skate vrnneze (land tell zey had talked the
Wl-me Hausa and suggest the :nvestlgallun net pushed Euxthex
Gray wnuld reeeetwe, was sacking guidance.
next-he repented chet the ngeney was nneenneeeen wuh the matLer.
Wnnere then agreed telk with any Hne directed. Ehrlichmaa
than implied Walters enema thts Satan and Waller): mad txy
.et, June 197; SEGEEP mdey,
543925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO Mly 197a; swam Wane Wm: 2. covaring note for (he szxiea mzmmanda Envezing his meetings with John Dem Fat Gray. m5. not: make: quita clear that mcmc cana. wcxe have! (blended
verbatxm accuum the mze nga Huey
covered but were notes rakesh
mamuxy. The covexiug 1,ch cud template
mamnrande 11m cum; are akzachad this mm; May 1973 xneu
when mum Ahowed Lhe June x972 memo hxu, the said speci reference was not made (be anaidznt,
being cmyimpucm Walter: agrned. June W72 Summary General Walters mzmarAndnm June 1912 an)
Walters met with Gxay the 17151. had came aftcx talking White Hnucc. withant mentioning names, stating
his (mum) {arr azib] wsuc Lhe Cray Helms discussinn the previous
day, said out while the Watergatu investigations had nu: muchca
any Azcnny pmects conhnuntinn might. rhcy nczea Lhe king
agcccmcm between CIA and my. such maUerx. Griy and h):
prnblem how 10w kcyu the matter. Thcxc was matte: check 3239, Men-cu. bank, and asked hc mmc
Dah bgrg meant anything. Walters did not know the 1mm. Grav .m).
COS/103926 obummwwdma wmnn Varom naked ch. awkwamnm (he issue anging cle yeaz. wane invenignlians wage shzd math :khe harder could anvert pmjecrs, View the arrays wmus
said wnnld better mm- 1h: mitten
Gruy said would hive talk Jul-m Dean. paint the wnrking am: there W15 indicating Lha
desirability Incozpoxating mam, the transcripts the June 191: Nixcn- alderman cmversntiuna. The mammal renews hem)
This mensage is/mke 3mm yum mamaax transcript: convexuatia-ns wesn pmmm and ameman
acnurrmg June ms. The trmicl lpts, the Presidcm
be: Augusf, were published August the Waa ngtuu pm.
frum which these excerpts Wexe taken. The transcripts reportedly,
are being turned ever Hausa mar {iry Carlin-Aimee, and tapes
are bemg nunsd ovux Vudge sum, The any: mag message m.- {base Emma oithe canvaxsatian 22m relatg Ambassador Helms.
Gusto! Wane cm, weave the maeemx 9215 xpumamy,
mp: gaps Lhe convezsatioha, and have mada interpretaunns an, chi: inveshgntian, yau knuw Democrafic break-m
thing, Were Back the prublem am; because the FBI not under
mun, banana Gray dueln many knaw haw contra; and
they haven aeir hives
.gntiun new Izading somc pxeductive
areas-Abgcausa they bum-A mnequc chm ugh
the menu] itsell-but Lhrungn bznk sourc:S--Lhc banker, And,
and gee: 111 some directions dunt go. Ah, alsu them
have been auxne xhings- 15k: informant came the Isl-eel PE: Miami Whn was apharugrnphex has friend who
(305403925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO saw
phnmgruphex who develnpcd sum dgmmugh his guy Egan the lms had 571mm. nmmnm mama Committee mm.
