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Judicial Watch • JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 13

JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 13

JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 13

Page 1: JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 13


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Date Created:February 22, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 22, 2016

Tags:interviewed, 00222, reports, exhibit, policy, documents, DHS, records

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All redactions this document are curs~t exemptions (b)(6) and (b)(7)(C). Obtained y1s 1-ori
Judic;1a atch Inc ddit1ona1exemptions usea are atea margin near their redaction.
REPORT INVESTlGATION December 17, 2013, CBP,- -was
said that woul not have been able e~to
interviewed DHS OIG.
TECS without supervisor approval; however, prior the initial records modification 2010, one
the records
had any idea that what was doing was problem. According modification 2010 was not disciplinary action punitive nature. CBP management just
realized that records were not compliance with CBP policy, the records were modified.
was disciplined after the 2012 incident because. had known then that. was not allowed enter terrorist-related lookouts TECS.
stated that would not surprised career had suffered because the incident
2012, but had direct knowledge any specrncs. According to- had done
continued enter terronst-rerated ata after being
nothing wrong that point, but when
eT.Obviously, that could negatively affectcareer.
told to, was disobeying direct ord
saidis very good what does, but. needs monitored ensure. stays
within CBP policy. (Exhibit December 17, 2013, CBP,- was interviewed OHS
010. stated
meeting.s with ~cribed each broken
said- that there process for
record., the previous meeting. creating entry based official information, and open-source material found the Internet not
official information. stated that warned the NTC that- reports were derived
that reports are
from unverified open-source material and needed vetted.
not properly annotated that intelligence analyst could independently verify the sources
information. also noted that reports are too complex and need written layman terms. (Exhibit 18)
----gara January 2014, NTC, was interviewed DRS OTG.
described asset CBP... stated that was extremely intelligent
and has ton knowledge. went say does not know how focus.
information. stated that once
.said was just matter common sense that you
would not
.described some links genius, but
understood. Whilewasat
said there were also plenty links that one butthe NTC, had regulate lot of9 work. (Exhibit 11)
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