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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Ohr Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 223

JW v DOJ Ohr Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 223

JW v DOJ Ohr Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 223

Page 1: JW v DOJ Ohr Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 223


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Date Created:April 2, 2019

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Serdyukov was prosecuted Russia for negligence for using the army build road his private
country residence, and served some time prison but was then amnestied 2014; his mistress, who
was implicated various corrupt housing schemes the Defense Ministry was also prosecuted and
served light sentence and was released for good behavior. Serdyukov now serves director the
state Rostec company which builds helicopters and airplane engines.
Some the information bout Tambov came out via WikiLeaks publication State Department cables.

Other names indicated Mundo are Dmitry Kozak, head the ministry regional development,
who joined Putins administration 1999-2000, RFE/RL reports  and Leonid Reiman, former minister information
technology and communications, who partner Petrovs company.
Where will all this go? Likely the Spanish prosecutors will never get the people theyve indicted who are
all safe Russia and wont travel abroad risk arrest. RFE/RL reported:
Today the main figures the Spanish [prosecutors] report are living Russia without any problems,
and they are doing fine, Andrei Zykov, retired senior investigator who specialized corruption and
serious economic crimes areas including St. Petersburg.
Will Putin himself remove even prosecute some the obvious corrupt individuals avoid any further
risk himself? That remains seen, and the Serdyukov case indicates that whatever punishment
may store could light. Catherine Fitzpatrick
Published Press-Stream Russia Update: May 2016
 Publication Russia Update
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Sent: Wed, May 2016 8:45
Subject: Making sure you saw this: Spain issues warrants for Zubkov and other top officials
Spain Issues Warrants For Top Russian Officials, Putin Insiders
Last Updated:May 03, 2016