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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Assist AG Carlin comms complaint 01333

JW v DOJ Assist AG Carlin comms complaint 01333

JW v DOJ Assist AG Carlin comms complaint 01333

Page 1: JW v DOJ Assist AG Carlin comms complaint 01333


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:June 6, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 06, 2018

Tags:Carlin, 01333, DOJ, FOIA

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Case MES-CV .333 Documentl Flied 06.05118 Page 10?4 THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT CUURT
425 Third
Plaintif civii No.
950 Pmsyimnin Avenue
Washington 20530 000],
Plain! Judiciai Latch, Inci Plainti brings his action against Dcfcndant US.
Dcpmment Justice Defendant) compel immpliancc with (he Freedom Informatlim miff alleges fallows:
552 FOIA grounds imam RISDICTION AND The Conn has jurisdiction over lhia action pin-sum)! U,S.C. 552tu )(4)(B)
and U.S.(I, [33]. Venue jampcl xhis district pursuant mag. 139m.
PARTIES Plaintiffhidirial Watch, Inc. Tlain mum pint educational
nrganization incoxporated under the kiws oithe Districl Columbia and headquartered 415 Strccl SW, Suite 800. Washingtom 20024, Plaintiff seeks memoir: tympani-icy,
accountability, and integrity government and delity rule uflaw. mission,
Plahmffzegulazly mquests maids from federal agencies pursuant mm. Pialnti malyzss
Case 1:18-cv-m333 Document Filed GEMS/18 Page
the msponae receives and disseminates its findings and any responsive womds Ihc
Amalicazi public inform Lh:m about what their govzimnmi in. Defendant US. Dcpu ment Justice Drafendam DOM is. agsncy the
Unimi States Govemmem and headquartered 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, 2053041001. lnfnmlation and belief, Defendant has possessiun, custody, and ammo]
records which Plaintiff sctks access.
STATE EENT FACTS Fabruazy 16, 2018, Plaintiff submittod 01A request Defendant xeakiug
the following rscords for the limeframe spaci cd: Any and all rctords communicatilxm. ineIuding but
not limited emails, taxi messages and instant dams, from formzr Assistant hrnry General for
National Security Division Jab Carlin regarding,
mnecmiug relating any the tuilnwing topics: Former Natimlal Sundry Advisol Michael
Flynn; Puqinrted suspected wlhuiun between the
Trump presideniial campaign and Russian
government; The warrant sought obtained Trump
campaign cial Carter Page; Hillary Clintons use unsecure, persona!
server/email ncwunt; Admirill Mike Rngers, Director (tithe National
Security Agency; us. District Court Judge Rudolph Cuutrenls: John Carlin resignation.
The timefrnme fur the above requested records May 2016 thruugh Octnher 31, 2016. Any and all calendar entriks IDr John Carlin fur the
periud May 2816 through October 31, 2016. Any and all upense mpnns and travel vouchers for
Jnlm Carlin fmm 2009 tlionign 1016.
Case 1:18-2v-01333 Documeml Filed 05/05/18 PageSQM
4.. Any and all SFSONSFSZS, and mean): reluiing
bonuses and/0r awarda receivzd John Carlin frnm
21509 through 2016.
(3. Defendant rcspmmcd Plaintiffs request dmail March 20-! The
email slated 11131 Van requssl had been mach/ed (he FOLA March 2018. The tmail
mferred (he rcquesl NSD FOIA t$18-35. 1h: date oflh mplaim, Defmdam ham failed to: (i) produce the
roqucslcd records demonsunlc lhnl lhe requeswd xecords arc lawfully exempt from
production: (ii) nmify Plnln lhe .Nli any responsive records Defendant immdr
pmdum: withhold and the ransom for any uithholdings: (ill) inform Plaintiffdiat may
appeal any adcquately speci mum zlclrmiinaiion.
(Violation ()IA, U.S.C 552) Plaintiffreallegcs paxayavhs lhmugl} iffully stated herein. Dcfandam has violated DJA and/or rciusingw employ search mglhnds
)cdmnably likely lead the discovery wcunls TCSDllnSlVe Plaintiff. James: and.
arcardingly, and/01rcfusingtopmduce any and all non-exempl records responsive the
lamest Plalnll mbeingirmpmablyhamsdbyDcfend stinlation ufFOIA.a.nd will continue incparahly haxmcd unless Defendant compelled wmply with trigger FOIA adminis (iv:- exhauslicm mquircmem, Dcfsndsmt wa<
required delcfmlhc whether comply Plaintiff request widlin twenty (20) working
days mceiving the xeqnesL the latest, Defendants dtlcrminatlnn was due Aim 2018, dates Defendmt was required to: lcr 11nd revicw rtqucsted
Case l:lS cv-Dl333 Document Ftled 06/05/18 Page
tlmnmaents; determine and mxmlunicate Plaintiffthe soaps ofany responsive rewards.
tut-remnants intended produac wimhotd and the reasons thr any withholding; and (at)
int nrm Plaintiffthat may appeal any adequately Speci adverse determination, See, mg,
Citiz mfm Rmpnmxbrzigy amIElhEcs Wash Federal Ezecncm (um 71, 711 Fjd 180 188-
12. Plair EThas adequate remedy law.
WHERL RE, Plaintiffrespect xlly rcquc
hat the Court: (1) otdex Defendant
cond searches for any and a]! records remansive Plaintiffs request and demonstrate that
cxnployad scatch methods easonably {sad the discovery recxards pensiveto the