head dncmunlk and ngs. dungi like that that are Elke
in. Mnchen Cum: yanerdny, and John Dan analyzed very
carefully night and cancludas, :uncuz new lMLLchens
Kacnmmdz tbs nnly way salve this, and 5::
ah, that and munch: only network paid
any attention night was mac they did massiv: story
(he Cuba. mm. 1:. That right, That the way handle nqw fax 15 luv: Walters
Fat. Gray and say, Stay hen this- chi: ah, umm here dont you any furLber That not muslin}
aavqapmem, and ah. that would take care it. abovl p34 Exay- yau mean stv doesnt want (37 Fat does doesnt kva how and duzsn
have, doesn have any basis mm; Given this, than
hava ham, my): call Mark Fch. in, and the two [hank-ind
Mark Felt cnaperata because ambitious Yeah,
C05403526 omnmwmm wmn Varom HUI] call him and say, got the signal (ram Ecro river the hold mu; And will rather well bewgsg FBI Agata are working the case, this pom [eel Wats what This c192 Theyve traced ace moneya Wknd they trac: W21) they traced mung, but they havent gnktan the guy yon
1:. Would :qlnehady hareo Ken Dahlbarg.
1:. hell Ken umbergz
H.- Hngave $25, mac 1;. mnusnm and, ah, the check went direcdy guy 12mm. ch: committee umgh, Exam sum?
21, Yeah, is. directly :xzceablc and thaxe some nmre
mmugh Home Texas geouxe that went the Mexican hank whkh also traced the Moxie bank -tney gec their nuns: mm. And (pause) Well, mean. mum wmy~4]m Lhinking thzy aunv:
coupe rae, what they 54y? That thgy were approached
Cubans, Thats what Dahlberg say, :he Tems tun, ma: Lhay
ccs 03926 ommmwwdmawwmn varom ULii may win. But they; zen/iii; more aha more pnuple 3.11 Lb: me. Thats Lb: prohxe am: they snap could
take chm other route. 12. All right. 1!. And ynu seem think the thing get them stag? Right, fine.
They Say the unly Way that from White House
mstxncuahs. And in; .go Helms and try-2h, what his name Walketh. Wanna
51. And the proposal would dual. Ebrlichmzn and run them in,
and All xight, Ema. Huw you can him mean you just
well, pzntectnd Helms from an: (31 things. Thats what Ehrlichman snys. Charge, this Hunt. the: will uncover many. You
open that scab theres 10: mugs and just feel that wuuld very detrimental have this thing any lumber. This
invaxvcs than: Cubans, Hunt, 1a: hankyrpanky that have
nothing with ourselves Well what the 21L iii Mitchell know
mam n5?
C05403926 Obtamsdwwdmmwamh Verom mm? se. dont think knew} the details, hi: think hp. didn know hnw ghing handlzd bhnlzgh--wil.h Dmherg and the Texans and forth? Wen whu we: Hue unshale chu
did? Liddy? (hat the fellaw must little is.
1:. mum just new wen screwed he? Aha: problem7 but pressure, aypereeuy, gabmre inlarmatinn, and got maze pressure, peeaed penple haxdex move hexane. Pressure from Muehem Apparently. on, Mitchell. Mitchan was pm: meemymm. Yuau. All right, ne, .mdnrs and all. week second-guess
Mitchel) end the rest. Thank Gad wasn Colsnn. The max intervaewed Cclsnm yesterday. They detexmined that wuuld gand thing do. have him Lake inkev xugmicm,
which am, and chat/the guys Wozkmg the case eenemaea
hat {here were unc tvm pee-abumue-me, Lhat. this hne Haus:--tbey dont think that Lhere anything the exeemu con rming? .55.
c05403925 ommmwwdmawwmn VaFO
they chink was eithex White House apcuciap and they had genie
obscure reasons [or .nanpoxi cal. was -CIban and the cu. And chm mlerxcgz aaxsnn ycsxerday, they can- eluded was the White Hausa, but are new convinced thing, the nrnuffwmxld-~ Wei), not sure their amxym, no: gning 321
involved. Im(unin1elligih]u No, sir, danLwant yonta. Yun c211 in. Gund deaL Play Lough. That the Walthey plAy and that way are going at. 0.x.
i*#v*a:-A M